How To Easily Find LED Display Suppliers: Practical Tips For You

If you are looking for a tool to boost your sales or to advertise, LED displays are an absolute must for you.

In this article, we will show you the positive effects of LED displays in advertising, how to find a good supplier in Ecuador, and analyze why NSELED is the best LED display supplier in Ecuador.

Can Advertising Reach Economic Benefits in Ecuador?

The answer is an absolute YES. Ecuador is a South American country that adopts the dollar as means of payment. Nowadays, companies prefer to invest in intangible capital such as intellectual property, R & D, advertising, and so on. More than 70% of companies in Ecuador invested in advertising from 2007 to 2017. By investing in advertising, companies are capable of earning a reputation, and increasing sales, profitability, and productivity. According to a report published in 2019, Ecuadorian manufacturing companies achieve Advertising Premia, which is usually higher in profitability and productivity. NSE has recently successfully sent a batch of LED displays to Ecuador.

What Features Make LED Displays The Best Tool In Advertising?


Billboard advertising is a classical advertising method. In the past few years, it has gradually been replaced by digital billboards. In comparison with traditional outdoor led billboards, LED displays to have several overwhelming advantages that are worth mentioning.

  • Slimmer Design

Technology having been updated, outdoor or indoor digital signage manufacturers in the market seek to adopt the advanced design, making the size of LED displays ultra-slim. Slimmer design contributes to an attractive appearance and flexible application.

  • Better performance

As you may notice, LED displays are compatible with creative image and video formats. Better picture quality is a lifelong pursuit of any outdoor and indoor digital signage manufacturer. High refresh rate, high resolution, and good Grey level ensure brighter and flicker-free images.

  • Longer lifespan

Normally, LED displays to have a longer lifespan but vary with specific products and digital signage manufacturers. Longer lifespan stands for environmentally friendly.

  • Multiple control

On the one hand, two types of control modes are of your choice. While synchronous mode, as its name suggested, could achieve real-time display, the videos or images in asynchronous mode would be out of sync, that is to say, a little bit delayed in contrast to the interface. On the other hand, the control system supports 4G, WIFI, USB, HDIM, etc. With an app, you can control the panels at your fingertip.

  • Lower Power Consumption

The LED module applies high-quality LEDs, effectively improving energy efficiency. In addition, LED displays, equipped with good heat dissipation, are able to work stably even for an extra-long time.

  • Wider Viewing Angle

For a better visual experience, LED display panels usually have a horizontal view angle from 120 to 160 degrees, and a vertical view angle ranging from 120 to 160 degrees as well. Some suppliers even provide LED display panels at 175 degrees. That’s impressive.


How To Easily Find LED Display Supplier In Ecuador?

According to Fit Small Business, digital outdoor advertising cost ranges from $1,200 to above $15,000 monthly. Indeed, it is not a small expense for any business. Whether you are going to purchase a portable LED screen or a LED poster video display and whatever your goal is, it is better to figure out what is a supplier and how to choose one.

Defining LED Display Supplier

A LED display supplier is an entity that provides LED displays and additional services to organizations or individuals. The entity is itself in the supply chain, hence is normally a manufacturer or a distributor.

What Features Make A Good LED Display Supplier?

You had better gain as much information as you can to confirm a GOOD supplier. A good supplier should possess the features below:

Provide good quality LED displays.

When we search for a certain product, we are looking for quality products. Since LED displays are not fast-moving consumer goods, we expect good and durable performance from them.

Expertise in the LED display industry

The more familiar a supplier is with the related industry, the better he will be able to recognize and solve the potential problems.

Have fluent English-speaking staff

English is a general language in international trade. When chatting with fluent English-speaking staff, you will have an open and direct conversation that will keep you out of bad situations.

Offer active customer service

Customer service should start with an inquiry and cover the entire purchase stage, representing the right attitude of a supplier. Meanwhile, after sales should be treated equally as there will be tones of questions like how to set up, connect and maintain a LED display.

Committed to the innovation of LED displays

It is known to all that technology is changing fast. Only when suppliers strive to improve their own technology can suppliers meet the requirements of customers.

