International Broadcasting Convention (IBC2024)

Panel at IBC 2023 via IBC
Panel at IBC 2023 via IBC

International Broadcasting Convention (IBC2024) is an international event that brings together thousands of global entertainment and media players to collaborate and introduce great new opportunities. This event is one of the biggest yearly events focused on energizing the market and exploring innovative trends in business, creative, and technology communities on a global scale. 

This year’s event is billed to be held in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, between the 13th and 16th of September 2024. There are a lot of groundbreaking sessions and workshops in a packed schedule that promises to be even bigger and better than IBC2023. 

Speaking about the impact of last year’s event, IBC Director Steve Connolly said, “We’re ready to continue evolving for next year’s show to keep up with increased demand, and we’ll be expanding our footprint with additional outdoor pavilions and the opening of Hall 14 for IBC2024.” Here’s a comprehensive rundown of what to expect if you’re going to attend.

What Is IBC?

Panel Session at IBC2023 via IBC
Panel Session at IBC2023 via IBC

IBC is a yearly global technology and content event organized to bring together entertainment, media, and technology industry geniuses for an entertaining and immersive experience. The initiative that facilitates these events was founded in 1967 and today is a joint ownership of seven global companies: BTS, IET, IABM, IEEE, Royal Television Society, SCTE, and SMPTE.

IBC runs on a ‘by the industry, for the industry’ principle—one that allows it to evolve with the ever-changing technological world we live in. Every year, visitors and speakers from over 150 countries manage to make it to the IBC to share expert knowledge and business opportunities.

The BBC R&D’s Senior Technology Transfer Manager comments, “IBC is a place where you can get together and share ideas, both with manufacturers and other broadcasters. That keeps us relevant and ensures we are all discussing the right problems.” So, what caliber of people make up the lineup at IBC? Read on to find out!

Who Can Attend IBC2024?

Roundtable Discussions at IBC2023 via IBC
Roundtable Discussions at IBC2023 via IBC

At IBC2024, you can expect impactful technology masterclasses, innovative presentations, educative workshops, panel sessions, and impressive product demos. Ordinarily, such an array of exciting programs will attract thousands of participants from several industries.

This year’s event will take place at RAI Amsterdam Convention Center and will play host to over 40,000 attendees on the ground, from more than 150 nations. Organizers also expect a contingency of more than 1,000 exhibitors showcasing hundreds of new and innovative products and services in media technology!

Key Topics and Themes at IBC2024

IBC has three exciting core pillars that shape the content programmes and the entire event this year: 

  • Shifting Business Models
  • Transformative Tech
  • People & Purpose.

In addition to panels, workshops, and thousands of attendees adhering to these important pillars, there are also key themes to look out for at the RAI Amsterdam show floor come September. Here are a few themes that are redefining the media technology industry that you should keep an eye for at IBC2024:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Connected Technology
  • Ad Technology
  • Immersive Technology
  • Cloud Technology
  • Streaming and OTT

Why Should You Attend IBC2024?

Say you work for or own a media technology company, and you are looking for a strong community of visionaries pushing for advancing technology in your industry. Then, IBC2024 is one event that should be easier to attend than miss! 

This year’s event will gather influential minds, media brands, and global tech and content industry leaders. AI, Cloud Technology, Connected Technology, etc., are just some of the themes shaping the industry’s present & future, and all will be dissected by experts with experience and answers to burning questions.

Attendees, competitors, and partners can access impactful insight into critical market trends, disruptions, and key issues while connecting with like-minded professionals over panel discussions, interviews, and demonstrations. So, if you are part of a media and technology brand that is focused on transformative tech, innovation, and purpose, you should register your interest!


IBC has a mission to empower its global community of 250,000 members and connect them to fresh trends, champion innovations, explore new opportunities, build life-changing knowledge, and maintain an active role in today’s brave, new, technology-dependent world. For more information concerning IBC2024, contact the IBC team here.

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