Floor LED Display Manufacturer in China

NSE is a leading floor LED display manufacturer that specializes in customization, production, and installation. Each floor LED display is suitable for events, malls, and more applications.

  • Interactive and non-interactive options
  • Easy to install and disassemble
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • High resolution and high brightness

NSE Floor LED Display

NSE offers a wide range of floor LED displays that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. These displays are commonly used for advertising or brand promotion. It can be displayed with images, videos, or other information.

We guarantee that all our LED displays are manufactured with high contrast ratio, high brightness, high refresh rate, high definition, excellent performance, anti-explosion, and more. It comes with an aluminum alloy die-casting cabinet for easy transportation.

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Floor LED Display

Floor Free Standing LED Display

Our digital network floor stand LED display has a lot of applications including a face recognition thermometer, mirror digital signage, and advertising player. It has wheels that can move everywhere.

Digital Interactive Floor LED Display

LED floor interactive screen is mainly used in stage, concert, performance, bar, disco, shopping center, and other fields, providing a more novel expression for the creative design of performance.

There is a kind of display called double-sided LED display, which is widely used in the field of outdoor and indoor media advertising, and can play various video files, pictures or text, support live broadcasts, etc.

Iphone Style Floor Stand LED Display

We provide vertical LED floor LED displays that uses for advertising machines, educational machines, SDKs, TV, and monitors. NSE offers customization of different configurations of Screen.

LED Totem Floor Display

The LED totem display is used for promotions, supports playing videos to attract customer’s attention, and can be controlled remotely by PC or mobile phone. Fix it on the ground with screws for windproof and anti-collision to avoid damage to the display.

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NSE Floor LED Display Advantages

Extensive Design
Extensive Design

NSE offers a broad range of floor LED displays with different designs to fit different applications. It is available in standalone, interactive, and more options.

Integrated Software
Integrated Software

We manufacture floor LED displays that are integrated with different software to display a slide show or video presentation.

Advanced Technologies
Advanced Technologies

Floor LED display manufactured by NSE uses different technologies and operating systems including Android, Wi-Fi, windows, mac, Linux, and more.

Attractive Appearance
Attractive Appearance

We manufactured floor LED display with black and silver body frame made from aluminum, powder coated surface treatment, slim design, and lightweight.

Interactive Floor LED Display

NSE can manufacture interactive floor LED display that is widely used for powerful interactivity. These displays can be activated by hand, foot, etc. our interactive floor LED display offers:

  • High resolution
  • Interactive Sensors per panel
  • Small surface multi-tracking
  • Superfast response time
  • Real-time data traffic, and more
Interactive Floor LED Display
Floor LED Display Features

Floor LED Display Features

NSE offers a high-quality, durable, and high-performance floor LED display that is integrated with the following features:

  • Highly stable
  • Adjustable height
  • Interactive or interactive option
  • Installation kits
  • Free spare parts

If you have specific details on your floor LED display for different applications, NSE can customize it for you!

Why Choose NSE Floor LED Display

NSE manufactures a wide range of floor LED display that is specially designed for sellers or brand owners to interact with the customers. It is a great way to advertise or promote your brand. With its wide viewing angle, you can provide your audience with an outstanding viewing experience. Our floor LED screens are also integrated with safety considerations such as excellent load-bearing capabilities.

It can effectively display information with high quality, clarity, and accuracy. These displays are also waterproof, integrated with a smart set-up, and have high brightness. It can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications. We also customize floor LED screens according to your installation location, shapes, sizes, and more details.

Why Choose NSE Floor LED Display

NSE – Professional Floor LED Display Supplier in China

Professional Floor LED Display Supplier in China
Professional Floor LED Display Supplier in China

NSE manufactures floor LED displays that are made from sturdy materials to ensure consistent quality and performance over the years of usage. Our floor LED displays are assembled with customized LED modules. These displays are integrated with an excellent screen ratio to ensure vivid colors and picture quality.

We can provide floor LED displays in a variety of screen patterns, shapes, colors, and sizes. Our design team assures heatproof and waterproof floor LED displays. Rest assured that all LED displays are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

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NSE Floor LED Display

Application Fields

NSE offers floor LED display that is suitable for different applications such as:

  • Exhibition
  • Events
  • Malls
  • Fashion shows
  • Broadcasting
  • Concerts
  • Car shows
  • Broadcast, and more

NSE will provide a floor LED display with complete accessories including:

  • Power cable
  • Flight case
  • Data cable
  • Touch controller
  • Video controller, and more

You can also request specific accessories based on your requirements. Contact us now!

Custom Floor LED Display to Enhance Your Business

Commercial LED Display

NSE portable digital signage floor LED display are quick to install, provides high resolution of video and pictures, has intelligent cluster control, and are creative DIY. It can be hanging, standing, floor installation, and wall-mounted.

 Fixed Totem LED Floor Display for Advertising

Fixed installation LED totem screens can be used in many places to catch potential customers’ attention, such as retail stores/, shopping malls, theaters, museums, schools, offices, and institutions. Any other commercial and non-commercial premises

The interactive floor tile screen has very good load-bearing and shockproof function, in terms of load-bearing, protective performance, and heat dissipation performance have done special design, so that it can adapt to high-intensity stepping

Flexible Foor Tile LED Display for Science and Technology Museum

LED-shaped floor tile screen focuses more on structural breakthroughs. Compared with the conventional LED display, LED shaped screen favors users with special needs, and is currently mainly used in the environment of performing arts venues, outdoor media, exhibition halls, and squares.

Trusted Floor LED Display Supplier in China
Trusted Floor LED Display Supplier in China

NSE is one of the leading floors LED display manufacturers in China. We have served more than 500 clients around the world. NSE has consistently provided product and service quality stability for over 15 years.

  • “I give five stars to the NSE team for the fast communication and excellent services. The floor LED display worked for our intended purpose.”

  • “Thank you NSE team for the high-quality and waterproof floor LED display. It suited my outdoor project advertising.”

  • “NSE team is a truly trusted supplier of floor LED displays that are high-quality, durable, and suitable for irregular shape location.”

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