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Your Fixed LED Screen Manufacturer in China

NSE professionally manufactures fixed LED screens for customers globally. We expertly do various production techniques to achieve the precise specifications required for projects or businesses. As a trusted supplier, we assure high-featured immovable LED screens.

  • Easy to maintain and install
  • Designed with seamless connection
  • Have flexible sizes
  • Helps promote business

NSE Fixed LED Screen

NSE fixed LED screens are immovable and fastened display screens. They are installed in a fixed and specific location. These displayed screens are typically used for delivering details to public places by catching the attention and interest of people passing by. Moreover, the fixed LED screen is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Compared to other advertisement tools, these LED displays give more impression and interaction.

The immovable LED screens are typically made from high-quality materials that exhibit and present different demonstrations. These screens are backed up and installed with iron cabinets. That makes them more durable yet have lighter weight. Furthermore, the fixed LED screens are designed with versatile SMD chips that provide luminescence and screen brightness. 

If you are looking for precisely fixed screen customization, trust NSE services now!

Custom Fixed LED Screen

front maintenance led display

The fixed front maintenance LED screen has customizable cabinet sizes. They have a full color with adjustable brightness, depending on environmental conditions. The front access design of LED display makes the LED panel available from the front.

wall mounted fixed led display

Fixed wall-mounted led display are available with customizable specifications. They are suitable for shopping malls, advertising buildings, and welcome display applications. These screens have lighter weight, waterproof, and easy maintenance characteristics.

indoor fixed led display

The Indoor fixed display LED screens are also applicable for performances, shopping malls, hotels, churches etc. They come with adjustable brightness and customizable cabinet dimensions. You can request the shapes and screen sizes you need for applications.

fixed led indoor

Using small pixel pitch fixed LED Displays saves energy, is safe to install, highly durable, and designed with high brightness features. These screens have higher stability with high-quality raw material used. They also formed with fire resistance properties.

outdoor small pixel pitch led

The HD fixed LED screens are also suitable for various applications, like retail stores, airports, subways, restaurants, hotels, and more. These screens are typically designed with seamless splicing and easy to install and maintain characteristics.

outdoor fixed led display

The outdoor fixed LED video screen sizes are customizable. These screens feature stability, reliable connections, excellent performance, and high brightness. NSE manufactures the screens with IP65 water and weather resistance ratings, perfect for outdoor usage.

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NSE Fixed LED Screen Benefits


The fixed LED displays don’t require added protection, effort, and installation inconvenience. These screens develop an excellent reputation for your promoting business. They are practical tools for exposing your brands in public areas. 

Better Visibility
Better Visibility

NSE manufactures fixed installed LED screens with better visibility. The utilized-high technology achieves accurate vision and better pixels. These screen types also provide an excellent, wide viewing angle. They come with high clarity and vibrancy.

Highly Durable
Highly Durable

The fixed LED screens are made from high-quality materials that make them maximize durability. These screens are not easy to break compared to glass-made screens. Because of their durability, you can save money, time, and effort installing them.

Safe to Install
Safe to Install

The immovable LED screens feature easy installation and maintenance. Their lighter weight makes them convenient and safe to handle during the installation. Because they are fastened, there is a low risk of damages, unlike rentals that are transferable.

Fixed LED Screen Usages

NSE customizes various fixed LED screens depending on the state of usage. NSE provides them with accurate characteristics. Consider the following usage advantages.

  • Outdoor: It features high brightness, is fully weatherproof, has high strength, and has a long lifespan that can endure robust climate effects with a 24/7 working capacity. NSE also assures that the outdoor fixed LED screens are easy to install, maintain, and manage.
  • Indoor: The immovable indoor LED screens have customizable shapes and sizes, depending on space area applications. These screens have eco-friendly and power-saving advantages. They also have high strength, temperature resistance, and extended lifespan.
fixed led display case
outdoor fixed led display (2)

Fixed LED Screen Installations

NSE expertly formed various fixed LED screens with multiple installation techniques and environments. We made them with high-quality materials and light cabinets for easy installation.

  • Well embedded
  • Single Pole
  • Wall-Mounted
  • Double Pole
  • F Gantry
  • Mobile LED
  • Building Top

We professionally customize the other typical specifications you require for particular utilization. Please communicate with us right here for more details!

Fixed & Rental LED Screen Differences

Aside from the differences in their installation methods, there are at least four primary differences between fixed and rental LED screens.

