NSE Hexagonal LED Screen

Hexagon LED Screen Manufacturer in China

NSE is a professional hexagon LED screen manufacturer in China that offers creative designs, custom sizes, and high quality. We offer a one-stop solution for different applications including retail advertising, bars, DJ booths, and more.

  • Special and unique properties
  • Provides fantasy and magic effects
  • Suitable for mobile or fixed installation
  • Ideal for stage and club lighting effect

NSE Hexagon LED Screen

Hexagon LED screens are the best solution for providing eye-catching and creative designs. Compared to square, LED screens with hexagonal shape provides a unique and magical effect to the audience. It is usually used for different applications including company decorations, stage event walls, nightclub ceilings, museums, exhibitions, and more.

Here in NSE, we manufacture hexagon LED screens with unique patterns for showing advertisements, displaying images, or information. We offer different solutions for fixed, mobile, or hanging installations. All our hexagonal LED screens are guaranteed certified by international standards including CE, UL, EMC, FC, RoHS, and more. We also offer customized LED screens with a hexagonal shape that is tailored according to your requirements.

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Hexagon Full Color LED Display

We manufacture hexagon full-color LED displays with magic, unique, creative, and special designs. It features an excellent cabinet design for fixed installation.

DJ Booth Hexagonal LED Display Screen

NSE offers a DJ booth hexagonal LED display screen with a high refresh rate, high brightness, lightweight, ultra-thin, and easy-to-install features.

Customized Creative Hexagonal LED Screen

Our customized creative hexagonal LED screens are designed with fantasy and unique effects. It is commonly used for advertising, shopping mall, and more.

Customized Creative Hexagonal LED Screen

We designed an advertising hexagonal LED display screen with a 3.2mm pixel pitch, 300mm cabinet size, 1920Hz refresh rate, high brightness, and low power consumption.

Creative LED Hexagon Screen

NSE manufactures creative LED hexagon screen that features RGB, high definition screen, seamless connections, low power consumption, front maintenance, and CE, RoHS, FCC certification.

stage background hexagon led display

Our stage background hexagonal LED screens support wall mount, front or back maintenance, perfect display, and multiple optional control such as LAN,HDMI,WIFI,and USB etc.

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NSE Hexagon LED Screen Advantages

Control Options
Control Options

Our hexagon LED screens can be independently installed for playing specific pictures. It can also be installed by the group to create a layout.


We offer hexagon LED screens that can be layout into different shapes and sizes for creative advertising and visual effects.


NSE can customize hexagon LED screens according to your size, material, shape, designs, cabinet, colors, and application requirements.

Software Controlled
Software Controlled

Our hexagon LED screens can be controlled by different software. It is also designed to support USB, Wi-Fi, LAN, and more control options.

Technical Specifications

Product Type LED Screen
Shape Hexagon
Pixel Pitch 2.5 , 3.0, 4, 5.0, 10mm, etc.
Pixel Density 147,926 pixels/m2
Viewing Angle H: 160°; V: 160°
Brightness  800 to 1000nits
Environment Indoor or Outdoor
Cabinet Material Iron, Aluminum, custom
Working Temperature -20℃~+50℃
hexagon led
Hexagon LED Screen for Creative Advertising

Hexagon LED Screen for Creative Advertising

NSE designed hexagon LED screens that are equipped with exceptional housing design. Therefore, you can assure that these are easy to install with any type of module. We offer a wide range of sizes to meet your advertising specifications. It can be controlled with software to display 2D visualizations.

Aside from that, our hexagon LED screens can be installed with big or small modules to create special designs or shapes. Thus, making your advertisement more creative. It offers more installation options including fixed, wall, or hanging while providing magical and fantasy effects to the audience.

NSE – Your Reliable Hexagon LED Screen Supplier in China

Choose NSE LED Standee Display

NSE manufactures hexagon LED screens that can display stunning visual effects. All our LED screens with hexagon shapes feature RGB colors, DVI, easy maintenance, and LAN support. It comes in customized sizes according to your requirements. Optional features also include PC and mobile phone display control support. The surface of our hexagon LED screen lamp is also integrated with three anti-painting processes. Our engineers will provide you high-quality, waterproof, and high-brightness hexagon LED screen for your business.

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  • Shopping malls
  • Bars
  • Cultural tourism scenes
  • Nightclub ceilings
  • Company decorations
  • Museums, etc.
  • CE
  • UL
  • EMC
  • FCC
  • RoHS
  • ISO9001, and more

Why Choose NSE Hexagon LED Screen

Unique Hexagon Designs

Our hexagon LED screens are manufactured with unique designs such as the following:

Easy to Use

To fully meet your requirements, we designed hexagon LED screens with easy-to-use features.

  • User-friendly software
  • Can work 24/7
  • Synchronous and asynchronous mode
Customized Designs

We are offering a customized hexagonal LED screens for your specific application requirements.

  • Custom sizes
  • Custom cabinet size
  • Special shapes
Skyrocket Your Business with NSE Hexagonal LED Screen
Skyrocket Your Business with NSE Hexagonal LED Screen

Our factory in China is equipped with advanced LED screen production and assembly lines. We supply hexagonal LED screens with competitive prices and fast delivery.

Model P2.5 P3 P4
Pixel Pitch 2.5mm 3mm 4mm
LED Type SMD2121 SMD2121 SMD2121
Pixel Density 160,000 Pixels/㎡ 111,111 Pixels/㎡ 62,500 Pixels/㎡
Module size 320*160mm 192*192mm 320*160mm
Module Resolution 128*64 dots 64*64 dots 80*40 dots
Side Length 300mm 288mm 275mm
Cabinet Size 600×519×58mm 576×498×58mm 550×476×58mm
Resolution 240*207 pixels 192*166 pixels 137*119 pixels
Custom Size Support Support Support
Cabinet Material Iron Iron Iron
Brightness 1000nits 1000nits 1000nits
Scan Method 1/32S 1/32S 1/16S
Viewing Angle H: 160°; V: 160° H: 160°; V: 160° H: 160°; V: 160°
Input Voltage AC100-240V AC100-240V AC100-240V
Max. Power 600W/㎡ 600W/㎡ 600W/㎡
Ave. Power 200W/㎡ 200W/㎡ 200W/㎡
Working Temperature -20℃~+50℃ -20℃~+50℃ -20℃~+50℃
Working Humidity 10%—90%RH 10%—90%RH 10%—90%RH
Control Method WIFI or 4G optional WIFI or 4G optional WIFI or 4G optional
Environment Indoor Indoor Indoor
  • “We have been sourcing LED screens with hexagon shapes at NSE. All the screens are high-quality and have a great visual display.”

  • “We used the hexagon LED screens during our exhibition last day. The screens look amazing and we got a lot of positive feedback from our customers. Thank you, NSE!”

  • “NSE provided our business with excellent quality hexagon LED screen that has high refresh rate and brightness. It was a wonderful experience working with NSE.”

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