Huidu Technology: Top 14 LED Display Software

Huidu Technology

Huidu Technology is a professional display control system solution provider. The company was founded in 2009 and is popular for its robust software suite, research and development, production, and distribution of  LCD and LED screen configuration software. They offer Local area network (LAN), Wi-Fi, internet, and smart vehicle-mounted display control solutions.

As one of the best software for LED display board, Huidu Technology is the first in the industry to create a single and double-color U disk control card, and the original IP-free automatic connection full-color control software system. They also obtained the first batch of commercial Internet cloud management platforms and Internet information security grade three protection level certification.

Besides their popularity, Huidu Technology manufactures and supplies one of the best quality LED wall software products on the market, earning the company the honorary title of the top ten brands in the industry for six years consecutively. They also have flexible service options for various individuals, with products ranging from full-color controllers to video processors.

Huidu Technology Software

Here is a run-through of some of Huidu Technology’s LED display control software and their features.

HDPlayer for Full-Color Asynchronous Controllers

The Huidu HDPlayer V7.9.28.0 is the LED display board software behind all Huidu’s full-color asynchronous controllers. It supports video playing, graphics display, and animation and controls and manages full-color LED board display. 

Key Features

  • Supports communication network ports for debugging parameters, faster program sending speed
  • Supports LED display software USB 2.0 channel USB 3.0 communication interface.
  • Channels sensor input interface 
  • Standard Wi-Fi
  • Automatic zooming of asynchronous pictures
  • Asynchronous picture-in-picture functions support

HD2020 V1.3.1.3

The Huidu Technology HD2020 V1.3.1.3 is a LED display software application developed by Huidu Technology for controlling single-color LED display panels. This software serves as a control interface to manage and manipulate single-color LED screens’ display content and behavior.

Key Features

  • Remote Management
  • Multiple Display Support.
  • Multi-signal input 
  • Support dual pictures 
  • Parameter setting and saving function, scene preset saving, and recall
  • It can be debugged and controlled through panel buttons, USB, and Wi-Fi (mobile APP, developing).


The Huidu HDSet V3.0.0.58 is the Synchronous/asynchronous(fullcolor) control system operation software. The full-color synchronous control system operation software ensures that various components and processes within the LED wall system work together in precise synchronization. On the other hand, the asynchronous control system operation software functions independently and at their own pace to ensure seamless display.

Key Features

  • Full-color display support
  • Multiple LED screen display support
  • Synchronous and asynchronous picture-in-picture functions support

HD2018 V1.0.29.0

The Huidu Technology HD2018 control system is a simple LED display controller software with strong functionalities. It is easy to learn and use, and supports text, animations, images, video, etc.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Various display content support, including text, graphics, animations, and videos.
  • Remote management
  • Wi-Fi support


Huidu is a national high-tech enterprise with strong, functional software built to revolutionize LED digital display software control systems. Besides their software suite, they have five major product lines including LED display asynchronous full-color control system, synchronous control system, video processor, single and double color control card and LCD advertising android motherboard.

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