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High Resolution LED Display Manufacturer in China

NSE high-resolution LED displays are ideal for displaying images and videos. We have an international standardized production process and strict product quality testing. NSE can also customize high-resolution LED displays based on clients’ applications.

  • High color reproduction
  • Excellent visual quality
  • The best display effect
  • OEM and ODM production services

NSE High Resolution LED Display

NSE high-resolution LED displays have a better contrast ratio and high-quality videos and images. Using a high-resolution LED display can improve the effectiveness of every show. This results in an ultra-fine cinematic experience and ultra-detailed display effects at the location where the small-pitch LED display is installed.

NSE offers a customization service, allowing customers to choose from a wide range of high-resolution LED display solutions to fulfill everyone’s specific project requirements. With customizable size, smooth splicing, and good color reproduction.

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High Resolution LED Display

Alphabet Screen

The indoor high-resolution LED screen with new structure design, single hand-held, and smooth installation process. support multi-devices wireless control.

SMD Full Color High Resolution LED Display Screen

SMD full color High-resolution LED display screen is applicable for stage, weddings, exhibitions, etc. It features high durability and quick assembly with a cabinet. You can purchase it now at NSE services.

Flexible Curtain Shopping Mall LED Display for Outdoor Presentation

NSE stage background high resolution LED display indoor featured, with lightweight, high contrast ratio, black SMD LED’s, easy installation, and noiseless design. Perfect for any uses.

Outdoor LED Poster

Widely used in advertising, sports, industrial enterprise, etc. Its close viewing distance and wide viewing angle are easy and quick to assemble and disassemble. 

P5 Rental LED Display Panel

Light and thinner, easy for installation, and cost-effective for transportation. Fast assembling, the side locks assure the cabinet joint within 8 seconds.

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NSE High Resolution LED Display Advantages

Wide View Angle
Wide View Angle

160° viewing angle, the maximum to meet viewing needs, flicker-free video images. Brings you instantly back to the natural world. Perfect viewing in any angle side.

Reliable Dynamic

A dependable dynamic images performance makes it a higher contrast ratio. Softer picture and better stereo vision. Guarantees instant information delivery. Reliable high-resolution LED display for a long time used.

High Contrast
High Contrast

High contrast can reach 16-bit, with excellent color reproduction capability. Ensures consistent performance, less heat dissipation makes. High efficient LED chip, low power consumption.

Wide Use
Wide Use

Widespread application in advertising, sports, transportation, terminals, industrial enterprise, construction, airports,  stations, education system, and other public places. 

Convenient and Fast Installation

For this series, NSE designed a high-resolution LED display with plug-and-play functionality. The power and signal connectors are simple and quick to attach and disconnect. And, while the signal connection can be horizontal or vertical, it met the rental requirements in any situation.

The installation of a high-resolution LED display on a wall or any area streamlining space is simple and elegant, and the maintenance is easier and more convenient. To maintain color and brightness consistency throughout use, point-by-point adjustment is supported.

Convenient and Fast Installation
Professional High Resolution LED Display

Professional High Resolution LED Display

NSE offers 100% authentic strict assessment, for you to select high visibility, quality, and good services. NSE’s high-resolution LED display employs a high-quality black light to increase luminescence brightness while lowering screen dark time brightness. The screen contrast is substantially increased due to a unique black mask processing technology.

  • Keep people safe
  • Energy-saving design
  • Lower power consumption
  • Longer life
  • Low carbon and environmental protection

Advanced Stands to Benefits

The screen’s display of NSE high-resolution LED is practically perfect with low brightness, and the screen’s look is superior to standard displays. It allows for more image details to be displayed with no loss of information.

NSE high resolution LED display has a high screen picture stability without ripples, dealing with the dynamic display screen, image edge is clear, the screen has good dynamic performance, image information accurately true reduction, create the video screen clear fluid, deliver good visual delight.

Advanced Stands to Benefits

High Resolution LED Display for Your Business or Project

High Resolution LED Display for Your Business or Project
High Resolution LED Display for Your Business or Project

NSE is a high-resolution LED display manufacturer which has lead-edge technologies in solving the requirements of every client. Our company was founded in 2011 and has 12 years of research, development, and manufacturing experience. Stable quality is the foundation that allows us to continue; high-quality products and great sales performance are the energy that motivates us to move forward.

We have a 2500 square meter Metal Fabrication Factory, SMT, Assembly line, and Aging test laboratory where we can control the entire manufacturing quality. NSE products passed CE, ROHS, FCC, and other approvals. And the quality system was certified to ISO 9001-2004.

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NSE High Resolution LED Display

NSE High Resolution LED Display Features

NSE high-resolution LED display offers a lot of features including:

  • Easy and convenient
  • Energy-saving, high refresh rate
  • High Gray Level
  • Remote control screen
  • Ultra-wide angle view
  • Seamless stitching
  • It is fast response, smooth and stable
  • Easy installation
  • Noiseless design
  • Good visual effect
  • Ensures consistent results
NSE High Resolution LED Display Application

It’s commonly utilized in a variety of industries such as:

  • Commercial
  • Entertainment
  • Transit
  • Facilities
  • Conference rooms
  • Command centers
  • Industrial enterprises
  • Airlines
  • Railways
  • Educational establishments
  • And other public places

High Resolution LED Display to Skyrocket Your Business

party and event led display

The most important feature of Stage display is that it can provide a rich stage background for performances, and because of its large screen size and very colorful picture content, it can make people feel like they are in the scene.

P3 LED Screen for Event Hall

Good color and brightness conformity. Different styles are available, such as fixed installation style, rental hanging style, ultra-thin style, front-maintained style, and front-serviceable style with magnets. For your customization, a high-resolution LED display NSE is your best choice.

P4 Flexible LED Display for Airport

Airport LED displays are an important part of airports. They not only help to display important information, but also provide entertainment and contribute to effective advertising. Provide flight information, etc.

meeting for led display

Widely used in professional meeting scenes in various industries, such as government, institutions, and groups of enterprises, and other fields of various medium and large conference rooms, lecture halls, multi-functional halls, etc., truly integrated, intelligent, convenient, and efficient meeting.

Expert High Resolution LED Display Solution Supplier
Expert High Resolution LED Display Solution Supplier

NSE owns a product testing facility, which can perform rigorous product reliability tests such as high and low-temperature testing, anti-UV testing, waterproof testing, vibration testing, brightness, illumination testing, etc. OEM and ODM production services are available. 

  • “If you genuinely want to satisfy your special demands, NSE is the manufacturer to consider; they’ve never discouraged us when it comes to our specific high-resolution LED display requests. Big thanks to NSE manufacturer; they’re outstanding services to their clients as always.”

  • “We are happy to have NSE as our collaborator since NSE high resolution LED displays offer unique quality and an easy-to-manage at all times. We are glad that we are in the right manufacturer now. Thanks, NSE for your unstoppable services”

  • “For any type of high resolution LED display, NSE is a wonderful business partner; they produce a high-quality high resolution LED display that works well and lasts a long time, easy and convenient LED display.”

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