Indoor P2.5 LED poster used Trade show

Location: Canada
Application: Trade show

The attached picture is a case of 6 pieces of P2.5 LED poster screens in Canada used in the trade show. From the content displayed on the LED poster screen, it can be seen that the company is using the LED poster screen to advertise at the trade show. The overall playback effect is very good, whether it is text or character portraits, it is very clear. The P2.5 LED poster screen can make exhibitors stand out among the many exhibitors, quickly attract the attention of the audience, and spread the company’s business philosophy, product features, and special services in the most direct way of video.

Indoor P2.5 LED poster used Trade show

The LED screen adopts a unique integrated design, which is light and ultra-thin. The base has wheels, and a single person can easily move anywhere. It can be combined into video walls of different sizes according to the size of the booth. Plug and play design, very suitable Participate in major trade shows.

At the same time, a single LED poster can work independently, and multiple screens can be connected to form a video wall, so that the LED poster can be used to the greatest extent. The value of a product depends on the frequency of its use and the benefits it brings. If each exhibition If it can bring customers to the company, then it is worth investing in.

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