How to make flexible led screen?

The flexible led panel screen display is also called an LED soft screen. The material of flexible LED display is relatively soft and can be bent arbitrarily. It can be folded at 120 degrees. It has high-strength resistance to compression and twisting. It is easy to realize various shapes, so it is loved by customers.

Flexible led panel screen display Features :
  • Arbitrary shape
    The flexible led screen panel is relatively light and thin overall. due to its bendable characteristics, it has strong flexibility and can be spliced into different shapes according to needs. It shines in the field of creative displays and can be spliced into curved screens, cylindrical screens, and curved surfaces. Displays of different shapes, such as screens and spherical screens, have greatly enriched and improved the expression forms of LED displays, suitable for various needs in different places, broadened a larger market for the LED display industry, and attracted more customer groups.
  •  Easy to installation
    Flexible led screen panels are easy to bend and can be installed in a variety of ways, such as floor-mounted installation, hanging installation, embedded installation, hanging installation, etc. Due to the limited installation area, most flexible led screen panels will be made into an Overall, customers can install and use it directly after receiving the goods, and it is also very easy to operate for novice customers.
  • Excellent display effect
    Flexible led screen panel models have P1.25/P1.579/P1.667/P1.875/P2/P2.5/P3/P4, with high flexibility, flexible splicing, high density, and other characteristics, can be truly Realize seamless splicing, effectively reduce the interference of visual gaps, and the picture display is complete and coherent. It can also display the playback content in high definition when viewed at close range. The refresh rate reaches 3840Hz.
  • Stable performance
    Flexible led curtain screens have the advantages of high stability, high refresh rate, and high contrast, and are widely used in indoor high-end large-screen display fields, such as corporate exhibition halls, big data displays, meeting rooms, command centers, TV media, etc. These high-end places have high requirements for the performance of the equipment, and the performance of the flexible led curtain screen is stable. During use, it can perfectly display the needs of customers.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection
    The flexible led panel screen display adopts advanced LED technology, which can convert electrical energy into light energy, save energy, and dot produces harmful substances. Moreover, the flexible led screen panel is light and thin, with low power consumption, which meets the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Flexible led panel screen display

Flexible led panel screen display application scenarios.
  • Exhibition Hall
    In order to make the company’s exhibition hall more beautiful, many companies use flexible led screen panels to decorate the exhibition hall to attract attention, install flexible LED displays with special shapes, and play various video content to let the audience remember the company’s products and features.
  • Stage
    Many large-scale concerts or evening parties will also use flexible led panel screen display to decorate the stage, add charm to the stage, and cooperate with lighting and sound to present a perfect stage effect.
  • Large hotels
    The cylindrical led flexible screen can play the role of decorating the hotel. In the hotel, it can be used as an advertising display, led large clock screen, led interest rate screen, and other applications. The hotel can also promote its own special products and services to attract more customers; the world clock can be placed on the LED cylindrical screen, and the clock is all-round and accurate.
  • Commercial supermarket
    Shopping malls and supermarkets have a lot of traffic, which is the best place for brand promotion. There are also many load-bearing beams in the center of the shopping mall. Many shopping malls have flexible led screen panels around the load-bearing beams to broadcast advertisements.
  • Entertainment place
    Entertainment places pay more attention to the combination of sound, light, and shadow effects. the flexible led panel screen displays can be made into LED bar screens, wave-shaped LED screens, fan-shaped LED screens, and water-shaped LED floor tile screens according to the shape. While making full use of the venue, it combines sound, light, and shadow to show a more tremor effect.

Flexible led panel screen

How to make a flexible led screen?

The flexible LED screen is composed of a cabinet, a module, a power supply, and a control system. First, the customer needs to confirm the location of the flexible LED display, Then design the shape of the flexible LED display, after determining the shape and price, the factory can produce the box according to the design drawing. Some shapes of the cabinet can be made into a whole, and some shapes need to be made into different cabinets. After the body is completed, the module, power supply, and control card will be assembled. then plug in power on and test, can be packed after all the confirmed.

How to make a flexible led screen

The above is the product introduction of a flexible LED display. NSE LED has 12 years of LED display production experience and provides free quotations and solutions for flexible LED displays to all customers. If you have project needs, please feel free to contact us.

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