A Guide to Illuminating Outdoor Viewing Experience

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Wherever you go, you’re surrounded by lights. Ad boards, video walls, TV screens, and other forms of digital media pretty much surround you, giving you that sense of brightness and illumination wherever you go. 

To be fair, this is quite intentional. Humans are known to gravitate towards light and light sources, and this in turn means that illumination easily attracts them. It’s the reason why our public spaces have now been inundated by lights and different forms of media. 

That said, working out illuminating experiences while outdoors can be challenging. You have to work out how best to handle the environment and to ensure that your content gets to the right people. In this article, we’ll work out a simple guide that can help you out and provide the insights you need to set up an illuminating viewing experience outside. 

How Lighting Affects Outdoor Environments

Lighting has become a phenomenon in our society. Starting with the very advent of natural light, we humans have done our best to mimic it at almost every turn. We want to be able to illuminate surfaces and our environments, and we also focus on bringing this same lighting effect to achieve some functionality purposes too. 

Today, lighting provides several influences on our outdoor spaces. These effects are quite extensive, with a few of them including: 

Alleviating The Mood & Lifting Spirits 

Have you ever been in a situation where you stepped out of your home after a few days of being indoors and you just noticed that you felt considerably better? Exactly – that is what lighting does. 

According to scientific sources, a high color temperature causes the body to release serotonin – a hormone that carries messages from the brain throughout the body. The release of serotonin makes you feel energetic and alert, triggering your body’s energy centers and providing a proper jolt of strength. 

As you would imagine, this also causes an improvement in your mood and your feelings. All in all, lighting can significantly make you feel better about yourself. 

Creating Ambiance and Atmosphere

These days, the most important thing we try to do when outdoors is to create a bit of an ambiance. And, lighting is easily one of the most important components when it comes to developing the right ambiance. 

With illuminating experiences, you can essentially build a specific type of ambiance based on what you’re looking to create. Do you want to make everyone feel energetic and agile? Then bright lights are the best for you. If you’d prefer a more melancholy ambiance, then it would be better to work with a more toned-down color. 

Natural lighting might not necessarily be able to create the type of atmosphere that you want. With the right illuminating experiences, you can get that done. 

Safety During Outdoor Activities 

Of course, we should also point out the fact that lighting can help to provide safety and security. In outdoor spaces, adequate lighting can help to provide proper visibility. And with this, you can significantly cut down on the risk of accidents and tripping. Properly light your sidewalks, pathways, and the entire public space, so people can move sharply and safely. 

At the same time, the fact that proper lighting improves visibility also means that it significantly deters criminal activities. Essentially, criminals are discouraged from acting when they know that everyone else can see them.

The Rise Of Outdoor LED Screens

LED Outdoor

Today, one of the best ways to create immersive experiences outside is to get an outdoor LED screen. 

Some might call them outdoor LED displays, some might call them LED billboards. Whatever it is you call them, these are large-scale electronic displays that operate with the use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Whether you’re looking to share content or you’re trying to pass across a critical piece of information, these screens are perfect.

At the same time, outdoor LED screens provide a considerable amount of brightness, which feeds into the ambiance of the environment and can help to achieve a specific feeling from spectators.

Outdoor LED screens are impressive on several fronts. Some of their biggest characteristics and benefits include: 

They’re Bright, And You Can See Them 

Easily the biggest benefit of outdoor LED screens is that they are built to be bright enough for you to see them regardless of where you are. This means that content can easily be viewed and read, and this makes the screens perfect for viewing and content displays. 

Show What You Want 

The dynamism of content display is another underrated benefit of outdoor LED Screens. They can show video, text, animations, etc. As such, it doesn’t matter what you’re trying to do – an outdoor LED is perfect for you. There’s so much that you can work with here – an outdoor projection screen, an LED video all that your guests can interact with, what have you! 

They’re Perfect For Outdoor Environments

The entire topic of this is to find something that can work in an outdoor environment. So, as you can imagine, you need something that resists entry for elements of the weather. It will be pretty counterintuitive to place an LED outside and end up with a faulty product because rain or excess moisture got into its material. 

