How to Calculate Size of Advertising LED Display?

How to Calculate Size of Advertising LED Display

Understanding how to calculate LED display screen sizes is important when you intend to venture in LED billboard advertising business.

Continue reading to know how to calculate LED pitch spacing, number and size of LED module, and LED display cabinet dimensions.

Size Calculation for LED Advertising Display
Size Calculation for LED Advertising Display

Common Pixel Pitch for LED Video Display

Pixel pitch is the LED clusters (pixels density) on an LED screen panel and relates with display resolution. Also referred to as pitch, it denotes the distance (millimeters) between adjacent pixels.

Because dot pitch denotes the size of space mid two pixels, a lesser pitch implies there exists less space in between. This equates to higher pixel density and boosted LED display resolution.

It is among the critical parameters that will dictate the viewing distance of your LED advertising display. You must first establish the viewing distance of the display before choosing the pitch. Having a shorter viewing signifies that you also need a smaller pitch.

Illustration of Pixel Pitch for Led Displays
Illustration of Pixel Pitch for Led Displays

Here are the mostly used pixel pitch for display screen:

Indoor types of LED displays typically feature small pitch (P3 – P10) due to the small viewing distance. On the other hand, Outdoor LED video displays have higher pitch (from P10 onwards).

Different manufacturers might have contrasting specifications for outdoor LED display screens.

Calculating the LED Display Screen sizes

You will need certain calculation formulas to help in determining the size of advertising LED display. We are going to show you the steps of calculating LED pixel pitch, LED module dimensions, number of modules and module cabinet size.

Led Display Screen Size Calculation Formula
Led Display Screen Size Calculation Formula

How To Calculate Pixel Pitch On LED Display Screen?

Calculating pixel pitch for advertising LED is a very easy procedure, you only need to know the basic formula.

Typically, the dot pitch of:

  • P10 LED screen panel is 10 mm.
  • P6 LED screen panel is 6 mm.
  • P3 LED screen panel is 3 mm and so on.


Here is how to calculate pixel pitch on P5 LED display panel with an area of 1 square meter.

1 square meter area is 1000mm (length) X 1000mm (Height), there can be several points both lengthwise and along the height.

Length (L) = 1000mm/5mm = 200 dots.

Height (H) = 1000mm/5mm = 200 dots.

Being regular matrix arrays, the dot pitch on an LED screen panel with a 1 square meter area will be:

L x H = (1000mm/5mm) x (1000mm/5mm)

= 200 x 200

= 40000 dots.

How To Calculate LED Screen Sizes?

Length or Height = Dot Number x Spacing Distance

For example:

Let’s work with P10 LED display module that generally has 32 dots along its length and 16 dots along the width. As you know by now, the P10 has a pixel pitch of 10 mm.

LED Screen Size Calculation
LED Screen Size Calculation


Length of P10 LED screen module = Dot number (32) × Spacing (10) = 320 mm

Height of P10 LED screen Module = Dot number (16) × 10 mm = 160 mm

How To Calculate The Number of Modules In An Advertising LED Display Cabinet?

You will need to know the number of LED modules needed to make your LED display board for advertising. Often, the LED screen panels have standard sizes based on their pixel pitch.

Number of LED Screen Modules = Total Area ÷ Width of Modules ÷ Length of Modules

Example 1

We will still work with P10 LED display wall panel measuring 4m x 3m

Total Area = 4m x 3m =12 square meters

Length = 320mm/1000 = 0.32m

Width = 160mm/1000 = 0.16m

Therefore, the number of LED display screen modules is:

Total Area (12㎡) ÷ Length (0.32m) ÷ Width (0.16m)

= 234.375 ≈ 235 pieces

Example 2: For More Precise Calculation

Sum Total of LED Display Modules = Number of Modules for Width x Number of Modules for Length

Number of LED screen modules along the length = 4m ÷ 0.32m (length of 1 LED module)

= 12.5 ≈ 12 pieces

Number of LED screen modules for width = 3m ÷ 0.16m (width of one LED module)

= 18.75 ≈ 18 pieces

Therefore, the sum total of LED display screen modules is:

=18 × 12 = 216 pieces

So, the ultimate actual size of the LED display panel will be:

Length = 0.32 x 12 = 3.840m

Width = 0.16 x 18 = 2.88m

Other Factors Affecting LED Display Screen Size

We are all aware that the dot pitch has a direct correlation with the viewing distance of advertising LED display. Viewing distance denotes the right distance that permits you to see the display content with clarity.

Normally, it is important to consider maximum, minimum and optimum viewing distance when installing advertising LED display board.

But, you should remember that the appropriate viewing distance doesn’t only relates with the pixel pitch. It also relates to the overall dimension of the LED display panel and specific conditions.



With the advancing LED technology, LED video display is steadily becoming an important component of billboard advertising. This digital billboard advertising method is more effective compared to traditional advertising approaches. Therefore, knowing how to calculate LED display screen size is critical if you intend to venture into advertising LED display business.

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