How Much Does It Cost To Build An Electronic Billboard?

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Electronic Billboard

Cost is the first thing that comes to mind when one is going to purchase an electronic billboard. It is a factor that decides whether you will buy the particular billboard.

This article tries to uncover various factors affecting the cost of building electronic billboard. Before investing in your next bill board, read this guide.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Electronic Billboard

The cost of a digital Billboard depends on multiple factors. Some crucial factors that you should consider are:

Size of Billboard


A plethora of sizes exist in the market regarding electronic billboards. You can also choose a custom size just depending on your need.

Size is a crucial factor that plays a significant role in driving digital billboard costs. For instance, the greater the size, the more the cost. The smaller the size, the lower the price will be.

Size of Electronic Billboard
Size of Electronic Billboard

For example, the cost of 256 mm × 128 mm is between $380 depending on your order. On the other hand, the cost of 320 mm × 160 mm is between $590 depending on your order.

Type of the Billboard

The type of billboard also affects the associated cost. Wondering how to read below:

Bulletin Electronic Billboard costs more in comparison to standard billboards. The reason is they are specifically for highways or motorways. To be visible to the traveling class, their minimum size lies around a height of 14 feet and a width of 48 feet.

Electronic billboardThis is the main reason behind such costs. Besides, an option exists to order a custom bulletin billboard. These bulletin billboards cost anywhere around $300 up to $1500 or even more depending on your needs.

The cost of a 3D Electronic Billboard lies somewhere between the standard and mobile digital billboards. Standard billboard does not offer an immersive experience that creates an optical illusion.

waterproof led screen (1)Besides, this 3D billboard features a tilt at an angle of 900. This also adds up to the cost. In general, their cost lies between $1500 to $15000.

In the end, comes Mobile Electronic Billboard. It costs almost double that of any digital billboard. Because you need to purchase a vehicle to make your billboard mobile. Besides that, the mobile digital billboard is more prone to adverse weather impacts and accidents.

Truck LED Display

Mobile Electronic Billboard

The reason is that they are mobile. To reduce this impact to a greater extent, you need extra protection in terms of temper-proof surface, IP65 rating, etc. This adds up to the billboard cost. Their general price is between $15000 to $50,000 or even more.

Material of Structure

Different materials, including steel, Aluminum, PVC, and Glass, contribute to the formation of the electronic billboard.

The usage percentage of these materials varies from billboard to billboard. Also, the processing method leading to the finishing quality varies. The combination of all these factors ultimately decides the cost in the end.

Usually, high-quality material billboards cost around $300 to $700, while higher-quality material billboards start from $500 and more.

Single Sided/ Double Sided


The single-sided digital billboard features a digital screen on a single side. This means less material consumption as compared to the double-sided billboard. Because the double-sided billboard features a digital screen on both sides. It requires more labor and is more beneficial.

P2.5 Slim Taxi Screen

Single Sided Double Sided

This is why double-sided billboard costs comparatively more and lies up to $1000 or more. At the same time, single-sided electronic billboards cost around $300 or more.

Location of Installation

The location of installation affects the cost in a way that:

How many people will face it in a day or 24 hours? Suppose 10,000 people visit the establishment of a digital billboard. Then the location costs more. This is true in comparison to a billboard location that receives only 500 visits in a day.

Second comes the depth or inclination of the location. Suppose the soil at the site is deep or loose. Then it would be best if you spent more in preparation of foundations for your billboard. On the other hand, if it is firm and high enough. Then you need to use shorter column posts to mount your billboard. This will cost lower.

Thirdly the comes area of the location. You must install more giant electronic billboards if you have sufficient space available. This will make your billboard more noticeable. At the same time, the smaller area will not allow a precise fit for more giant billboards.

Screen Clarity

Screen clarity does matter, and so does the cost when choosing electronic billboards.

The digital billboards are available in both high and low resolution of 10ppi to 50ppi. Let’s suppose you will choose a low-resolution billboard of 10ppi to 20ppi. Then its cost will be $500. And if you select the high-resolution billboard, its price will be $1500.

Operational Duration

The cost also relies on the total operational duration you receive when buying a particular digital billboard.

There are digital billboards in the market that supports around 20,000 operational hours. At the same time, some digital billboards offer 75,000 operating hours.

The operational duration is directly proportional to the cost. As it increases, the cost increases. In other words, long operating hours mean longevity.

Single Post Mounted / Multi Post Mounted

The effect on the cost of the single post-mounted or multi-post-mounted electronic billboard is still unclear. Sometimes the price of a single post-mounted billboard is more, while sometimes, the cost of a multi-post-mounted billboard is more.

Suppose you install your digital billboard on a single post having double the dia and thickness. Then chances are it may exceed the cost compared to the multi-post mounted billboard.

While usually, in most cases, the cost of a multi-post-mounted digital billboard is more than a single-post-mounted one.


In a true sense, demographics reflect the audience’s size, gender, and age. If you are installing the digital billboard in a closely relevant demographics to your business niche. OR in an area with the right audience targeting a goal. Then it will cost even more.

The land area in this scenario affects the digital billboard’s total installation or building cost.



So, how much does it cost to build an electronic billboard?

After reading this article, you have in-depth insights into every factor that affects the cost of the electronic billboard. Considering these factors will lead you to choose the best billboard solely focusing on your requirements.

For assistance with any queries or feedback, comment with us. We would love to hear from you.

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