Flexible LED screen for shopping mall

In an ever-changing and constantly updated society, display screens are constantly innovating. One of the most representative and popular display types is the creative LED display. In order to fit different application places, there are different shapes: the shape of waves, the shape of balls, the shape of letters, the shape of kelp, the shape of water droplets, etc.

Why is more and more creative LED display being chosen?

This type of display screen is popular because of its special shape, and it is generally used in large shopping malls. Install in an open location near the escalator. What many investors value is that if it is used in their own shopping malls, it can hopefully become a local landmark building, and it can be placed wherever it is, and it can attract customers to their shopping malls every day. It is becoming more and more popular because the special-shaped screen will fully demonstrate its investment income to investors.

The creative LED display can be designed according to the place of use, such as the space museum, the planet inside can be a spherical display, and the star ring around the planet can be a strip-shaped creative LED display. It can also be designed as a screen that fits the shape of the building, and can be installed arbitrarily to present unusual effects.

creative LED display

How to install and maintain the Flexible LED display?

Due to the various shapes of creative LED displays, the most concerned topic is how to install them. Generally speaking, flexible LED displays are shipped as a whole. After the factory test and aging are completed, they will be directly packaged and arranged for shipment. It perfectly avoids complicated assembly problems after receiving the goods.

The flexible LED displays is a product with high investment value, and the general warranty period is two years. To make the special-shaped screen last longer, regular maintenance is essential. The maintenance cycle can be weekly/monthly/quarterly. In order to avoid small problems, causing big losses.

  • It is necessary to check the appearance of the product regularly. If there is any product that is not bright, or if there is a dead light, replace it in time.
  • Regularly check the cooperation between the screen and the control system, and check the functions one by one to ensure that there is no lag in the cooperation.
  • Regularly check the internal components of the flexible LED displays, the appearance and connection of the wires.
  • Check the connecting parts of the flexible LED displays and the installation site to see if there is any rust or looseness, and solve potential safety hazards in time.

How to install and maintain the Flexible LED display

The difference between Flexible LED Display and regular Display

The flexible LED display has a more shocking visual effect than the conventional display screen. The flexible LED display screen has no size and shape restrictions, and various shapes can be designed. It can also customize screens of different sizes and sizes according to the structure and environment of the building to meet the needs of customers. The flexible LED display is novel and unique in appearance and shows realistic visual effects, so it is well received by the public.

For a long period of time in the past, creative LED displays were realized by assembling conventional rectangular modules or wrapping. The common flexible LED display screens are curved screens with large radians and flat circular screens. With the continuous development of technology, NSE LED has specially developed various special-shaped modules such as triangles, trapezoids, circles, and parallelograms, which can be combined into wave screens, fan-shaped screens, curved screens, circular screens, conical screens, and spherical screens. , diamond screen, diamond screen, and other shapes, regular or irregular geometric LED display.

Compared with traditional LED displays, flexible LED displays pay more attention to structural design. Internally, the PCP circuit board has not changed much. The most important thing is the appearance of the structure, such as arc, circle, cylinder, letters, etc., which are all structural changes. The shape of the screen body is changed through tolerance and technology. creative LED displays are more inclined to customers with special needs. Compared with traditional LED displays, the demand is smaller, the production cycle is longer, and the price is higher. It is a customized product.

The difference between Flexible LED Display and regular Display

Development prospects of Creative LED display

With the improvement of human living standards and spiritual pursuits, people’s requirements for LED displays are also getting higher and higher. Flexible LED display has emerged and developed rapidly in recent years. Flexible LED displays will continue to develop towards higher resolution, higher refresh rate, and better display effects.

In the context of the rapid development of LED display screens, the market share of Flexible LED display screens is also rapidly increasing, and they have shown their own charm on various occasions. As an innovative product in the field of LED display, LED flexible screen brings creativity to the extreme. With the renewal of people’s concepts, the market for LED flexible screens will be broader, and its market share will continue to rise.


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