• Full Color Sphere LED Display (1)
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  • Full Color Sphere LED Display (1)
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Full Color Sphere LED Display

  • Bring Your Content to Life with Full-Color Sphere LED Display: Versatile and Eye-Catching
  • The Full Color Sphere LED Display is a dynamic visual solution that delivers stunning, high-resolution graphics and videos with vibrant colors and seamless integration, perfect for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.
  • It offers superior energy efficiency, durability, and customization options, making it a popular choice for advertising, entertainment, sports, education, and more.

How does a Full Color Sphere LED Display work?

It works by combining many small LED panels/modules together on a spherical frame. Each LED panel contains hundreds or thousands of RGB LEDs that can produce a full range of colors. By controlling the brightness and color of each individual LED, it is possible to display still images, animations, and video on the spherical surface. Specialized software and video processors are used to map and control the content on the spherical surface.

What are the applications of a Full Color Sphere LED Display?

Full Color Sphere LED Displays are used in many applications including:
• Public Art Installations – Visual attractions in public spaces
• Product Promotions – Launch events, trade shows, experiential marketing
• Entertainment – Music festivals, nightclubs, casinos, theme parks
• Education – Science museums, aquariums, zoos, visitor centers
• Retail – Flagship stores, shopping malls, car showrooms
• Corporate – Conference rooms, lobbies, award shows, galas

What size options are available for Full Color Sphere LED Displays?

Full Color Sphere LED Displays come in a wide range of sizes from small tabletop versions to very large building-mounted versions. The size depends on the required viewing distance, application, and budget.

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