Italy LED Poster For Museum

Product: P2.5 indoor LED digital Poster
Size: 640*1920mm
Location: Italy Museum

Italy LED poster for museum

Museums tend to bear the solemnity of history. So, with an LED poster screen, which is a novel and artistic way of expressing and highlighting the theme of the exhibition, would be a new and more memorable experience for the viewer to appreciate history and artworks with significance.

With vivid pictures or videos introducing featured artworks, visitors passing by will be attracted and stop to learn more about the knowledge or background of certain artwork like pavilions or cultural relics. Compared with paper posters, LED poster screens can better present the theme of the exhibition and allow for more content of the exhibition to be displayed.

The LED poster is easy to operate, which supports WIFI, USB, HDMI, network control. Even if you know nothing about tech things, you can easily maneuver it with your mobile phone or computer.

There are wheels at the bottom, and the weight is only 35KG, so a person can move easily.

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