Four Things You Need To Know About LED Display Rentals

Lately, NSE rental LED video wall received high praises at an auto show. The high-resolution and dynamic images attracted visitors to the booth and kept them captivated. LED display rentals are born to meet the rental demands of the market. If you are ready to invest in LED screen rentals, here are a few things you need to consider.

What pixels do I need to choose? Will LED video wall rentals be inside or outside? Where exactly will I install my LED rental displays? How often do I use my LED screen? Should I rent or purchase a LED display? It is much helpful to start your renting business before answering these questions.
Cannot answer these questions? Never mind. NSE LED is here to help you from start to finish.

What Pixel Pitch Does The Rental LED Display Have?

Resolution largely depends on the pixel pitch which is the distance from the center of a pixel to the center of another. If you look for a high-resolution rental LED display, you need to choose a lower pixel pitch, and vice versa. The NSE rental LED display line offers dual serviceable LED screen panels in P1.9, P2.976, P3.91 for indoor use, and P3.91 and P4.81 pixels for outdoor environments.


P1.9 indoor rental LED display has an ultra-high density of 262,114 dots/m², which allows for fairly high resolution and clear images for any project. P1.9 LED display rentals can meet your high-quality requirement for viewing distance of more than 1 meter. With such a high density, you can enjoy yourself at any event.


P2.976 Rental LED Display

P2.976 indoor rental LED display provides a density of 112,896 dots/m², which means you will have a fantastic reading experience at a viewing distance greater than 2 meters. It is prevalent in the indoor rental LED display market, as it is an economical solution but ensures an appealing visual experience.

p2.976 rental led display module

P3.91 Rental LED Display

P3.91mm should be the best value in the rental LED display market. NSE provides a P3.91mm pixel pitch for outdoor and indoor environments in response to market needs. P3.91 rental LED display features a density of 65,536 dots/m². It is cost-effective while ensuring an exceptional visual experience at a relatively large view distance, particularly greater than 3 meters. The only difference between indoor and outdoor rental LED displays are the brightness and IP rating. We will talk about this matter later in detail.

outdoor rental led display p3.91module

P4.81 Rental LED Display
P4.81 outdoor rental LED screen has a density of 43,264 dots/m², which ensures a high definition and high contrast image. This means you are able to get a dynamic and colorful view from a distance greater than 4 meters.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Indoor & Outdoor Rental LED Displays?


According to the exact use environment, we can divide LED screen rentals into indoor rental LED displays and outdoor rental LED displays. Then what are the advantages and disadvantages of indoor and outdoor rental LED displays? To make it clear, the comparison is presented below.

Indoor Rental LED Display  

 Lower LED pixel pitch. A fine pixel pitch can reach 1.9mm.

 Closer viewing distance. Indoor rental LED displays require a quite small viewing distance.

√ Lower Price. It doesn’t need a strong brightness and high IP rating for inside use.


√ Higher Brightness. A strong brightness of 4,500 nits is a must for outdoor use to see clearly even with bright light during daytime.

 Strong weatherproof. In case of unexpected harsh weather, NSE produces an IP65 to protect LED screen panels from dust and rain.


× Lower brightness. The brightness of 1,000 nits is adequate for indoor use while ensuring a visual experience even after a long time.

× Lower weatherproof. 

The indoor environment is less strict with weatherproof features.


× Larger pixel pitch. To ensure an unbeatable visual experience, NSE rental LED displays provide pixel pitches from 3.91mm to 4.81mm.

× Higher price. 

The pricing of outdoor rental LED displays is much higher than indoor ones, as the LED screen panels require strong construction and advanced features to face adverse weather.

Where To Install A Rental LED Display?

Thanks to its quick and simple assembly mechanism and ultra-slim and lightweight features, rental LED display is commonly used in situations, such as presentations, exhibitions, sports, concerts, and so on.

Ultra lighweight and super slim


Trade shows
Trade shows are projects that require custom sizes for limited hours at a time. Due to its flexibility and novelty, rental LED screens are designed to meet your personalized needs and attract more visitors to your booth. In order to save costs, exhibitors or organizers tend to hire a rental LED display instead of buying one.

When it comes to the application of rental LED displays, the most precise one should be events. Your event will be enhanced by adding rental LED displays that will keep your audiences captivated. It’s no wonder that renting LED displays is recognized as a great way to attract audiences at an event.

For an audience in the back row at a concert or festival, the view experience won’t be as enjoyable as the front row. In this case, LED wall rentals are built to provide advanced features that allow you to add personality to your performance and further ensure every audience has a great view.

Sports include marathons, football, road races, and so on. For such competitions, LED screens are used for limited hours per week. As an organizer, you need to enhance your sports and make sure every attendee has the best view.

Why Rent A LED Display?


Before starting your rental business, you’d better figure out questions like what are the features of rental LED displays and fixed LED displays, and why people rent a LED display when they can buy. If you are confused, keep reading.

Rental LED Display VS Fixed LED Display


fixed led display (2)

Fixed LED Case

rental led screen

Rental LED Case

For beginners, it is not always easy to distinguish rental LED displays from fixed ones. As the name suggests, LED display rental refers to LED screens that are lightweight and easy to install and transport for rental use. Yet, a fixed LED display means a LED screen is installed in a fixed place, such as stores, shopping malls, hotels, banks, etc. There are four features that help you have a comprehensive impression of these two types of LED displays.

Features Rental LED Display Fixed LED display
Installation Methods Multiple installations. Such as hanging, stacking, wall-mounting

v Portable, and movable.

Unmovable. Installed in a fixed place
Structure Die-casting aluminum cabinet. Lightweight and ultra-slim Steel structure. Stable but heavy


Private mold. Smooth and exquisite surface. Public mold. Most fixed LED displays adopt public mold.
Cost Higher cost. The higher price of cabinet structure and die-casting aluminum design. Less expensive. Less likely to adopt cabinet structure and private mold.
Renting Or Buying, Which Way To Go?

To rent or to buy is greatly determined by your specific goal. If you would like to make profits from renting, you should invest in LED display rentals and your target customers should be organizers of an event or small business owner. However, if you look for a digital billboard to boost your sales or attract more attention, buying LED screen panels is your best option.

1. Renting LED Display Rentals
Necessity. Small company owners and event organizers have limited budgets. Renting a LED display gives them more flexibility to change the design every time, and save maintenance costs as well. In this way, renting is eco-friendly and they are able to avoid potential disposal costs.
Feasibility. Innovative LED display manufacturers, like NSELED, anticipated market trends and have developed a range of rental LED display product lines. These products are exceptional owing to the high quality and incredible pricing in the rental market. Outdoor LED screens or outdoor LED video walls are built for excellent protection features and superior performance for an outdoor event. To better meet the demands, NSE also offers custom LED screens to fit unusual screen sizes or requirements. You can always trust and choose NSE as your rental LED display partner.
2. Buying Fixed LED Displays 
Remember when you buy a fixed LED display, your goal is to display your custom images or videos for your own needs. And you can choose to buy indoor or outdoor LED display boards depending on the use environment. With a fixed LED screen, you are more easily to reach your target customers and ultimately increase your sales.

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