Digital Signage Japan (DSJ) 2024: Largest Digital Signage Trade Show in Japan

Digital Signage Japan (DSJ), Asia’s most prestigious and influential trade expo is set to happen as expected this year. Visitors from all corners of the world will flock to the Tokyo metropolitan area to experience innovative digital and interactive communication surrounding digital signage. Learn more about the show in this article.

What is DSJ?

Established in 2007, the DSJ has been an annual event that brings together exhibitors and audiences interested in learning about the current state of digital signage. 

Digital signage is creating and managing multimedia content using electronic displays for advertisement, wayfinding, branding, entertainment, and so on. It is an essential tool used across various sectors in one of these applications.

The trade show occurs annually on different dates and lasts for at least two days. In most cases, it occurs alongside other events. For instance, the Digital Signage Japan 2024 venue will also host the Interop Tokyo Conference 2024. Most of these events are usually co-located because they have something in common.

The Japan Outdoor Advertising Federation, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and the Japan Kanto Outdoor Advertising Federation support DSJ. These bodies promote trade within and between Japan and its borders.

DSJ 2024 attendees will have the opportunity to network with colleagues and form meaningful relationships. The show also presents a chance to advertise new products to the prospects who attend.

Event Details of Digital Signage Japan 2024

The DSJ 2024 will happen in Tokyo, Japan. Here are the specific event details;

  • Date: June 12, 2024 until June 14, 2024
  • Location: Chiba – Makuhari Messe, Chiba Prefecture, Japan 

The trade show gets tons of visitors for the three days, so reserving a spot in advance is recommended. For exhibitors, you are also supposed to reserve a booth to avoid missing out on showcasing what you have in store.

Activities in the DSJ 2024 Trade Show

For the three days that the DSJ will run, tons of activities will happen. 

Keynote Speech/Exhibition Hall Seminar

On 12th June, which is the first day of the event, a Keynote speech titled Riding the Wave of Change to New Possibilities will be delivered by Sean Lee, the d’strict CEO.

The speech will highlight milestones made by d’strict, a Korea-based design company that has grown from its inception to become a global household name in the sector. It will focus on how success requires sacrifice and how to deal with imminent challenges in this space.

Since this will be a trade show, the keynote speech will also highlight examples of impressive immersive designs, such as WAVE (Seoul-based giant billboard), which applies naked-eye 3D technology. Using such projects will emphasize the future and direction of digital signage. 


This takes up most of the time. Several exhibitors will have booths set up to showcase various items throughout the event.

With innovation being at the core of the DSJ 2024, most of the products that will be displayed will bear this theme. Sometimes, the products are in the prototype stage or not yet in large-scale production. Still, designers use these exhibitions as opportunities to showcase new product lines.

Showcases in the exhibition 

The following is what to expect from the exhibitions.

  • Digital signage technologies – Various booths will showcase digital signage technologies such as naked-eye 3D. 
  • Signage software and hardware – These exhibitions will showcase custom generic hardware and software used in digital signage. Companies with unique products will attract the most attention.
  • Content creation – Digital signage content management, including creation and display, will be crucial in the exhibition. New and better methods of managing content will be a significant highlight.
  • Technical lectures – Industry experts will share knowledge using lectures to explain technical subjects to audiences.
  • Futuristic digital signage ideas – Various companies will also explore the future prediction of digital signage.

Interop Tokyo Conference  

Interop Tokyo is an information technology trade fair that will take place at the same time and place as DSJ 2024. Informa PLC will organize the event and bring together stakeholders from various sectors of the IT sphere.

The trade fair will have a conference with several keynote speakers who will touch on trends in the industry, the latest innovations, and related topics. Industry leaders, decision-makers, and enthusiasts will be attending this event. 

Like the DSJ, Interop Tokyo will also have exhibitions and workshops where visitors can have a hands-on experience with products. This trade fair will unveil some of the most innovative solutions for the first time, making the event a pivotal platform for IT personnel to learn and grow in their fields.

State of Digital Signage in 2024

Digital signage will grow rapidly in 2024, with promising milestones ahead. Currently, its adoption as a medium of advertising and wayfinding is astounding. Advancements in display technologies are the leading cause of its growth. The versatility and flexibility in terms of use have also contributed to the development of digital signage. 


DSJ 2024 presents a rare opportunity to interact with key players in the digital signage sector. While the exhibitions expose you to new products and ideas, the interactive sessions and workshops will teach you many things about this display technology. Plan to attend trade shows and events for these and more benefits.

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