How To Change Text In LED Display Board

How To Change Text In LED Display Board

You cannot ignore text when it comes to an LED display board. This conveys your message to your audience and compels them to take action. With a proper call to action, you can increase your revenue.

Find insights on the step-by-step process on “how to change the text in LED Display board” right below.

Step 1: Software Selection and Download

The first process is to select software and download it. Each digital signage supports different software.

You can also get the disk when you purchase an LED display board. In case you don’t have software. You can find one online or download anyone from the list below:

  • LED Display 1.0
  • USB LED Message Board 1.2
  • Power LED
  • USB LED Badge
  • Yahtzee 123
  • Top View Programmer A

The best thing about all the above software is that you can download them for free.


Step 2: Software Set Up

In the second step, you need to set up your software. Finish the installation process of your software on your LED board.

Step 3: Connect Controller To Your System

Step 3 involves connecting the controller to your system. The primary function is to control your LED screen in a better way by providing control on HDR as well as the 3D process. It offers an incredible visual experience and aids in data storage.

Step 4: Go to Program Tab

After setting up the software, go to the program tab. After clicking on the program tab, you can get this tab right in most of the software’s main menu. You will see the text tab.

Step 5: Click On Text Tab

Now you need to click on the text tab. A text box will appear in front of you by completing this action. It features a blinking cursor within.

Step 6: Entering the Text

Now you will see the text that is already displaying on your board. Now press the backspace button. Or select the entire text and press the delete button. The existing text will disappear.

Now enter whatever text that you want within the text box. Remember, whatever you type will appear on your LED display board.

Step 7: Click on Send Tab

After you have finished the text typing, click on the send button. This step is also referring to the publishing process. The reason is after this, and the text will send to the LED screen.

Step 8: Save on Controller

The last step is to save the text on the controller you sent on your LED board. This will display your message on the display board even when no other storage, like USB or hardware, is connected.



Text on an LED display board can reach people’s hearts or emotionally trigger their feelings toward an action. With the copywriting style, you can boost your earnings through LED boards.

We have discussed in detail how to change the text on the LED display board. You can find us in the comments or our email if you want our assistance. We will be waiting for you.

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