Glass Window LED Display for Retail store

With the rapid development of LED display market segments, LED displays have gradually been widely used in major shopping mall windows. Among them, LED transparent window screens have been strongly welcomed by the market, whether in glass curtain walls, shop windows, or stage performances. fields and have achieved a large number of applications. With its novelty, high transparency, strong sense of technology, and better fit with the environment, LED transparent screens are quickly being applied in the market. It has carved out a unique position in the high-end commercial display market, as well as fashion and technology venues.

Glass Window LED Display for Retail store

Although the current transparent screen cannot achieve 100% transparency, its translucent characteristics can still give people a nearly transparent visual experience. Under normal circumstances, it is integrated with the exterior wall of the building and generally does not have any impact on the appearance of the building. Nowadays, many fashion brands and high-tech products also like to use transparent screens. When using LED transparent window screens to promote products, the transparent background can increase the technological sense of the product, so LED transparent screens are becoming more and more popular in the market.

What functions can LED transparent screens play when used in showcases?

 As we all know, it integrates many advantages such as transparency, brightness, beauty, and lightness. The LED transparent screen breaks the embarrassing situation that the tradition cannot be applied to glass. Therefore, many glass windows we see in life have LED glass screens applied to them. , which makes the advertising more vivid and three-dimensional. Today, the editor will give you a detailed introduction to the role of some LED bright screens in display windows.

  1. Fixed display
    After the LED transparent screen is installed, the store owner can use it as a fixed display advertising space in the store to prepare for future promotions and maximize the advertising effect. The application areas of LED transparent screens are quite wide, including commercial spaces with theme display functions such as stores, store image areas, car 4S stores, brand clothing stores, and supermarket stores. In the future, LED transparent screens will be used In a wider space, discerning shop owners will seize this opportunity to “renovate” their beloved shops.
  1. Information release
    LED transparent screens can be controlled by computers and mobile phones to play static and dynamic full-color videos and pictures. Owners can release some daily promotional information through LED transparent screens, such as discounts, activities, promotions, clearance, etc.
  1. Attract eyeballs
    The LED transparent screen of the window turns the window into a transparent display screen. When the fashionable window is “pasted” with a large transparent product display screen, the method changes from static to dynamic, which upgrades the shopping experience. This unique and eye-catching design is very attractive.
  1. Promote consumers’ desire to purchase
    The application of LED transparent screens on shop windows is one of the most direct advertising methods. People can directly view the products in the store through the glass windows and display screens, which directly stimulates their desire to buy, thus increasing their concentration and entry into the store. rate and promote product sales.
Advantages of the LED window display
  1. Application advantages
    Intelligent management system, one-click content distribution for groups and regions, or designated content for regions and stores.
    Content upgrade: unified content, timely publicity, content integration into marketing, rapid replacement, and flexibility. The transparent screen technology is fashionable, expanding domestic radiant advertising, and changing the static and monotonous advertising methods on the market.
  1. Product advantages
    The window LED display is equipped with a powerful backend control system, which enables remote one-click control of multiple screens and monitoring functions through the cloud platform, reducing management and control personnel and improving broadcast control efficiency.
  1. Product introduction
    Transparent window screen: p3. 9-7. 8 and p2. 8-5. 6 are available for you to choose from. The standard cabinet size is 1000×500mm. The indoor brightness can reach 1500nits and the outdoor brightness can reach 5000nits. It supports hanging and wall-mounted installation methods that can be customized both outdoors and indoors.
  1. Realize value
    The application of window LED display screen can display cool advertising content for stores, publish publicity information required by various stores, discount promotions, new product recommendations, etc. It can also undertake external advertising business to achieve double profits.

Although the LED transparent screen is beautiful and does not block light, the LED transparent screen also has limitations. The display screen is not as clear, delicate, and full of color as the traditional LED screen. Because of such defects, it is still difficult for transparent screens to completely replace traditional displays. Therefore, NSELED has launched different window screen solutions, such as our digital LED display, which can also bring excellent window display effects. If you are interested or have similar projects, please contact us. NSELED can according to your project, different solutions are provided for you.

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