Enjoy Optimal Energy Efficiency 

LED technology has been especially notable for being energy-efficient. Even when they’re being used outside, these screens don’t consume much energy, and this makes them both cost-effective and viable for the environment in the long run.

You’re Free To Customize 

Next, you should note that the outdoor LED screens can easily be adapted and customized to fit whatever shape or module you’re working with. So, depending on what space you’d like to use the screens, rest assured that they will be able to operate seamlessly. 

Control Your Content From Where You Are 

With outdoor LEDs, you have the opportunity to pretty much control your lighting and the content you’re displaying. You don’t necessarily need to be there – just set the content, and a content management system will allow you to change what you’re showing from a remote location.

The Major Types of Outdoor Lighting

We already pointed out the point of outdoor lighting and how it operates. But, when you’re looking to create immersive experiences, you need to be aware of the types of lighting available to you. 

Natural Lighting 

One important thing about natural lighting is that it allows you to take advantage of your environment. But, it is also important for you to work out how to make use of natural light to your advantage – are you going to cut the light out? Will it be a part of your setup? Questions like these are what you need to answer.

Artificial Lighting Options

Now, we’re going into the different options for available lighting that are man-made. Here, there is so much to be considered – but, the options that are most prominent for artificial lighting include the: 

String Lighting 

A string light is a broad-beamed light that has enough luminous intensity to cover a broad patch of land. They are especially great in festive seasons, where they create an appropriate environment for outdoor locations. 

Traditional Floodlights

We all know floodlights, of course. Also known for their strength and impressive brightness, floodlights are perfect for outdoor spaces where you need to illuminate a large area – a football field, a concert hall, a parking lot, etc. 

Spotlights For Gardens & Landscapes 

If you have a natural location or a garden and would like to highlight specific parts of it, then this is the type of light you need to work with. They help to specifically highlight architectural elements and sculptures, improving their aesthetic appeal and providing that distinction that you want to show.

Illuminating Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

When it comes to entertainment spaces, there is a lot that needs to be considered – especially with regard to proper illumination and ensuring that everyone can see. 

Here, you have two main objectives – ensuring that the content being displayed is seen by all, and seeing to it that people can easily find their way around. What that in mind, you want to keep an eye out for some of the following factors: 

Are They Bright Enough?

Easily the first and most significant thing you need to consider is the luminous intensity of the lights. At the end of the day, you want to make sure that everyone can see what you’re trying to highlight and find their way around. So, be sure to keep a very watchful eye on this. 

You Need Durable Lights 

These lights will need to work in outdoor spaces, so you have to prepare for the weather. Will it rain, will it be very sunny? Your lighting options need to be able to withstand these elements, so they don’t get damaged.  

Where Are The Lights Placed?

Strategic placement is one of the things you want to keep an eye on when handling an outdoor event. With proper placement, you can ensure custom, even illumination and also reduce safety hazards as much as possible.

How Far Are The People?

In cases where you’re trying to highlight some fixtures or show content, then the viewing distance of your guests will come into play here too. Particularly, make sure that everyone around your venue can easily see the focal points, and that there are no obstructions to vision. 

Lighting for Outdoor Events and Celebrations

LED Lights

Do you have a birthday party you’d like to celebrate at an outdoor location? Or maybe you want to go against the grain and have your wedding outside as well. One of the most important factors for you will have to be lighting. 

This is especially important because outdoor locations have become especially popular in recent times. Some larger religious gatherings don’t have indoor spaces anymore, and this means you will need a Church LED screen or something to display content. If you’re looking to tie the knot and you want to use an outdoor location, then a wedding LED screen allows you to do so easily. 

Outdoor locations are generally unique. Still, many of us would love to have our events outside. With that in mind, you have a lot of planning work to do to get your lighting done perfectly. Here is a sneak peek into what you would want to know:

Factor In Ambient Lighting

Here’s the thing about ambient lighting – it will always exist. The best thing for you is to understand how to work with it and factor it into your outdoor setup to provide the illuminating experiences you’re hoping for. 

