Indoor P2 LED poster and Stadium led displays

Location: Algeria
Application: Sports competition

P2 indoor led poster belongs to the category of led poster with the highest resolution. This product is suitable for customers who have high requirements for clarity and the viewing distance of the application scene is relatively short. Another product in the picture is NSE stadium led displays, which are widely used in various football fields, and we have two options for indoor and outdoor. You can decide whether you need indoor or outdoor according to the category of your football field. The following is a brief introduction to these two products.

P2 indoor LED poster not only has a higher resolution but also has a larger regular size, the size is 768*1920mm. Other functions and features are the same as other indoor led posters. Our website, YouTube, and Instagram all have very detailed introductions to our led posters. If you are interested, you can check them out, or you can directly consult us with questions.
Stadium-led displays are mainly used in football fields. The size of the box is 960*960mm. You can tell us the circumference of your stadium, and we will customize the solution for you. This product is suitable for various sports events, used for live broadcasting events, displaying game information, and more importantly, it can help event organizers receive advertisements to make profits. Sports events are events that can gather a large number of viewers. Such a promotion method to maximize advertising benefits has been adopted and loved by many brands.
The same product can achieve different effects when applied in different scenarios. If you are confused about your digital advertising solution, please contact NSE to customize a professional solution for you.”

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