LED Poster for Swedish Supermarket

Product: P3 indoor LED digital Poster

Size: 576*1920mm

Location: Swedish supermarket

Swedish supermarket

  • Full color LED poster standing display screen is widely used in advertising, shopping mall, education system and other commercial places, etc.
    Lightweight and ultra-thin with fashion design, perfect ads playback control.
  • The LED screen has the advantages of high refreshment, high brightness, high contrast of color, and the playback effect is superior to the traditional LCD screen.
  • Programs sent to the LED digital poster by phone or computer with 4G/WIFI/USB/HDMI/Network, 5 ways.
  • WIFI, 3G/4G supported for effortlessly operating, maintaining and control your LED digital Poster, and for update of programs.
  • It can be set to automatically turn on and off every day, without manual maintenance. Support cluster play and management, saving time and effort.
  • The cabinet structure is designed with a modular frame and a metal body for easy installation, disassemble and maintenance. And with wheels under the stand, it’s highly portable.
  • Drive traffic and revenue easily.
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