G2E Global Gaming Expo 2024

A Panel Session at G2E 2023 via Global Gaming Expo
A Panel Session at G2E 2023 via Global Gaming Expo

G2E is a massive yearly gathering of gaming enthusiasts and professionals that showcases some of the casino gaming industry’s best innovations and latest entertainment offerings. RX organizes the event, while the American Gaming Association (AGA) presents it.

This year’s G2E event promises to be bigger and more impactful than last year’s, with organizers hoping the Venetian Expo venue can welcome more than it received in 2023. Planning to attend? Here is a rundown of all you need to know about this year’s showdown.

What Is G2E?

Global Gaming Expo is a first-of-its-kind event that draws tribal and commercial gaming professionals from all over the world for a four-day event. The expo has been crucial in the casino gaming industry for consistently showcasing the next big thing for the last two decades.

RX is the brand tasked with organizing the G2E. RX helps people, organizations, and communities build successful businesses. Their passion for positively impacting society by providing top-notch decision-making tools and information analytics for businesses is a rare asset for every G2E event.

The American Gaming Association helps present this marquee event each year. It’s important to have a body that encourages a safe business environment that allows regulated gaming to grow.

Global Gaming Expo 2024

Attendees At 23rd Edition of G2E via
Attendees At 23rd Edition of G2E via Global Gaming Expo

Last year, the 23rd edition of the G2E took place and was one to remember. The expo featured over 100 educational sessions and various exhibitors and participants from over 125 countries and regions operating regulated gaming.

In a few months, the G2E 2024 will roll into town, and attendees are already planning to attend from all over the world. This year’s event is billed to take place in early October 2024. The education sessions will convene from 7-10 October, while the expo halls will run from 8-10 October.

Activities and Themes  to Look Forward to

Between Breaks at G2E 2023 via
Between Breaks at G2E 2023 via Global Gaming Expo

At this year’s G2E, participants can expect radically distinctive opportunities to find new business partners and latest technologies, and connect with peers. “G2E continues to be the premier destination for gaming stakeholders worldwide,” says Korbi Carrison, G2E Event Vice President.

Speaking on the activities and themes to expect at G2E, he adds, “From our new brand and innovative activations to world-class exhibitors and blockbuster keynotes, we continue to raise the bar on G2E to deliver an experience that drives business and propels the industry forward.” With that, below are some themes and featured areas to look forward to:

  • Investments: G2E 2024 offers participants the rare opportunity to access different professional perspectives from the investment and financial industry. It’ll explore the first-hand experiences and influences of gaming-based VCs around the world.
  • World of Payments: Get ready to enter a world of digital payments and innovations that modernize payment systems in the casino scene.
  • Regulation: G2E education sessions will address the dynamic nature of the regulatory landscape and how attendees can build compliance regimes, identify emerging risks, and handle impact of new gaming compliance related-tech. 
  • Responsible Gambling: Attendees will also explore player protection systems and discover efficient strategies operators can use to escape difficulties with responsible gambling. 
  • Sports Betting: There is also the legal sports betting landscape to observe, whether online or land-based. There are priceless new insights, research, and customer acquisition strategies to be gained. 
  • Traditional, Tribal, and Global Gaming: These themes allow you to navigate the intricacies and complexities of gaming that traditionally occurs on casino floors, such as table games and slot machines. There is also the exploration of the tribal gaming enterprise experience and the global regulated gaming space.
  • Operational Excellence: Here’s an opportunity to boost your gaming operations by learning best practices, strategies, and tactics for elevating your business’ executive performance.
  • The G2E Education Advisory Boards: Every year, these boards are tasked with providing priceless input for the G2E education program. The selected advisors will help with the selection and review of the G2E 2024 program. From time to time, you might hear members of the Education Advisory Boards speak or offer valuable suggestions and advice on topics of interest and speakers.


Every year, RX and AGA collaborate to convene the global gaming industry, and this year will be no different. For more information concerning this year’s Global Gaming Expo, you can contact the G2E 2024 team here. See you in Las Vegas in October!

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