LED Poster for Barbershop in Portugal

Product: P3 Indoor LED digital Poster

Size:  576*1920mm

Location: Portugal barbershop

Portugal barber shop

  • This indoor LED digital poster is used by the barbershop owner to display details about barbershop discounts, prices, or haircut style videos and pictures, super-effective to attract passersby with clear static pictures and dynamic video display.
  • The LED digital poster is a plug-and-play solution that is easy to operate for even the end-users.
    Supports WIFI, USB, HDMI, Network control, real-time control & remote control with mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Multiple mounting options are available. You can hang it on the wall, in front of the shop, or behind a glass window or other special shapes.
  • It can be used individually or spliced up to 10 units to achieve a golden ratio of 16:9 for a better, awesome display effect.
  • The Poster weighs just 35kg and is 44mm thick. The frame is patented and has wheels on the bottom so that it can be easily moved by one person.
  • It is CE, FCC, ROHS approved and is available for sale or use in many countries around the world.
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