How do I fix my LED display problem?

With the continuous development of the times, LED display screens have become more and more widely used, and have become a product that is often seen. For example shopping malls, hotels, shops, and so on. By putting videos and pictures on the LED display screen, it is the way buyers usually choose to build momentum for their own brands or products. With the increasing application of LED display screens, how to accurately and quickly determine the problem when there is a problem with the display screen, and provide a timely solution is a problem that users are concerned about. Let’s read the following content carefully, hoping to provide you with some help in seeking LED display solutions.

How do I fix my LED display problem?

LED display screen failures are mainly manifested as hardware failures and software failures.

Hardware failures are mainly concentrated in the process of using the screen, such as burn-in, light leakage, black borders, blurred screen, dead lights, etc. Among them, screen burn-in is the most common fault, which means that the temperature of the screen body rises during use, resulting in an internal short circuit of the LED module and screen burn-in. Light leakage is caused by the poor packaging process of LED modules or the use of inferior raw materials in the production process. The black border problem is mainly caused by the poor packaging process of the LED module; the flower screen is mainly caused by the aging of the internal circuit. The main cause of dead lights is bumps during transportation.

Software failures are mainly due to improper operation of the software. For example, the software cannot be installed, the device cannot be displayed, and the content you want to display cannot be displayed. The software cannot be installed because of the computer’s self-protection system, such as firewall and anti-virus software. It is recommended to close the firewall and anti-virus software before installing; the failure to display the device may be due to the connection of the wrong device; or the failure to display the desired playback The content needs to check that the resolution is set correctly.

How to Identify Led Screen Damage

When the screen body fails and needs to be repaired, first check the problem of the cable, and make sure that all the cables are connected correctly and there is no sign of looseness. Hardware failure can be repaired and replaced according to the suggestion of the factory engineer. For software faults, it is necessary to check whether the operating steps of the software are correct. There will be no display failure if the screen is operated correctly.

Can LED display be repaired?

Yes, the LED screen display can be repaired. Generally, about 2% of the spare parts will be provided at the time of shipment. These spare parts are provided just in case it needs to be repaired.

Common screen repairs are generally three aspects:
The first kind of module maintenance, when the screen has a dead light, the lamp beads always display a color, or the whole module is not lit; the whole module can be replaced, and another maintenance method is to use a light with good detection performance. Beads to replace lamp beads that do not work.
The second is a cable fault. The fault in the cable leads to the failure of the power to be transmitted to the module through the cable, resulting in the screen not working. It may be that the cable is loose during transportation. You can check it and reinsert it. The second is that the cable may not work. If it is damaged, it cannot play the role of transmission, and it needs to be replaced with a new cable.
The third is that the screen body or frame is irreparably damaged, which is usually caused by violent transportation. Please report the situation with the supplier and the courier truthfully after receiving the goods, and discuss the solution together.

Why is the LED display not working?

There are generally the following situations when the led display cannot work:

  1. There is a problem with the LED display itself, and the wrong wiring method causes the screen to fail to work. It is caused by not installing step by step according to the installation guide.
  2. System failure, for example, if there is a problem with the network signal we usually use, then we have to check whether the network signal we use is normal at this time.
  3. The voltage is wrongly connected. If the screen is to work normally, the connected voltage must match the normal working voltage of the screen.
LED display repaired
LED display repaired

To sum up, if you want to prevent the LED display from not working properly when the user receives the product, in addition to installing and using it according to the steps, NSELED also does the following as usual to ensure the quality of the product.

  • For the procurement of LED display materials, we all shop around and choose raw material suppliers with good quality and long-term cooperation.
  • The production process of the factory, except for the links that must be operated manually, the rest are all mechanized and unified production.
  • Aging for 24-72 hours before shipment.
  • During the production process, sampling inspections are carried out in multiple links to reduce the defective rate of products.
  • Packaging: After packaging in honeycomb boxes or flight boxes, wooden boxes will be packed again to ensure that the products are safe enough during transportation.
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