How Much Does a Football Scoreboard Cost?

Football scoreboards are a vital component of a sports venue. They help the audience follow the match standings, including scores among other important details. If you plan to acquire one, you must understand how they are priced and based on what. In this article, we cover everything you need to know about the cost of a football scoreboard.

Types of Football Scoreboard

The cost of a football scoreboard is determined by many factors, including the specific type of the scoreboard. Typically, we have either traditional or modern scoreboards. Each type of scoreboard has specific features that differentiate them from each other. Let us explore the common types of football scoreboards.

Traditional fixed-digit analog scoreboard 

You will find traditional fixed-digit analog scoreboards in some sports arenas and stadiums. This name has a lot to unpack. The first thing is that it is a traditional scoreboard meaning that it is an old generation scoreboard. In other words, it uses old technology. 

Additionally, the analog aspect means that it does not use modern digital technology. Finally, the aspect of fixed digits means that the digits cannot be moved during the game. Unless otherwise stated, these digits can only be moved manually. The cost of this football scoreboard is usually low since the board does not have any advanced features. 

Fixed-digit LED scoreboard  

The adoption of technology in sports led to the development of more advanced scoreboards such as the fixed-digit LED scoreboard.

A fixed-digit LED football scoreboard is a modernized version of the fixed-digit analog football scoreboard. The major difference between the two is the LED. Specifically, light-emitting diodes can be used to illuminate the digits, or as a display module.

This is the same approach used to make LED signs. Inside the enclosure, the digits are lined with RGB lights that produce different colors. This helps with visibility, especially in low-light conditions such as at night or in poor weather conditions. The cost of these types of football scoreboards is usually higher than the analog versions.

Modern LED Football Scoreboard

LED display technology has been adopted in many sectors, including sports. A modern LED football scoreboard is not your regular kind of scoreboard. This scoreboard is designed like an LED video wall but specified to work for a football game arena. This board has many features you will typically find in many LED panels.

Full LED Video Football Scoreboards

For this type of football scoreboard, the display comprises an assembled LED video wall. In other words, it is a large video wall that is programmed to show match standings, among other expected elements of a football game.


A jumbotron is essentially a large video wall-like display that is hoisted in a sports arena. It is more like a large TV screen that displays several elements during a football match. One of the major features of this type of football scoreboard is that it is super bright. This makes it possible to see the content displayed even under direct sunlight.

Factors Influencing Football Scoreboard Costs

By exploring these factors, you will understand why the cost of a football scoreboard is usually either low or high. 

Type of scoreboard

This is arguably the major determinant of the cost of a football scoreboard. When discussing these types above, you could tell that the technology used in the scoreboard would translate to either low or high costs. To elaborate, the traditional scoreboards have inferior technologies, hence they would cost less than the more advanced and modern scoreboards.

Scoreboard size

Football scoreboards come in different sizes. For traditional scoreboards that had a fixed width and height, the costs would be determined easily. However, with modern LED scoreboards, the size is mainly determined by the number of LED panels that are stacked together. Therefore, the cost of these scoreboards is dependent on the number of these panels or modules.

Build quality

The build quality of the football scoreboard is another factor that determines the cost of the device. In most cases, these devices are built to last. This means that the cost already accounts for this aspect. Still, some scoreboards have more durability reinforcement, making them more expensive than others.

Specifications and features   

Not all football scoreboards are the same. Those with advanced features tend to cost more than their counterparts. On the other hand, scoreboards with basic features will be much cheaper. In other words, you are paying for more accessibility and utility.

Ownership and usage rights  

If you own a football arena or stadium, you can either purchase a scoreboard or hire it. These options are there to help you manage your expenses. If you purchase your own, you could spend more than if you were hiring it.

Financing options 

The other factor that could greatly influence the final cost of the scoreboard is the financing options available to you. On one hand, if you decide to buy the scoreboard on hire purchase, you will end up incurring more than if you paid in full. However, buying in hire purchase is a good plan if you do not have the full amount ready.

Categories of Costs associated with Football Scoreboards

Costs associated with football scoreboards can be categorized into three categories. Let us explore each category to understand them better.

Upfront costs

This category of costs is defined as the total sum of money owned when you are purchasing a product, in this case, a football scoreboard. Upfront costs are commonly associated with purchases that are sold without hire purchase.

Leasehold costs 

When you acquire a lease, you will have to incur costs such as service charges, bonuses, delayed fines, and so on. Collectively, these costs are called leasehold costs. In the context of football scoreboards, these costs will be incurred if you choose to lease the scoreboard instead of purchasing it.

Subscription costs

A subscription cost is a recurrent cost that is paid after an agreed period. It could be a month or a year. Subscription costs are also paid in one-off terms. For instance, you could pay a subscription to acquire a license to use certain content in your football scoreboard.

Estimated Costs of Football Scoreboards

In most cases, the cost of football scoreboards is usually given in ranges. This is because of the many factors that influence the cost of a specific scoreboard. In other words, two different scoreboards would have different prices. 

On the low end, a football scoreboard can cost as low as $4,000. On the other hand, this cost could go as high as $500,000. Within this range, you will find all variations of this device. The major difference will be the technology and the features included. 

Why are Football Scoreboards Expensive?

A football scoreboard is not the same as a regular device. They have complex features, and they are made to last. As a result, they can be quite expensive. However, when you consider the value you are getting, you realize that it is completely worth it.

Football scoreboards require skilled and experienced personnel for installation and maintenance. This is another factor that could eventually make them more expensive than you would expect.

On top of the value for money that you get from owning a football scoreboard, you will also have a great asset. For one thing, football scoreboards have been known to be vital income generators in stadiums, arenas, and other sporting venues.

How to Make Money with Football Scoreboards 

Making money with a football scoreboard is quite easy. Let us discuss some of the common income-generating methods used with these devices.


Sports arenas are full of potential customers for various products and services. You can capitalize on this by showcasing different kinds of adverts alongside the match standings. Football scoreboards are large enough to display both. 

For this, you can advertise your products and services. Alternatively, you could also showcase adverts from third-party vendors. All you do is approach them and offer advertising space like a regular LED billboard company does. 

Partnerships with leagues and teams

Still, on the topic of partnering with third parties, you could seek leagues and teams that are looking for partnerships. You can then strike a deal with them on how to benefit from each other. For example, you can plan a schedule where you offer them space to use the device when they have matches. 

Raise ticket fees

When a stadium has a football scoreboard, its value is automatically raised. Therefore, you can take advantage of this and charge higher ticket fees. When marketing the ticket fees, the interested parties will be impressed by the fact that the stadium has a modern LED football scoreboard.

For this strategy, you also need to consider factors such as the match. To elaborate, you would not expect people to pay a premium for a local match. On the other hand, it would make sense to raise ticket fees for highly coveted matches. 

Affiliate marketing

In this type of marketing, a company will compensate you commission for any sales, traffic, or leads you generate on their behalf. In other words, you will take the liberty of marketing for them.

Affiliate marketing is an effective strategy to generate revenue with a football scoreboard. During breaks or as the match continues, you could showcase products or services with a specific call to action that will prompt the viewer to take a desired action. 


Both traditional and modern football scoreboards provide a better experience for the person enjoying a football game. This is on top of the expected match standings and fixtures. The extra functionality of this device is what is reflected in its cost. Therefore, it makes sense for these devices to cost up to thousands of dollars in upfront costs.

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