Fespa 2023 in Munich, Germany – NSE is Exhibiting

Exhibition time: May 23-26
Booth No.: B2-B30

Fespa 2023 in Munich, Germany - NSE is Exhibiting1. Fespa 2023 in Munich, Germany (1)

Founded in 1962, FESPA is a feast about printing, digital printing, textile printing, etc. Exhibitors from all over the world gather in Munich, Germany to show their latest products to the world. Since 2017, FESPA has enabled more advertisers to participate, such as advertising machines, LED advertising products, etc. Therefore, the current FESPA is not only for printing but also for many LED display advertisers. As a manufacturer of LED displays, NSELED is honored to participate in the 2023 FESPA.

Group photo of customers
Group photo of customers

On FESPA, our LED Digital Poster, LED OTV Wall, and LED Banner are displayed, all of which can be used as advertising screens. To adapt to different customers, different places, and different size requirements.

Especially our new OTV series is a product specially developed for outdoor display. Can reach 8000-10000nit brightness, waterproof design, front maintenance and rear maintenance features, large cabinet size 960*960 mm and 1000*1000mm, which is conducive to faster assembly of large screens.

Due to the dazzling OTV series products, many customers stopped at our booth. Participation in this exhibition was a success! Helping NSELED to be known by more people, NSELED has gained a lot of new customers at the same time.

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