Indoor P3.91 Rental LED Display Screen/LED video wall

With the improvement of LED chip brightness and LED packaging technology, outdoor small-pitch SMD products are gradually replacing the current lightbox advertising screen, LCD splicing screen, plasma splicing screen, etc., mainly used in outdoor media, information release, station airport, window, and other fields. Indoor P3.91 Rental LED Display Screen/LED video wall As a custom die-cast aluminum design, light, thin, and quick installation as its most important features. The display box is light, easy to install, remove, and transport, and suitable for large-area rental and fixed installation applications.

Using a synchronous control system, it can accept various video input signals such as DVI, VGA, HDMI, and YUV, and can play videos, graphics, and other programs at will. It can play various information in real-time, synchronous, and clear information transmission mode, with vivid colors and strong adaptability. The Indoor P3.91 Rental LED Display Screen/LED video wall is a high-tech display equipment widely used in recent years. It has the characteristics of high definition, stable quality, long life, and flexible display function. Very suitable for text, graphics, and multimedia video broadcast propaganda, in the field of indoor and outdoor display, occupy an irreplaceable position.

The surface is smooth, the display is uniform, the luminance is good, and the display effect is clear and stable with more than a dozen kinds of circulation change modes, used in stage rental, song, and dance activities, various conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, lecture halls, multi-function halls, conference rooms, performance hall, disco bar, nightclubs, high-end entertainment disco, TV stations, provinces and cities important cultural activities and other places.

 P3.91 Rental LED Display Screen

Indoor P3.91 Rental LED Display Screen/LED video wall Advantages:
  • Due to the particularity of the LED display industry, it requires changing the working current of the LED lamp by adjusting the power supply voltage under certain circumstances, changing the brightness of the LED, designing the energy-saving scheme, 4.2-5V power supply, small power consumption, energy saving 20%
  • LED video control system with a double backup system, in case of failure, customers can immediately switch to the backup system;
  • According to customer requirements and site environment, tailor-made more appropriate full-color LED electronic display solutions;
  • High precision size, geometric shape, and size design deviation between the box is only 0.02 mm, so the size of the unit box is almost the same, after assembly, and uniform clearance, the whole screen is very smooth, good effect, good quality.
  • NSE also provides customers with relevant maintenance spare parts, all of which are modular designs for easy after-sales maintenance;
  • Various shapes: It can be made into rectangles, squares, arcs, circles, and other customized designs. P3.91LED rental display screen, stage background, LED display screen, indoor stage, and large screen. Each screen is tested for aging for 72 hours before it goes out of the factory. P3.91LED rental display can be used in different climate zones all over the world, the use temperature range is -30℃ ~ 50℃, and the box has good moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, so it can even be used in high humidity and high salinity air environment at the seaside;
Indoor P3.91 Rental LED Display Screen/LED video wall has the following features:

1, super thin: a single box is usually 6.5-10KG, 70-100mm thick;
2, high refresh rate: can ensure that high-definition camera and camera shooting can capture high-definition delicate display screen;
3, low light and high ash performance: in the case of low brightness, display gray level uniformly, display consistency is good;
4, high contrast: the surface is not reflective, large viewing Angle, display effect is good;
5, brightness, the color of high uniformity: the use of a high-quality selection of the same batch of light emitting devices, to ensure high uniformity;
6, good consistency, high-strength structure fine-tuning technology, to achieve seamless stitching of the whole screen.
7, high reliability and high life: the use of an in-line adapter plate design, simplifies the box connection, effectively reduces the connection problems and reduces signal attenuation and interference, high-quality light emitting devices to ensure high reliability and high life;
8. Ultra-wide Angle of view, LED screen body Angle of view up to 160°, each Angle of the picture is uniform, clear and natural.
9. Seamless and fast splicing, easy maintenance: the locking structure makes the splicing operation simple and convenient without tools;
10, no noise: quiet design, air conditioning free, fan-free installation, eliminate noise, reduce power consumption, energy saving;

LED video wall

Indoor P3.91 Rental LED Display Screen/LED video wall Main components details:

1, screen price: display price generally includes box, module, power supply, connecting wire, etc. (Fixed installation of the screen according to the actual situation can not use the box with bracket magnet adsorption)
2, Function card: can provide temperature, humidity, brightness, and other parameters collection and can achieve automatic brightness adjustment and other functions. Recommend customer configuration;
3. Control system: Generally, if the screen is not too big, only one sending card is used, and the receiving card is calculated according to the length and height of the screen. NSELED will give a suitable amount to ensure the display effect and cost (special requirements LED display projects can implement remote control or wireless control according to the actual requirements).
4, power amplifier and sound: according to the installation environment to buy, outdoor needs waterproof, customers can buy their own, but also we can provide them together;
5, the main control computer: generally fixed installation is the desktop computer, commonly rented notebook and external send card use;
6, LED display video processor: generally fixed installation of the small screen if the information update is not very frequent, do not do live broadcast can not use, if it is a large screen or to do live broadcast you need to buy;
7. Power distribution cabinet: Although it is cheap to configure in hardware stores, it lacks professionalism. Once it is not properly done, it will have a great impact on the life and normal use of the screen.
8. Steel frame structure: NSE provides CAD reference design drawings, which can be made locally by customers or contracted by manufacturers;
9, the main cable, etc.: mainly the power supply to the power distribution cabinet, the power distribution cabinet to the screen body of the cable, as well as the control computer to the main screen communication network line, these are generally prepared by the customer. The wires between other screen bodies are provided by NSE;
10, logistics transportation: freight is responsible for the customer, generally is to take logistics to pay.

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