GOB LED Display Manufacturer in China

GOB LED Display Manufacturer in China

NSE has more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing glue-on-board LED displays. We provide GOB LED displays with OEM and ODM services to meet your requirements.

  • High waterproof and shockproof level
  • Excellent dust-proof feature
  • Superior visual performance
  • Suitable to be used as a flexible LED panel
  • High Reliability

NSE Glue on Board LED Display

Glue on Board (GOB) LED display is an innovative technology that uses transparent epoxy glue to seal the module surface. It features anti-collision, dust-proof, anti-UV, and waterproof LED protection against harmful accidents. With excellent heat dissipation, GOB-led displays have an extended lifespan. The glue on board technology also provides LED protection against damage from dropping and other accidents.

Here at NSE, we provide GOB LED displays that are shockproof and do not break due to sudden accidents. You can also be assured that all these LED displays can provide high thermal conductivity and ultra-high transparency performance. NSE has an experienced R&D team to design and assemble GOB LED displays. We also offer after-sales services and an outside warranty period.

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Small Pitch GOB LED Display

NSE offers small pitch GOB LED displays with stable display quality and safety. These are available in P0.9, P1.2, and P1.5.

Rental GOB LED Screen

We offer rental GOB LED screens that are money-savings and features low maintenance. These are also easy to assemble.

GOB LED Poster

GOB LED poster has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, and anti-collision, Special-designing dash-proof glue able to have a shock-proof function, offering ultra-high protection for LEDs in various impacts.

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Advantages of NSE GOB LED Display

High Contrast
High Contrast

Our GOB LED displays are integrated with matte effects and double optical treatment to provide a better display contrast and enhanced image effect.

Eye Protection
Eye Protection

We designed GOB LED displays that don’t emit infrared and ultraviolet rays. It is also safe from radiation for protecting eyesight.

Fine Pixel Pitch
Fine Pixel Pitch

NSE can manufacture GOB LED displays with a very fine pixel pitch from 0.9 to 1.8mm. It also provides excellent surface technology to ensure a long lifespan.

Extensive Applications
Extensive Applications

We offer glue-on-board LED displays with seamless and flexible displays to meet different outdoor and indoor application requirements.

Surface Flatness
Surface Flatness

With the most advanced gluing technology, we are able to achieve a GOB LED display with superior surface flatness.

High Protection Level
High Protection Level

We offer GOB LED displays that are dustproof, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and superior resistance to external environmental factors.

Wide Viewing Angle
Wide Viewing Angle

Our GOB LED displays to have a wide viewing angle of up to 180 degrees. Therefore, allowing more audience to view the displayed content.

Even Display
Even Display

The glue-on-board technology allows the ink color to improve its consistency. Thus, providing uniform brightness and color displays.

What is a GOB LED Display?

GOB is an abbreviation for glue-on-board LED display. It is a new technology that has high protection and module encapsulation analogy. It uses a patented transparent glue covering the whole display module. Therefore, the module surfaces are provided with a special shield to protect them from damage.

Through the strict test, it is certified that the glue used in the GOB technology can improve the LED displays heat dissipation. Thus, extending its life span. GOB LED displays are also designed with high transparency and visibility for the audience.

GOB LED Displays
Features of Our GOB LED Displays

Features of Our GOB LED Displays

NSE designed glue on board LED displays that have the following features:

  • Large viewing angle
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Simple to use
  • Superior thermal conductivity
  • Long life span
  • Effective protection

Resistance Against Environmental Factors

We assemble and fabricate GOB LED displays that can resist different external environmental factors and conditions such as:

  • Water
  • Ultraviolet rays
  • Infrared
  • Dust
  • Moisture
  • Collision
  • High impact
  • Large-scale deadlights, and more
Resistance Against Environmental Factors
Applications of GOB LED Displays

Applications of GOB LED Displays

  • Fitness room
  • Concert
  • Studio
  • Event
  • Live show
  • Conference room
  • Auditorium
  • Subway
  • Shopping mall
  • Elevator, and more

NSE Glue on Board LED Display Production

At NSE, we are well-equipped with advanced technology to produce GOB LED displays. Below are the steps on how we fabricate glue on board LED displays.