Your lighting doesn’t have to work against natural light. By finding ways to incorporate the latter, you can take a critical step towards getting an even better output.

The Color Temperature Takes Importance

There is no way to overstate the importance of having the right color temperature here. Warm and cool tones help to provide distinct effects, and you need to know what works for you overall. 

Be Sure To Test First 

As the big day draws nearer, you need to make sure that you’re good to go. And, the only way to do that is through rigorous testing. Make sure that your lighting is of the highest quality, and test every singular component from top to bottom. 

Ensure Your Guests Are Comfortable

Remember that your event isn’t for you alone. You’re going to be having guests here, and they need to be as comfortable as possible. Make sure that the lights aren;t too harsh or glaring, and see to it that you have just enough ambient lighting to help people move around comfortably. 

Possible Lighting Innovations To Consider

If you’re looking to make things better, you could consider a few options:

  • Uplighting: First, you can use uplighting to create a little sense of the dramatic and add some dimensions to surfaces like pillars and walls. For that dynamic backdrop, uplighting is perfect.
  • Gobos: You could also consider custom gobos to project monograms and patterns on surfaces. These help to offer that personalized touch to your overall space and the event itself. 
  • LED Technology: As we already pointed out, LEDs offer a myriad of advantages for your event. You can choose different colors, program them, and also enjoy their energy efficiency – among other things. 

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Lighting Solutions

If you’re serious about protecting the environment, then you would want to also make sure that  your lighting is in alignment with that. Some lighting options that you can consider here include: 

Traditional LED Lights

These don’t consume as much energy as incandescent bulbs, and they also last long while producing little heat. 

Solar-Powered Lights 

As you know, these lights soak up energy from the sun, converting it into electricity without having to connect to the grid at all. 

Low-Voltage Lights

These lights use less power than the standard voltage options, thus cutting down on your cost profile and the consumption of energy.

Wind-Powered Lighting Fixtures 

Wind-powered lights incorporate very tiny turbines that roll as the wind blows, thus creating electricity from their action to power your lighting – all while staying off the grid.  

Lighting For Dark Skies

As a final point, you might want to look into dark sky lighting fixtures. These lights cut down on the sky’s glow by only illuminating when you need them to.

How To Maintain Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor LEDs are just like every other LEDs – they need to be maintained. There’s an argument to be made that the maintenance requirements for these LEDs is even higher based on their location. 

To that end, keep the following in mind as you set your LEDs up for illuminating experiences:

Clean Your Lighting Fixtures 

Whatever you do, please have a cleaning strategy in place for your lighting fixtures. These fixtures will be placed in outdoor locations, and this means that they will easily soak up a lot of dirt and debris. So, you can’t compromise on proper cleaning. 

Have An Inspection Plan

Just as you do with cleaning, you also need to ensure that you have a plan for inspections. Check the lighting for signs of damage and corrosion, and look for things like loose wires and cracks that could affect the lighting’s functionality now or at a later time. 

Tighten All Loose Connections

If your display will work with an electrical connection, then you need to check them all to make sure that they are secure and tight. You surely don’t want your lighting to flicker while you’re in the middle of action. 

Watch For Natural Interference

Next, you should also watch for foliage, vegetation, and other natural elements that can obstruct the movement of light. If plants get overgrown, they could affect the general efficiency of your lighting.

Remember To Protect Against Weather

Generally, your lighting fixtures should come with weather-resistant properties. But, even besides that, you need to try as much as possible to ensure that the weather doesn’t affect them. 


Everyone’s going outside again. And, this provides a massive opportunity to thrill people with immersive experiences and interactive displays. Whether you want to build the right lighting setup or would like to display content, there are so many opportunities you can take advantage of. 

At NSE LED Cloud, we’re always here to help you out with whatever you need. Reach out to us today, and let’s see how we can assist you. 

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