FESPA Mexico 2024: Annual Exhibition For The Digital and Textile Printing Industry

Since 2007, thousands of enthusiasts, stakeholders, and other parties have participated in an annual exhibition of the finest graphics arts in Mexico. This event, termed FESPA Mexico, includes showcases of leading industry innovations, workshops, and meaningful interactions. 

This year, FESPA Mexico is scheduled to run for three days, between September 26th and 28th. Therefore, if you are planning to attend, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the event.

What is FESPA Mexico?

FESPA Mexico is the largest annual digital and print media exhibition. It brings together approximately ten thousand decision-makers from all corners of the world who are interested in learning more about the current state of this industry.

The FESPA organization was created as a global federation to lead a community of graphic arts stakeholders. FESPA acronym stands for Federation of European Screen Printers Associations. Currently, the organization facilitates exhibitions for the 37 member states, including Mexico. FESPA Mexico caters to exhibitors within Mexico and Central America.

Graphic arts, the main foundation of FESPA Mexico, is a category of art that includes a wide range of practices and use cases. In this context, it involves calligraphy, typography, 3D printing, and computer graphics. The exhibition will help you establish networks with suppliers and potential customers for your products.

Event Details of the FESPA Mexico 2024

The main details of FESPA Mexico are as follows;

  • Event dates: September 26th – 28th (3 days)
  • Location: Centro Citibanamex, in Mexico City
  • Organizer: FESPA
  • Website: FESPA Mexico 2024  

Take note of these and reserve your attendance in advance to avoid getting locked out of the exhibition. 

The Theme of FESPA Mexico 2024

FESPA Mexico 2024 will focus on innovation, creativity, and connectivity. Different exhibitors will stage product demos and lectures that support this theme. In the next section, we will explore some of the major activities that will happen at the event.

In addition to product demos, the various workshops at the event will also focus on the future of the digital and print industry in terms of innovation, creativity, and connectivity. This includes market analysis and industry trends.

Activities and Workshops for FESPA Mexico 2024

Reserving attendance at the FESPA Mexico 2024 will give you an opportunity to take part in several activities lined up for the three-day event. Let us explore them in this section.

World Wrap Masters School

This is a competition that will take place during the event. Participants are mostly wrap installers from the region who deal with vehicle wrapping and such. It is a qualifying event for the World Wrap Master of Mexico 2024. The competition will be sponsored by Hexis.

The competition will take place in three rounds;

  • Creativity exhibition
  • Skills exhibition
  • Wrap installation techniques

The competitors will be under thorough scrutiny by industry-vetted experts as judges. As the wrap installers showcase their expertise, the audience will be entertained and informed about various wrapping techniques. A training session is also on the line-up of activities under this particular exercise.

Trends & Print Sessions

In these workshops, several experts from the print industry will be sharing knowledge on various topics surrounding graphic arts. Topics such as customization, trends in the markets, and sustainable practices are top on the list. Trends and print sessions will be an opportunity to learn more about decisions shaping the industry.

Make Wear

The design process of garment making will be showcased in this workshop. Exhibitors will showcase different methods of making custom textiles. This is an opportunity to learn these methods and how you can apply them if you are in this particular sector. 

Who Should Attend FESPA Mexico 2024?

Two categories are targeted by the FESPA Mexico 2024 trade fair. On one hand, we have the exhibitors who make up the minority and then the rest include decision-makers from various organizations. Going by last year’s numbers, the event is likely to be attended by over ten thousand people.

If you want to learn, network, or get entertained, this event is for you. This means every graphic arts enthusiast will find something to enjoy at the event. 

Benefits of FESPA Mexico

Events or exhibitions are tremendously beneficial. They open up a rare opportunity to have a close interaction with critical stakeholders in the industry. 

One of the benefits of such an event is awareness creation. For instance, businesses that will present new products or services will have an opportunity to advertise themselves to potential customers. This is why the event is alternatively regarded as a trade fair. 

Another benefit of the event is the expansion of the community. Several stakeholders are not part of the Federation of graphic arts since they are unaware of this event. Therefore, they can become part of it if they attend the event. 

Other benefits of the FESPA Mexico 2024 that might be either direct or indirect include networking opportunities, growth, and inclusivity. Essentially, everyone who attends the event will come out with something worthwhile.


FESPA Mexico 2024 is yet another opportunity to learn, experience, and grow in the graphic arts industry. The organizers have set higher standards than last year to make this year’s event even more eventful. Ensure you sign up early to reserve a spot before tickets run out.

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