  1. The fixed ones have customizable dimensions and shapes to suit a specific permanent location, while the rental is moved, dismantled, and repeatedly installed.
  2. The rental has more resistance from slight bumps during handling and transporting.
  3. Moreover, rental screens have lighter cabinet than the fixed one that doesn’t have to be moved.
  4. Lastly, the fixed LED displays are permanently installed in one location, while the rentals are more extensive.
outdoor fixed

Customize Your Fixed LED Screen with NSE

wall mounted
front maintenance fixed led display1

NSE manufactures and designs fixed LED display screens according to customers’ preferred specifications. We own a metal fabrication factory, assembly lines, and SMT that controls the production qualities completely. Our company has professional workers utilizing advanced machines to achieve accurate screen features. Furthermore, NSE assures certified approved immovable LED screens for various applications.

Trusting NSE for customizing your needed fixed LED screens is worth your decision. We assure high durability, precise details, excellent effects, and flexible screen characteristics. Moreover, we designed the fastened LED screens with different sizes, shapes, and material structures. Whether for indoor or outdoor utilization, NSE got you covered!

Please communicate with us for more inquiries. Our friendly staff is always ready to entertain your messages and give satisfying assistance!

NSE Custom Fixed LED Screen

outdoor led display

With our expert team and advanced equipment, the manufacturing processes run smoothly and efficiently. The following are services we offer when manufacturing the requested fixed LED screens.

  • Order Acceptance: We need confirmation of the corresponding proforma invoice by a down payment to start manufacturing your specifications LED display.
  • Technical Study: An exclusive expert department will thoroughly examine your needs and technical concepts required to complete a new order.
  • Structural Design: The frames of a large LED screen are custom-designed to fit the specifications requested by the customer.
  • Electronics: The electronic circuits are connected to make plates capable of playing static images in color and in motion, the one that adds value to the manufacturing process.
  • Calibrate: After the assembling of the electronic components, next is calibrating the brightness and color of the entire LED display assembly.

Moreover, we also conduct assembling, testing, packaging, and shipping to complete the whole manufacturing process. 

indoor led display

NSE specializes in designing various fastened LED screens to suit every specific application. The following are some utilization where the fixed LED displays are in-demand.

  • Shopping mall
  • Seminar halls
  • Business services
  • Retail shops
  • Product promotions
  • Offices
  • Outdoor signal lights
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Building & Hotels
  • Airports
  • Studios
  • Traffic signs
  • Convention halls
  • Highways

Wherever you desire to install the immovable LED screen, NSE provides you with accurate ones. Contact us now, right here!

Custom Fixed LED Screen to Elevate Business

P5 Outdoor led fixed display

Fixed P5 outdoor LED screen with customized cabinet size is a high series choice for outdoor advertising, such as exhibition halls, shopping malls, and other publications. They feature weatherproof characteristics, making them ideal for outdoor applications.


Indoor LED screens can be used as an interior design element, displaying promotional videos, or as a large screen to view corporate content. These displays have a brightness level of 1200-5500cd/sqm and a lifespan of 100,000 hours. However, they are customizable.

p3.91 wall mounted led

The fixed splicing LED display screen technology is a unique, relatively high-demand projection display application that can realize splicing technology in which multi-screen images are displayed. The performance is consistent enough to support hours of continuous work.

p1.875 fixed led display

P1.875 fixed led display features high brightness, high contrast, and high protection for your lamp fixed post LED display screen, allowing you to have a better visual experience in a conference room or outdoor display. They have customizable dimensions to suit space areas.

fixed led banner
Your Reliable Fixed LED Screen Supplier in China

NSE can be your constant fixed LED screen supplier. We provide OEM and ODM services for our customers worldwide. As experts, we ensure packaging and on-time delivering your requested screen supplies. NSE can also be your reliable partner to improve your starting business. Choose us now!

  • “NSE has been our constant LED screen supplier since last year. Until now, their services have always satisfied our needs. They offer cost-effective yet high-quality screen components. Thank you, NSE!”

  • “We finally received our customized fixed LED screens on time. At first, we were worried about the quality after delivering our orders. But NSE ensures the packaging. We received the screens in excellent condition and without any damage. Superb!”

  • “I can say that NSE workers are professionals. They manufacture our requested LED screen by following our details and drawings accurately. From now on, NSE will be our trusted business manufacturer.”

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