Rental LED Video Wall In Poland

Product: P3 Indoor LED Digital Poster

Size: 576*1920mm

Location: Poland

Rental LED Video Wall In Poland

LED poster screens are first and foremost an eye-catcher. With tons of competitors, it is difficult to make your products noticeable unless you have already built a brand that’s well known or the products you present are particularly popular in the market.

So from a pure advertising point of view, an electronic poster screen is particularly important to attract people to stop by, and lure them into your store and lift the revenue. It is a great way for potential customers passing by to learn more about your products with highlights to your products edges and features etc, urging them to buy.

The LED poster screen is engineered with wheels at the bottom for easy movement and perfectly meets the needs of promotion and advertising of certain products. It is also equipped with a flight case, so it can be transported over long distances without any problems.

The WIFI synchronization control allows you to switch the content you want within 10 seconds via your computer or mobile phone. The remote control is also supported, as long as there is WIFI.

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