Foldable LED Screen

Foldable LED Screen

A foldable LED screen may be lightweight and easy to pack up, but that does not diminish its display quality. You can enjoy the most amazing viewing experience and even change your display’s position whenever you want.

  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport at any given time.
  • Available in many awesome sizes and customizable shapes.
  • Easy to use anywhere, anytime!

What Is a Foldable LED Screen?

A foldable LED screen is a display technology that combines a bendable design with organic light-emitting display (OLED) technology to produce a visual output. The foldable screen does not diminish the light or content display and offers new possibilities in digital displays.

The foldable screen is an LED display that you can resize and adjust to suit different viewing environments. It is made from lightweight materials and a flexible LED screen panel for easy folding.

The material type goes a long way in determining the foldable LED screen price and quality. Nonetheless, the typical foldable screen is highly durable and visually appealing.

Foldable LED Screen By Fold Mechanism and Configuration

These foldable LED screens usually fold up into two like a book. The single fold is often in the center and results in a compact version of the display. Whether the screen folds inwards or outwards, the display remains top-notch. This screen type is most common in smartphones and laptops.

Accordion Fold LED Screen

Unlike the book folding screens, this LED screen has multiple fold points that help it take up more compact storage. As its name suggests, you can use this screen type in an accordion-like manner, giving rise to multiple screen sizes at any point.

Rollable LED Screen

These screens do not fold exactly like the others but can be rolled up like a scroll or poster. Of all the foldable LED screens, they are the most durable, thanks to their flexible makeup. The roll-up LED display will make storage and transportation super easy.

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Foldable LED Screen By Pixel Pitch and Resolutio (4)

  • Ultra-Fine Pixel Pitch

    A foldable screen with P1 LED and a 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution will provide awesome image detail suitable for close-range viewing. Thanks to the high pixel density, you can enjoy a sharp visual experience with stunning clarity.

  • Fine Pixel Pitch

    With a fine pixel pitch display, you can get an immersive indoor viewing experience without necessarily viewing the screen up close. A foldable LED screen with a pixel pitch range of 1.2mm to 2.5mm and 1280 x 720 pixels resolution is a great choice.

  • Standard Pixel Pitch

    For a perfect blend of cost-effectiveness, great pixel density, and image quality, the standard pixel pitch display will cater to your indoor and outdoor needs. You can get a P4 foldable LED screen with 960 x 540-pixel resolution to enjoy a blissful viewing experience.

  • Wide Pixel Pitch

    A P6 foldable LED screen with a 640 x 360 pixels resolution will give your audience an awesome view. It will always draw attention, whether for large-scale digital signage or an outdoor display of a reasonable distance. Opt for a wide-pixel pitch to get great value for your money.

Foldable LED Screen Features

  • Easy to install or set up in any location.
  • Seamless display without visible gaps when unfolded.
  • Compact and super easy to move around.
  • Made of flexible material
  • Foldable into various shapes


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Foldable LED Screen Advantages

  • Durable 

The combination of OLED technology and high-quality materials makes the LED screen foldable and bendable without any damage or wear and tear. They are not just durable; they have a great brightness level.

  • Lightweight and Portable

Unlike other LED screens, high-quality foldable LED screens weigh significantly less. You can easily pick it up and move to a different location with so much ease.

  • Energy Saving

A foldable LED screen produces less heat and consumes less energy than its non-foldable counterparts. If energy conservation is your top priority, they are your perfect choice!

Being foldable and portable does not reduce the display quality one bit. You can still enjoy those high-quality images and videos in any shape or size.

  • Versatile Display

Made of flexible LED screen panels, foldable screens allow you to switch from a wide screen to a small box-like display in a few seconds. And you can revert the size also in an instant.

What Are Foldable Screens Made Of?

The most common material for making foldable screens is plastic, but in some rare instances, metal can suffice. Foldable screens come from a plastic substrate called polyimide (PI) made from polymer plastic. Apart from being flexible, PI offers great insulation and strength.

How Do Foldable Screens Work?

Foldable screens use OLED technology to create visual displays. The LED display works by printing the content on a thin layer of plastic or any other material that allows for easy bending and folding. The screens are usually very thin to allow easy manipulation.

How Do Foldable Screens Not Break?

Foldable led screen manufacturers now use substrates made of bendable plastic to produce their LED screens. This substrate can bend easily without cracks or breakage. Formerly, foldable LED screens were made of glass that allowed for a certain level of bending before cracking or shattering.

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