Understanding Green Screen LED Technology and How It Works

Both the film and television industries have their “production secrets” that you can only unmask if you enthusiastically dig deeper and smarter. For instance, why is green screen LED  technology used by videographers during television or film production processes, and how does it work?

In this post, we let you know what a green screen LED is all about, its benefits, and its drawbacks. 

You will also learn some amazing tips to help you choose the right green screen LED for your projects.  First, the definitions…

What Is a Green Screen & Why the Color Green?

If you are familiar with traditional film or television production environments, you must have seen a green screen used in the background during video-shooting sessions. 

The choice of green color allows producers to later customize their production background by replacing the green color with a more relevant, realistic, and immersive background image or video.

Therefore, television producers, filmmakers, or videographers do not have to travel to different locations to achieve the desired immersive backgrounds for their films, videos, or television productions.

Such backgrounds can simply be prepared, saved, and then used to replace the filmed green screen background during post-production. Easy, right? 

Now, you may be wondering, why a green background is often used and not other background colors. Here are the reasons:

First, for general presentations or filming, a green background may be the desired choice with no intention of replacing it with other backgrounds.

 However, when it comes to the production of films or television programs, its use has an entirely different purpose. Let’s find out

Why The Green Background Color?

As you must have noted, people hardly wear green clothes unless they want their dressing themes to be associated with plants or a specific brand on special occasions. In this case, alternative backgrounds may be considered under such special filming instances so that the captured green images are not “lost” in the background.

Again, the green color is not closer to human skin tone.

Therefore, after video filming, removing and replacing the green background color without affecting the captured images or objects will be much easier. 

This is because the captured images including the clothes worn by actors, or those being filmed, or captured objects,  will not “dissolve” or blend with the green background. 

It is the safest color to use to avoid possible color distortion “accidents” and incidences during post-production background removal and replacement.

So, when a green screen background is being used, the objects or images being filmed will often be free from green colors. This ensures that all the captured images and objects remain visible when the green background is finally removed and replaced.

It is important to remember that some filming circumstances do not require a green background, but other screen colors.

What Is Green Screen LED & How Does it Work?

Green Screen LED is an improved version of the traditional green screen technique. Instead of using a green background screen, you capture video images or objects in front of a special  LED screen.

The screen is designed to only emit green light as your film or television production background. 

What you will find interesting is that you can easily control the screen’s light intensity to suit your video-capturing needs.

When done with your video shooting sessions, the green background is then removed using chroma software. It is then replaced with your preferred background image or video during editing. 

To facilitate background removal and to effectively separate the green LED background from your captured images or objects, you use a chroma keyer tool. The device allows you to easily replace your green background with either your desired static image or background video. 

Types of LED Wall Screens

Green  Screen LED comes in two main design forms:

  • Roll-up LED Wall Screen

These are the most common green screens and also the most affordable.

  • Portable LED Wall Screen

These screens are robust in design, portable, and highly durable. They are also the most expensive as they come with a wide range of inbuilt features which make them much easier to set up.

Traditional Green Screen vs. Green LED Wall – How Are They Different?

One obvious difference between a Green Screen and an LED Wall is that for a traditional green screen, you need either a large piece of green cloth or paper as your filming background.

After capturing the right footage, you then use software to remove and replace the green background.

For the Green LED wall, special LED lights are used to create your virtual LED background.  So, an LED green screen is built on digital display technology. It is a virtual green screen with lighting used as a background for your film or video production.

Unlike the traditional green screen, the LED wall screen is connected to other lighting modules to achieve the desired filming effects.

After filming, all you need is to use chroma keying software to remove and replace the blue background.

Compared to traditional green screens, Green Screen LED boasts several advantages.

Let’s explore some of the benefits and limitations that you should expect from green screen LED backgrounds.

Advantages & Limitations of a Digital Green Screen

Advantages of Using a Green LED Background 

If you plan on using green screen LED for your background filming as a replacement to the traditional green screen, here are some of the key benefits or advantages you will enjoy:

LED  Wall Screens Allow for Consistent & Adjustable Lighting.

Unlike the old green screens, LED screens provide consistent light intensity. This is unlike the traditional green screen whose light output is often uneven throughout the screen. So, you do not require additional and cumbersome manual lighting to rectify instances of shadows affecting your video footage

With an LED green screen, you can conveniently adjust or fine-tune your background lighting to suit your filming needs. This will significantly enhance the quality of either your film or television production results.

Hassle-free Outdoor Filming | Saves You Filming Time

If you are shooting television video scenes outdoors, you do not have to worry about lighting requirements. This is because the green LED screen has its lights that will provide a balanced video shooting environment. 


Again, because the LED wall allows you to adjust the lighting to suit your film, you can use it in any season. So, there will be no unnecessary delays in your film-production projects. 

Wall LED Screens Are Durable

Modern Green screens are tough, light, and highly durable. While traditional green screens can easily get torn by frequent folding and folding, green screen LEDs are highly flexible. You can fold or unfold them with ease and without the risk of damaging them or wrinkles forming.

Allows for the Creation of a Seamless Video Background

The use of green screen  LED as your filming background enables you to create a seamless background that perfectly suits your video or film production. 

Using the chroma key, enhancing your video or television production results with a suitable background is now much easier 

Easy to Install

LED green screens do not require complex support structures to set up. All you need is to unfold it, hang it, or fix it on simple support structures.

Green Screen LEDs Provide Application Flexibility

Because you can easily adjust both the shape and the size of your green screen LED, it provides better flexibility compared to the traditional green screen option.

