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For your indoor LED screen needs, NSE is your ultimate manufacturer. Our series of indoor LED screens are designed using the highest quality LED components.

  • Clear patterns with long serviceable lives
  • CE, ROHS, FCC certified
  • Offer high brightness, contrast, and color reproduction.
  • Customized to suit your requirements

NSE Indoor LED screen

NSE Indoor LED screen is digital signage installed in indoor applications. This screen is used for effective advertising, conference, or stage display. It delivers full-color, high-definition resolution, and ultimate display effect, making it eye-catchy to audiences from a far distance.

As a professional supplier in China, NSE develops superior quality indoor LED screens made from high-end components within the industry. We offer all series of LED screens in different shapes and features including flexible indoor LED screens, transparent, lightweight, and more.

If you are searching for a manufacturer to custom-design indoor LED screens, we can assist you through the entire process. Message us today!

Transparent Indoor LED Screen

Transparent indoor LED screens are durable and proficient. It displays content in style and creative options in indoor applications. Offer high brightness, high transparency, and a wide viewing angle.

Alphabet Screen

Fixed indoor LED screen is accessible in a wide range of pixel pitches ranging from 3.91mm 4.8mm to 5mm and more. Can be made in 500x500mm or 640x480mm cabinet size, depending on your request. It has a stronger support structure for a long lifespan.

P5 Rental LED Display Panel

Indoor LED screens for rent are ideal for professionals attending congresses that require easy assembly, light weight, and portability digital displays. This screen guarantees a stable and reliable viewing experience.

Round Indoor LED Screen

For high-definition videos and images, choose NSE indoor LED screen in a round shape. It displays sharp and vivid videos, pictures and logos, that can be controlled using a PC or smartphone. Available in different diameters and screen resolutions.

Sphere Indoor LED Screen

Creative LED display with a ball shape is called sphere indoor LED screen. A media tool commonly used in the hotel lobby, corporate showrooms, exhibition halls, museums, science and technology conferences, commercial shopping malls, etc.

P4 Flexible LED Display Screen

Flexible indoor LED screen has huge flexibility and is bendable allowing for building various complicated and creative LED displays. It has a thin and light design and can be formed into different shapes and bent to any angle.

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NSE Indoor LED Screen Advantages


A lightweight LED display allows the freedom to move it easily and in transport. It is ideal for dynamic and flexible message delivery.


Indoor LED screen is durable and flexible enough to use for different purposes. It offers a long lifespan with an incredible viewing experience.

Higher Resolution
High Resolution

Our range of indoor LED screen gives extremely clear pixels for playing high-definition videos and images. Effective to attract customers and encourage clients to buy.

Wide Custom Option
Wide Custom Option

Indoor LED displays can be customized in size and shape. It allows you to tailor the best LED screen display solution to your specific requirements

Designs and Types

NSE provides all types of indoor LED screens suitable for all types of residential and commercial requirements. You can choose the best option for your business or projects. Our indoor LED screens are available in different wide pixels such as 0.93mm, 1.56mm, 1.9mm, 2.97mm, 3.9mm, 4mm, and more.

You can request indoor LED screens in custom pixels, sizes, shapes, screen patterns, and models. Below are some of the types of indoor LED screens we are capable of manufacturing:

Learn More About NSE Indoor LED Screen Installation Method

Installation Method

NSE indoor LED screens are easy to install. This large-format indoor digital display feature magnetic and support structures. It allows for different installation methods such as:

Hanging Installation – Use special hanging steel beams to hang in the ceiling. Thus, it is more visible to passers-by. This installation method makes your business easy to locate.

Stand-alone installation – also called ground-standing installation. Can be displayed at the store entrance, or anywhere due to its sturdy stand.

Wall-Mounted Installation – indoor LED screens are mounted on the wall such as behind glass facades or windows of the building. Provides a stunning digital accent screen and advertising.


Perfect digital display option – indoor LED screens have almost limitless indoor applications. It can give audiences a beautiful look of visual displays in any establishment. Widely used in shopping centers, factories, mining enterprises, sports stadiums, transportation, shopping malls, hospitals, stock markets, education, airports, offices, restaurants, hotels, banks, industrial enterprises, and other public places.

NSE manufacture custom indoor LED screen based on your applications. Just send your specifications and we will help you with your purchase.

Indoor LED Screen

Customized Size LED Screen for Your Business

Customized Size LED Screen for Your Business
Customized Size LED Screen for Your Business

NSE is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in the excellent production of indoor LED screens. We have 22 patents and 5 software copyrights. Our company has strong R&D and production strength, allowing us to develop superior designs of LED screens quickly. We provide OEM and ODM production services to satisfy your needs.

All LED screens and displays are made of sturdy materials that offer higher versatility and consistent performance for a long year. Energy-efficient display, thus it does not consume loads of electricity. Manufacture under our strict control of product quality testing and international standardized production process. It includes high and low-temperature tests, salt spray and corrosion test, brightness and illumination test and more. Compliant to different certifications such as CE, ROHS, FCC and other authentications.

NSE indoor LED screens can be cloud-controlled, saving customers money and creating value. Choose NSE now and benefit from our perfect pre-sales, perfect pre-sales with fast response time.  Contact us directly!

NSE Indoor LED Screen

Indoor LED Screen 6

NSE provides the highest quality indoor LED screen with different features and advantages.

  • High-definition seamless stitching technology
  • Thin and light design
  • Versatile screen display
  • Large viewing angle
  • High-resolution image and video
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Super high refresh rate
  • High gray
  • Ultra-high contrast
  • Customized
Indoor LED Screen 7

Advertising is the most effective approach for a company to establish a brand in the minds of its customers. Indoor LED screen displays can be the finest instrument for your advertising promotion plan. They can play promos and publicity adverts in your store and high-traffic areas, enticing customers to learn more about your company.

NSE Indoor LED screens deliver a more noticeable marketing strategy than LCD screens. You can engage your customer more effectively and creative way. You can request customized content and size to match your specific needs.

One-Stop Indoor LED Screen Solution Provider
One-Stop Indoor LED Screen Solution Provider

NSE has 15+ years of experience in the LED industry. An experienced R&D team, skilled designers, and professional technicians support us. One-stop solution, that provide all types of LED screen and displays such as cube LED display, retail-led screens, stadium led screen, rental LED display, LED poster, and more.  Message us for your custom request.

  • “I highly recommend NSE for your next indoor LED screen need in China. My indoor LED screen matches the shape, size, and content I requested. It is great for my installation method choice!”

  • “Thank you, NSE for the excellent quality indoor LED screen. You recommend the exact digital display for my business. This is worth my investment!”

  • “ NSE delivers the best quality indoor LED screen for my project. It is meticulously made from superior materials and components. Thank you, NSE for satisfying my needs.”

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