Ways To Find The Right LED Display Suppliers In Ecuador

When you decide to invest in LED panels for commercial use or individual use, you must expect higher performances instead of endless possible problems in the future. In essence, you need to know how to find the RIGHT LED display suppliers. Generally, there are a number of ways to find LED display suppliers in a particular country.

NSE LED Display successfully sent to Ecuador

The most convenient way is to search on Google. You are able to find suppliers near you and the LED displays they offer and directly contact the suppliers. For example, the ranking of NSELED on Google is relatively high.

There are several eminent and influential trade shows in the industry of LED displays, such as Viscom Italy, SGI Dubai, ISE, Europe Shop, and ISE 2022. Digital signage manufacturers, like NSELED, actively attend such trade shows, and you will have the chance to get the information and compare with suppliers on the spot.

  • Industry forums

An industry forum, such as avforums, is a good way to obtain specific knowledge from experts in the field of LED display.

  • Experience peers.

Consult or refer to people in your industry and know the supplier they choose and what LED displays they adopt. You will be able to get feedback from them and ultimately gain unbelievable insights into the industry. NSELED exports numerous LED displays to Ecuador, leading to a high market occupancy in Ecuador. Before purchasing your ideal products, you can even pay a visit and see the product in person.

  • Social Media

Most of the suppliers are passionate about advertising and branding on social media, ranging from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to Linkedin. Just search keywords or terminology on these platforms, and you will probably get what you want.

Why Is NSE The Best Chinese Supplier In Ecuador?

China is one of the biggest exporting countries of LED displays. If you would like to import China LED panels, you will find that countless outdoor or indoor digital signage manufacturers are of your choice. Speaking of China LED panels, NSELED is the best Chinese supplier in Ecuador.

If you take an in-depth search on NSELED channel on YouTube, you will be happy to see that the products of NSELED have been imported worldwide. As early as three years ago, NSELED had several successful cases in Ecuador.

Recently, another batch of LED displays has been purchased and sent to Ecuador. Items include P10 outdoor fixed LED displays (size 960*960), P3 outdoor digital LED posters, and P3 indoor digital LED posters.

As there are hundreds of LED display suppliers in the world, what features make NSELED stand out? Check out the three essentials below.

  • High-quality products.

Quality is everything. Otherwise, it could adversely affect your advertising, destroy your company’s reputation and even lead to the loss of your customers. NSELED is born for high-quality LED displays. It has an independent R & D team and has strict requirements for each production process. It is the rigorous quality control that ensures its high reputation. NSELED is confident in providing all customers with a 2-year warranty on every aspect of LED display from the initial purchase.

  • Excellent customer service

The sales team consists of a group of fluent English-speaking staff who are experts in the LED display industry. NSELED offers a targeted service covering pre-sale, while-sale and post-sale stages at your first inquiry. For instance, considering the typical tropical climate in Ecuador, customers expect outdoor displays to have high water resistance to withstand harsh weather, particularly in the wet season. In line with the specific requirements, the sales recommended P3 outdoor digital led poster and P10 fixed LED display to the customer. Each sales representative is keen on recommending the most suitable products to meet individualized requests and provide the best experience.

  • Fast and on-time delivery

It is NO exaggeration to say that no matter what industry you are in, delivery is the lifeblood of wholesale and retail as well. As one of the leading LED display manufacturers, NSELED can normally stock up within 3 days. In terms of logistics, NSELED cooperates with notable air freight companies, namely DHL, FedEx, and trusted shipping agents to ensure the best freight with fast delivery.

High-quality products, and excellent customer service, together with fast and on-time delivery, make NSELED one of the best Chinese LED display suppliers in Ecuador. Choose NSELED to guarantee your business and your customers.

Final Thoughts


LED displays are considered an eye-catching tool to boost sales and have extensive uses in outdoor and indoor advertising by means of fixed led displays, led poster displays, etc. Are you still looking for the best LED display suppliers in your country? A simple inquiry will receive a full-time service from NSELED.

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