  • The first step for producing GOB LED displays is choosing the superior level for LED chips, IC, lamp beads, and more.
  • Then, the displays are assembled and aged for over 72 hours. The displays undergo GOB filling and testing.
  • After GOB filling, the LED displays are aged for another 24 hours to ensure quality.

NSE – We Make Your GOB LED Display into Reality

We Make Your GOB LED Display into Reality
We Make Your GOB LED Display into Reality

NSE has its own factory to provide GOB technology. Excellent R & D and engineering team, skilled workers with more than 5 years of work experience assure to provide GOB LED displays with superior quality. With the use of high technology, you can assure that our GOB LED displays are designed with excellent craftsmanship. We conduct a 72-hour aging test after the assembly of each display. Aside from that, our engineers and R&D team will work closely with you to provide you with the best solution. We offer customization, after-sales, and installation services to support your needs.

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Scientifically and Innovatively Designed GOB LED Displays

Brightness Correction is Not Required

We designed GOB LED displays with all-in-one brightness correction even when used for long-term applications. These displays are equipped with SPI bus flash memory to store the corrected brightness data.

Safe and Stable Power Supply

Our GOB LED displays are integrated with replaceable and easy to plug power supply. Therefore, you can assure that there is no power failure especially when used in an important event or occasions. We can also provide backup power supply upon requests.

Why GOB LED Display is Popular in the Latest Trends

Longer Service Life

Our GOB LED displays are designed with maximum heat dissipation to extend its service life.

  • 2 times longer working life than regular LED displays
  • Maximum protection capabilities
Low-Cost for Rental and Fixed Applications

We manufacture GOB LED displays through our in-house production facilities to ensure low cost.

  • Cost-effective
  • Available for bulk purchase
  • Competitive price for a big project
Eliminating Regular Display Problems

We offer GOB LED displays that function with better performance than regular displays.

  • The lamp beads on the edge of GOB LED displays will not drop
  • Cannot be damaged when operation, installation, or transportation
  • Simple and low maintenance

Technical Specifications

Type Pixel Pitch LED Module Resolution IC Number Brightness(Nits) Module Size(MM) Driving Mode
320X160 Series P1.25mm 1010 (Black LED) 256*128 96 600-800 320*160 1/64Scan
P1.538mm 1010 (Black LED) 208*104 84 600-800 320*160 1/52Scan
P1.667mm 1010 (Black LED) 192*96 72 600-800 320*160 1/64Scan
P1.839mm 1515 (Black LED) 174*87 52 600-800 320*160 1/58Scan
P1.86mm 1515 (Black LED) 172*86 66 600-800 320*160 1/43Scan
P2mm 1515 (Black LED) 160*80 60 600-800 320*160 1/40Scan
P2.5mm 2121 (Black LED) 128*64 48 800-1000 320*160 1/32Scan
P3.076mm 2121 (Black LED) 104*52 42 800-1000 320*160 1/26Scan
250X250 Series P2.604mm 1515 (Black LED) 96*96 54 800-1000 250*250 1/32Scan
P2.976mm 2121 (Black LED) 84*84 54 800-1000 250*250 1/28Scan
P3.91mm 2121 (Black LED) 64*64 48 800-1000 250*250 1/16Scan
240*240 Series P1.875mm 1515 (Black LED) 128*128 48 800-1000 240*240 1/64Scan
P2.5mm 2121 (Black LED) 96*96 54 800-1000 240*240 1/32Scan
Other Series P2mm 1515 (Black LED) 128*64 48 800-1000 256*128 1/32Scan
P2.5mm 2121 (Black LED) 64*64 24 800-1000 160*160 1/32Scan
P3mm 2121 (Black LED) 64*64 24 800-1000 192*192 1/32Scan
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