High Brightness LED Display

Handling your outdoor advertising needs becomes easy with the high-brightness LED display. It can quickly convey your message and capture your audience’s attention regardless of the quality of the ambient lighting available.

  • Exceptional viewing experience with wide angles. 
  • Available in various shapes and sizes, professionally designed just for you.
  • The elongated lifespan of up to 100,000 hours.
  • Waterproof protection with an IP rating of 65.

What Is A High Brightness LED Display?

A high-brightness LED display is a state-of-the-art display system that offers a better display output than a regular display screen, making it ideal for digital signage and various outdoor display screens. 

The unit for measuring the brightness of an LED Display is candelas per square meter (cd/m²) or nits. An LED display can be classified as high brightness not just on its nit count but its application as well.

High-brightness LED displays have nit counts ranging from 1,000 – 9,000+, depending on their function. A lower unit count of 1000 is better suited for smartphones and TVs, while high-quality, super-bright outdoor led display screens like digital billboards need a higher nit count of 5000 and above. 

High Brightness LED Display By Resolution

HD LED Display

The high definition (HD) LED display has a 1280 x 720 pixels resolution, simply known as 720p. It is best suited for TVs and phone screens as the image may be blurry when viewed from a far distance. The HD LED display is a small screen with good image quality to fit your budget.

Full HD LED Display

The full HD LED display gives you a higher output thanks to its resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Also known as 1080p, this display offers a sharper and clearer image quality resulting in a better viewing experience. The full HD LED display is a great fit for monitors, TVs, and projectors.

The 2k resolution is also known as the quad high definition or the broad quad high definition (WQHD). With a combination of 2560 x 1440 pixels horizontally and vertically, this resolution will fit a wide gaming screen. When used on mobile phones and TV screens, it offers a fantastic high-brightness LED display.

4k LED Display

With a resolution that is four times that of the full HD display, the 4k ultra high definition display is an excellent option for rich imagery. At 3840 x 2160 pixels, this resolution makes you feel like a part of what you are watching while enjoying a high-brightness display. Overall, it will offer an immersive viewing experience.

8k led display

This is the highest resolution available, offering the crispest display you can get. It is four times higher than the 4K resolution and 16 times higher than the full HD. At 7680 x 4320 pixels, every detail on your screen will be visible. It’s available on video walls, digital billboards, TVs, and other display systems.

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High Brightness LED Display By Pixel Pitch (5)

  • 2mm Indoor LED Display

    The P2 LED display has a refresh rate of over 1920Hz and a viewing distance of 2 meters. As such, it’s best suited for close-range displays. Its 800 – 1,200 nits brightness offers a clear display for everyone within the viewing distance to see!

  • 4mm Indoor LED Display

    With a wide viewing angle of up to 160°, the 4mm indoor LED display can offer a more immersive viewing experience with softer image quality. Its high contrast ratio, impressive refresh rate, and 2,500 nit count help it give off high brightness images.

  • 6mm Outdoor LED Display

    Displaying fast-moving images is easy with the P6/6mm, thanks to its high contrast ratio and refresh rate of up to ≥3000Hz. It is a versatile display screen and an awesome option for a high brightness window display. For optimum viewing experience, a viewing distance between 6 – 18m is ideal.

  • 8mm Outdoor LED Display

    With an adjustable brightness level of up to 7,500 nits, your screen will remain visible in any kind of environment. Its 3,840Hz refresh rate and impressive lifespan will ensure your ads stay up longer and reach a great audience. This screen can withstand everything from sun to rain and every harsh weather condition.

  • 10mm Outdoor LED Display

    The wide viewing angle on this display translates to a more immersive viewing experience. Undoubtedly, the sun shines bright, but the P10 LED display can shine up to 9,300 nits. With the high-brightness P10 outdoor led display, you can be sure your display screen will never go unnoticed. 

High Brightness LED Display Features

  • Impressive refresh rate.
  • More immersive viewing experience.
  • Wider viewing angles.
  • The longer life span of up to 100,000 hours.
  • Durability and resistance to elements.


High Brightness LED Display Advantages

  • Better Image Quality

With the high brightness LED display, you can give your audience an impressive viewing experience thanks to the amazing picture quality. 

  • Versatility in Display

Whether you want to display pictures, videos, or a mix of both, the LED display screen with high brightness has got you covered. You can display whatever you want on your screen!

  • Longer Life Span

Unlike other screens, the high-brightness LED Display will stay brighter for longer. With an average daily use of 6 hours, your screen can last for up to 100,000 hours. 

  • Great Viewing Angle

Once you mount your LED display in a good location, you will always enjoy a great view of the screen. The brightly lit screen is one that’s hard to miss.

Display Function Images, video, text, animation, graphics, etc.
IP Rating ≥54 ≥54 ≥65 ≥65 ≥65
Pixel Configuration RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB
Resolution HD (720 p) Full HD (1080 p) 2k Quad HD (1440p) 4k Ultra HD 8k
Parameters P2/2mm P4/4mm P6/6mm P8/8m P10/10mm
Refresh Rate ≥1920Hz ≥1920Hz ≥3,000Hz ≥3,000Hz ≥3,000Hz
Brightness(nits) 800  1200nits –  ≥3,000 7,500 9,300
Frequency 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 60Hz 60Hz
Which Is Better: Low Brightness or High Brightness LED Display?

Both are great, depending on the use case. However, it’s better to opt for an adjustable high-brightness LED display. That way, you can lower the screen’s brightness when needed. Even the highest brightness monitors available on NSE LED are adjustable.

How to Lower Monitor Brightness?

LED displays with adjustable brightness always have a feature that allows you to increase or lower the brightness at will. The control depends on the device type and manufacturer. For instance, you can make your laptop screen get brighter and dimmer by using the right options in the operating system’s “display” menu.

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