Indoor P2.5 Customized Cylinder LED Screen

Creative screens have become an important part of the LED display market. Customized Cylinder LED screen is a common type of special-shaped screen, because it can perfectly fit cylinder buildings, so it is loved by many customers. NSE’s most popular Cylinder LED screen belongs to Indoor P2.5 Customized Cylinder LED Screen. Indoor P2.5 Customized Cylinder LED Screen has a very clear picture quality effect, can realize the customization of the playback content, and present it to the audience in the form of information media, has very flexible interactive performance, and can display different forms of content information according to customer needs . To meet the needs of users for information presentation to achieve timeliness, integrity, and dissemination.

Brief introduction of Indoor P2.5 Customized Cylinder LED Screen.

Indoor P2.5 Customized Cylinder LED Screen is a Creative led display specially designed for large-scale engineering projects, and is usually widely used in large hotels, exhibition halls, airports, science museums and other places. It can play videos, pictures, and programs with rich images at will, and can disseminate various information in a real-time and clear manner.
Indoor P2.5 Customized Cylinder LED Screen has the characteristics of thin, lightweight, small size, high pixel density, low installation cost, flexible, and 360° viewing. For product size, both diameter and height can be customized according to customer needs. Not only that, Indoor P2.5 Customized Cylinder LED Screen can be applied to the input of various signal sources, with high efficiency and stability, high reliability and long service life. The unique design also ensures that the product can be easily installed and transported.
Indoor P2.5 Customized Cylinder LED Screen can not only display advertising content and convey information, but also decorate the installation site. It is the new darling of many exhibition halls, museums and other public singing and multimedia release and display information.

Cylinder LED Screen (1)

Cylinder LED Screen 

Cylinder LED Screen (2)

What is the applications of Indoor P2.5 Customized Cylinder LED Screen?

Indoor P2.5 Customized Cylinder LED Screen can be applied to all indoor cylinder buildings. It has a certain decorative effect on the entire installation site, not only the cylinder shape, but also Indoor P2.5 Customized Cylinder LED Screen can be assembled into an interior Arc display surface shape, outer arc display surface shape, inner circle display surface shape, S display surface shape, spherical shape and other shapes. Indoor P2.5 Customized Cylinder LED Screen is mostly used in high-end places such as large exhibition halls, museums, airports, and large shopping malls. Used in these places, on the one hand, it can display public information, making urbanization more obvious, and on the other hand, it can be used to broadcast advertisements, deepen brand impressions, and generate advertising benefits. The last is the decoration function, a high-end LED screen can make the installation place more upscale.

LED cylinder screen is a type of special-shaped LED display screen, which can be divided into indoor and outdoor. There are two main production methods.
  • Cylinder wrapped in soft membrane
    This kind of production generally has columns in the hall. Considering the load-bearing capacity of the columns and maintaining the appearance, a structure will be made outside the columns. This structure is based on the size of the pillars and the size of the LED soft module, after the calculation of the scale, it is drawn into a CAD drawing. After the external structure is installed, the soft module is fixed to the designed external structure of the column.
  •  cylinder screen without pillars
    If there are no pillars in the hall and LED cylinder screens need to be made, conventional LED display modules can generally be used, and the mold needs to be re-opened, and the diameter of the cylinder should be considered to judge whether the scheme is feasible. If you use LED soft modules to form LED cylinder screens, you don’t need to consider these issues, you only need to have a cylinder screen structure.
    In terms of which method to use, NSE will recommend the appropriate LED cylinder display and help achieve the best results according to the place of use and customer needs.

LED cylinder screen

NSE is good at customizing various types of LED digital displays and creative led screens, such as spherical screens, cylinder screens, cube screens, etc. Our company not only has a complete production chain and excellent technical personnel, to meet the needs of new customers and new markets, but we also have high-end R&D talents. If you want to know more about P2.5 Customized Cylinder LED Screen, please tell us your size requirements and installation location, we will provide you with one-stop service, and we also have a complete after-sales system to ensure your use is worry-free. NSE has been engaged in led display for 12 years and has provided customized services to customers in more than 30 countries, such as Italy, the United States, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, France, and so on. Finally, our company will always put quality and customer needs first.

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