High Quality 4K led screen

In the new social environment, Whether it is the development of a country or the progress of an enterprise, innovation is always the first driving force and is placed at the core, especially for the LED display industry with high technical content, technological innovation is even more important important.people’s material level is getting higher and higher. The refresh rate requirements for LED screens are also constantly increasing, and words such as 4K and 8K are gradually entering the public’s eyes. Many customers will have requirements such as 4K when customizing a led screen solution. But despite this, many customers do not have a deep understanding of 4k resolution. This article will show you what a real High Quality 4K led screen is.

High Quality 4K led screen

What is the 4K led screen?

High quality 4K LED screen As the name suggests, its most important feature is 4K, so what is 4K? 4K resolution (4K resolution), or 4k for short, refers to the horizontal (horizontal) display of LED display or display content with 3840 pixels, that is, the resolution of 4096 in the horizontal direction, and the corresponding LED display The vertical resolution needs to reach the level of 2160 pixels. 4K led screen is the led display that meets this pixel requirement.

What are the basic requirements for the 4k led screen?

How to choose a high-quality 4K LED screen has become a question for many customers. Today’s article will tell you what basic conditions a high quality 4K led screen should have. Hope to help customers avoid some detours when choosing a 4k led screen.

  • Resolution: Resolution can meet the resolution of 3840*2160, which is a basic requirement of 4K led screen. You can divide your own size by the selected pixel pitch to determine whether the solution you choose meets the 4K resolution.
  • Brightness: A high quality 4K led screen, resolution alone is not enough. Brightness is also an important guarantee to ensure image quality. Generally speaking, the minimum brightness requirement indoors is 1000 nits, and the minimum brightness requirement outdoors is 5500 nits.
  • Size: According to the calculation formula of resolution above, if you want to achieve 4K resolution, there are certain requirements for the size of the screen. If the size is too small, no matter how small the pixel pitch is, it will not be able to reach 4K resolution.
  • Control system: Simple operation is also a point that many customers care about. Generally speaking, the control system operation of HD player and Novarstar will be relatively simple and perfect.
    In addition to all the above requirements, high quality 4k led screen also needs to have good color reproduction, good appearance, and other details must be handled in place.

4k led screen

What are the advantages of high quality 4K led screen?

The advantages of 4k led screen can be summed up in the following points:

  • The ultra-high resolution display screen can display more and more delicate picture details and color expressions, bringing the best visual experience to the audience. Viewers will find it clearer and brighter than ordinary products when watching high-definition images.
  • The ultra-high-resolution display screen can greatly improve the audience’s demand for picture details and color expression capabilities. For example, due to advanced technology, more details and color expression capabilities can be obtained, thus bringing more visual experience to the audience.
  • The ultra-high-resolution display screen can enable multiple people to watch the screen content at the same time without switching the display. This saves time and labor costs. This is what ordinary LED screens cannot achieve.
  • The ultra-high resolution display screen can reduce seams and visual interference to ensure the display effect.
What are the applications of high quality 4k led displays?

With the rapid development of the information age, the appearance of LED screens has provided people with more convenience, but with the continuous development of technology, led screens have also encountered new challenges. Let’s introduce the application of 4k led screen.
At present, 4k led screens have been widely used in various fields, such as 4k conference room screens, public information screens, event screens, advertising screens, etc. These screens are generally called small-pitch LED displays. The one used in the small-pitch LED display is a 4K LED display, which belongs to the LED light source used inside the display unit. 4k led display Although not all products can be applied to 4k led display, but in some high-end shopping malls, 4k led display is also very common, it is mainly used in large shopping malls, such as large department stores and large supermarkets ect.

Although the technology of 4K led displays still needs to be completed, but now NSE LED has the ability to provide high quality 4k led sceen in the market. So if you have any needs in this regard, please feel free to contact us.

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