How To Fix The LED Display? – The In-Detail Guide

How To Fix The LED Display – The In-Detail Guide

Although LED display is durable and reliable, at times you may experience some failure or faults.

A reason this guide will help you troubleshoot LED display module and screen failure. This guide provides insights into every single issue and its solution. Sounds great?

Let’s uncover!


Module Failure

Module failure may lead you to experience several issues. Some of the critical points, along with detection and solution, include:

1. Missing Rows and Lines

You should ensure the proper fitting between the power line and the flat cable. See whether or not the first LED module is within the signal input direction. If not, then fix the direction

Determine the normal operation of the signal on the input side. In case you experience color confusion, then it is not okay. You need to insert in or take out multiple times. In case you experience an issue, replace the flat cable.

dip led display
Missing Rows and Lines in LED Display

Check the chip that supplies power, which refers to the managing chip of the line. Maybe there lies improper welding or either a short circuit. Then the only solution is changing the chips.

2. No Display on Single Module

Check if the contact of the power supply is in average condition. Whether it features a precise fit or not. If not, then insert it correctly.

In case you see faulty colors or any inconsistency in colors. Change the flat cable with the new one.

If the issue persists, check the PCB board for any problems.

3. Individual Dark Pixels

Determine if the beadwork on the LED lamp is usually working. You can make use of the multimeter’s X1 resistance function.

Make connections as follows positive side to the black probe and the negative side to the red probe. If the lamp starts operation, then it is normal.

How To Fix The LED Display – The In-Detail GuideIn case not, then you need to replace it.

4. Missing Colors

Make sure the signal cable and power supply are in proper connection. Also, assess the functioning of the flat line. Cross-check the references and cable.

Tweak the settings on the LED module and check if there are still missing colors. It will solve your issue.

5. Colour Inconsistency

The color inconsistency results in because of pin failure within the IC driver. The primary function is to control the rows on LED.

Replace the Driver IC, and check the process below while doing so. This will help you in the accurate placement of Driver IC.

  • First of all, test the card of the driver’s IC
  • Second, eliminate the defect existing in IC
  • Soldering the object to ensure a solid connection
  • Remove the excess if it exists
  • Finally, test it to ensure it is functioning properly

Screen Failure

You can also experience a screen failure. When this happens, it may be due to the following reasons. You can cope with the issue and their solution to fix your LED display.

1. All Black Out Screen

See if your LED screen has a proper power connection. Also, assess the connection of the signal cable. If it has no connection, connect it until you see the twinkling of the indicator.

Check if the sending and receiving card of the LED is under average condition. If the card is not in normal condition, you will experience no indicator light or fast blinking. The only solution is to replace the card.

p8 outdoor led module
All Black Out Screen

Determine the receiving card voltage of the first receiving card.

If your PC is not on, then switch it on. Now open the LED studio software. Attach the DVI cable to your PC.

Now access the issue in the DVI card by accessing the settings. Set up your studio software and connect the cable. Later access the HUB performance and confirm if it is working properly.

2. Garbled Display

Keenly observe the performance of the sender or receiver card. If the problem is similar to the blackout screen section mentioned, replace place the card.

Garbled Display
Garbled Display

Check if it is the internet cable causing issues. If yes, then use a compatible internet cable. Double check the signal cable, often the problems associated with this cable.

3. Similar Content

Similar content means identical content on multiple screen areas. Sufficient or limited cascading files lead you to this issue. Try resending the cascading file.

4. Low Brightness and Fuzzy Pictures

The main reason behind this issue is a fault or improper functional and sending card settings. Try restoring the default setting. Keep the brightness value not less the 80.

5. Overlapping Display

See if the signal or cabinet cable is in proper connection. Try replacing the cable.

Cross-check the media cable connections and send the cable with the DVI cable. If not, then reinforce the connection.

See the physical appearance of the sending card if the condition is worse. Then replace it or either repair it.

6. Shaking/ Winkling Display

See if the receiver or sender card is okay. In case you experience zero lighting on the indicator. Then this will lead you to no signaling.

Set up the proper connection between the LED display and the ground wire. If not, then establish this connection.

Cross-check the cabinet cable connection. If they are worn out, then replace them immediately.

7. No Synchronous Display

Asynchronous display means a fault in the sending and receiving card connection. There may also be an issue with the software setting.

Restoring the settings and replacing the card will help eliminate this issue.

8. No Display on Multiple Modules

Determine the settings on the DVI card. Make sure multiple display modes are set at “duplicate.”

9. Short Span Garbled Display

It represents that you can start working with an LED display board. This message remains only for 2 seconds. Later it works fine.

10. Fail to Communicate

Make sure the LED has a strong power connection

Ensure the serial port is precisely fit and has no loosened connection

Select the proper card as well as compatible software. Make sure you select the right method for data transmission, transfer rate, and correct settings.

Check if the jumper cap has an accurate fitting. Make sure that it has a fixation in a precise direction.


Even as you try to fix your LED display, you don’t carry any procedure that will void your warranty.

At NSE, we will help you get high-quality and reliable LED displays depending on your unique requirements.

Contact us now for all your LED display systems.

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