Allows for Separate Filming of Actors

In situations where actors cannot appear together due to scheduling challenges, filming is still possible with actors in different locations.  In the final production phase, the actors will still appear to be in the same filming location.

Enhances the Quality of Video Images

When your green LED is effectively set up with appropriate light intensity settings, the quality of your video or object images improves. This leads to high-quality video production and enriches viewers’ experience.

Green Screen LED Is Portable

Folding and carrying your green LED Screen to your planned filming location is hassle-free. This is because it is light and portable. So, setting it up or packing it after use is no sweat. 

Limitations of Green LED Screen

Despite its various benefits, here are some of the drawbacks of a green LED background screen:

Adjusting Green LED Wall Light May Be Difficult

Adjusting your green LED wall to achieve the right background lighting can be a challenge. Achieving this may take some time. You also require the necessary skills and experience to achieve the most accurate lighting environment.

Again, it is always important that your green LED lighting perfectly matches the images or objects you are capturing. Achieving this sweet spot or light-balancing is no easy task. 

Generates Heat

LED Walls require power to operate. So, during the filming scenes, they produce more heat that can cause discomfort within the filming location or studio.

This may create an uncomfortable environment for both actors and the film production theme especially if the filming takes place in a relatively hot location.

Filming Foreground Must Be Free of Any Background Color.

For flawless results, all the foreground footage must not have any green color. This is to avoid any damage to your video footage during chroma keying.

Require High-Resolution Cameras for Best Results

If you wish to use your wall LED for a virtual film production, then your video footage might develop a moiré pattern especially when your cameras are of low resolution. This flaw is presented by wavy appearances in your captured images, and their removal is an uphill task. 

To avoid this, you must only use 4K cameras for your video filming.

Green Screen LED Is Costly

Green screen LEDs are generally more expensive than traditional green screens.

So, to get the best results for your production needs, there are factors you must consider to ensure that you only buy the right LED wall.

How Do You Set Up a Green LED Screen?

To achieve all the benefits of your green LED screen, you must have your setup right because any mistake can ruin the quality of your video or film footage during the post-production state.

So, here are some of the tips to keep at your fingertips when setting up a green LED screen for a flawless film or television production.

Step 1: Identify & Purchase the Right Green Screen LED.

There are different types of Green LED screens in the market for different filming needs. So, the LED screen you purchase must be perfectly suitable for your projects. 

If you are not sure about which green screen LED to buy, consult a reputable supplier for professional guidance. This will save you time while ensuring you make the right purchase decision. 

Once you identify the right screen, remember to only buy from a reliable supplier capable of providing all the after-sale support you may require. 

Step 3: Correctly Setup & Configure Your Green LED

After acquiring the right LED screen, you need to have it installed at your filming location. You may need to either hang it on the wall or use special structures to support it as desired. Depending on your video shooting requirements, you may as well fix it on the roof ceiling.

With the green LED perfectly in the right position, you now need to configure the lighting. This involves adjusting the screen light’s intensity to achieve a uniformly lit screen with no dark shadows or glares. You may need to spend some time on this to get the most accurate background screen lighting for your filming project.

Step 4: Use the Green LED screen as your filming Background.

What follows next is the beginning of the filming process with the well-setup and calibrated screen acting as the background.

After the successful filming of scenes, all you need is to fold or roll the LED screen for easy keeping or portability. Later, your post-production team can easily remove the background and replace it with a more realistic and captivating one.

Important Factors To Consider When Setting Up Your Green LED

  • Even though the green LED has its lights, you must set it up in a well-lit location.
  • During the filming session, ensure that there are no objects or people close by because their shadows can adversely affect the quality of your filming.
  • Ensure that the LED screen you have chosen is big enough to cover all the subjects you intend to film. The price differences are because of their difference in size, resolutions, materials used, and inbuilt features. 

How Much Does a Green Screen LED Cost? 

Several factors will determine the cost of your chosen or desired green LED background. And so, in the market, you will find a wide range of LED screens going for different prices.

The price differences are because of their differences in size, resolution, materials used, and inbuilt features.  

The larger the size, the higher the resolution, the richer the features, and the more superior the material used, the more bucks you will have to spend.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Green Screen

Your Filming Requirements

Before you make a purchase decision, you must be clear about your requirements. You must identify the type and size of the green LED screen you require and the desired configuration or lighting features.

Budget Limit

It is also important that you focus on your budget. This will guide you in focusing on specific suitable options.

If you are planning for a professional film or television production, spending on a more advanced solution is advisable. However, if your requirement is basic, go for a less expensive but suitable LED screen.

Compare Suppliers’ Prices

Whether you need to go professional or casual, you have to be wise in your purchase decisions. So, before making a purchase, take time to compare prices offered by different suppliers. Research and read different reviews from users. These will enlighten you enough to make the best, wise, and correct purchase decision


The adoption of green screen LED technology in modern film and television production is quickly sweeping the traditional green screen technique to deep trenches of oblivion.

Apart from its use for professional presentations, you can use an LED wall for high-quality production of films and programs with mind-boggling backgrounds images, or video footage.

The green screen LED will also enhance efficiency and flexibility in video productions. Further, compared to the traditional green screen, it is portable, easy to set up, and comes with calibration capabilities.

While Virtual Production LED Walls continue to change the modern landscape of video and film production, the green screen LED application will surely continue to stamp its presentation and film-making authority.

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