HD outdoor waterproof fixed installation display screen

HD outdoor LED displays are becoming more and more common in our lives, especially in commercial centers. Outdoor waterproof LED displays that can be seen everywhere add vitality and color to our cities. major brands like to advertise on outdoor LED displays to expand brand awareness, today we will explain the characteristics and advantages of the outdoor waterproof display screen and precautions for fixed installation display screens.

Outdoor waterproof screen

Outdoor waterproof screen Features:
  • The size can be customized:

    The waterproof led display board size can be customized according to the location of the installation site. Not only can it be made into a flat display, but it can also be made into a curved LED display. In recent years, the naked eye 3D display screen is to make a curved LED screen according to the angle of the building, coupled with special video files, it can achieve the naked-eye 3D effect.

  • Waterproof grade

    The outdoor LED display is installed outside, and it needs to face the climate changeable weather. Some cities often rain, and some cities always snow in winter. Therefore, the outdoor LED display must be waterproof, and the waterproof grade must reach IP65. so that no water seeps in and affects the playback effect and function of the display. If the waterproof outdoor screen does not reach the IP65 rating, it is very likely that water will seep in, causing damage to the circuit and leakage, which will affect safety and normal use.

  • High brightness

    The waterproof outdoor screen not only have to deal with rainy weather, but also have to deal with the summer when the sun is shining. The sun in summer is brighter. so as not to attract people passing by, so the brightness of the outdoor LED display must be very high, so that the content of the display can be seen clearly in the sun. Now the waterproof outdoor screen will add an automatic brightness adjustment function, this function will Adjust the brightness of the display as the surrounding environment changes. When night falls, the display will automatically reduce the brightness. When the sun rises in the morning, the display will increase the brightness by itself, which can also save electricity.

  • Wide viewing angle

    The viewing angle of the waterproof outdoor screen is generally 120 degrees, which means that you can see the information on the display within 120 degrees of the display. This advantage can attract more audiences and let more people see it. The content on the display brings more value to the brand.

  • Long lifetime

    The average lifespan of the LED display is 100,000 hours, and it can work for 11 years. It is a one-time investment product, but it can bring very large benefits for the following years. During the period of use, we also need to maintain and repair it regularly, so that it can bring you greater value.

The value of Waterproof led display board
  • Commercial advertising value

    The waterproof led display board is relatively large in size, has high-definition picture quality, and more comprehensively stimulates the visual impact of the masses. It can quickly transmit information and promote people’s consumption. Be able to establish stable and good communication with consumers, arouse consumers’ strong desire to buy and launch. It can be seen that waterproof outdoor screen have brought huge commercial advertising value to brand owners, allowing companies to achieve the best advertising effects with less investment costs.

  • High investment efficiency

    The input cost of waterproof outdoor screen is relatively low, and the investment benefit is also more significant. Due to the good use conditions of outdoor LED large screens, the reduction of environmental interference and the protection of building safety, and the higher degree of freedom for advertisers to choose outdoor advertising methods, the current mainstream outdoor LED displays are used in many cities.

  • Beautify the image of the city

    With the rapid development of the application field of waterproof outdoor screen, many companies will choose a high-quality outdoor led display to release some corporate information and city promotional videos, which can beautify the image of the city and improve the grade and taste of the enterprise. Currently commonly used waterproof outdoor screen include naked-eye 3D screens, LED transparent screens, LED mechanical smart screens, LED creative screens, etc., which are well applied in supermarkets, stadiums, venue centers, advertising, transportation and other fields. it’s worth it.

waterproof led screen (1)

Outdoor Waterproof LED Screen

waterproof led screen (2)

Precautions for outdoor LED display installation
  • Outdoor waterproof screen maintenance solution

    Outdoor waterproof LED displays are divided into installation methods of front maintenance and rear maintenance. Generally, large outdoor LED displays adopt the installation method of rear maintenance. outdoor waterproof LED displays are installed on the exterior walls of buildings, so a steel structure needs to be designed To fix the display cabinet, when designing the steel structure, it is necessary to leave a passage for maintenance. This passage must have a space for one person to walk around, so that it is convenient to check the lines and controllers and other maintenance work later.

  • lightning arrester

    Some Waterproof led display board are installed on the top floor of the building, so it is also necessary to install a lightning arrester to prevent unnecessary losses from being hit by thunder and lightning, so it is necessary to install a lightning arrester when installing the LED display.

  • Aircondition

    The heat dissipation of the Waterproof led display board is also something to be considered during installation. The larger the display area, the higher the heat, so it is required to install enough air conditioners on the back to help the display dissipate heat during installation.

In conclusion

The above are the Features and benefits of an HD outdoor waterproof fixed installation display screen. please feel free to contact us if anything we can support.

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