Do you wanna the LED scoreboard display to update the atmosphere of your stadium?

Today, with the continuous advancement of LED display technology, LED scoreboard displays have also begun to enter everyone’s field of vision. Especially at the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games, the electronic scoreboard has attracted a lot of attention, not only because the scoreboard screen is large enough, clear display effect, fast publishing speed, and other characteristics. More importantly, what is displayed on the scoreboard is what tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people are looking forward to.

LED Scoreboard Screens

What types of scoreboards are there?
  • Manually flip the scoreboard:
    This kind of scoreboard usually appears in impromptu competitions or competitions organized by company team building. It is usually made of plastic material and needs to be manually turned over to update the game score. It is simple and convenient to use, but has a single function and can only display the game score.
  • Electronic scoreboard:
    Electronic scoreboards generally appear in small competitions in schools or gymnasiums, competitions between schools, etc. It is an electronic display screen that is controlled by a remote control to update the score. It can only transform simple numbers, and the dot spacing is large, so the display effect is not good.
  • LED scoreboard display:
    LED scoreboards usually appear in large stadiums or large competition sites, with both indoor and outdoor models available. You can choose a fixed installation LED display, LED rental display, or OTV LED Display as the scoreboard.
    LED scoreboards have become the most popular and popular type of scoreboard in games because of their dynamic and ultra-clear display effects.
What are the advantages of LED Scoreboard Display?
  • Big enough and bright enough to attract attention.
    Whether it is an outdoor or indoor product, LED display screens have very high brightness and can display game results clearly and brightly. The size of the LED scoreboard can also be assembled according to the needs of the venue. From the moment the screen lights up, the audience’s eyes will follow it closely.
  • Earn money by playing ads.
    There are many spectators in the stadium, and the spectators inside are concerned about what the scoreboard says. For some companies, this is a very good opportunity to promote their products or brands. For the owners of the stadium, it is also a business method that can attract sponsorship to realize the profit of the LED scoreboard.
  • Increase audience engagement.
    The LED scoreboard can be connected to audio equipment, not only can it display the game score, but it’s also video boards. The simultaneous appearance of video and sound can increase audience participation and make coming to the stadium feel like a worthwhile experience.
How long does it take for the results to be announced on the LED scoreboard display?

At the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games, the results were announced on the LED scoreboard in just 5 seconds. This not only allowed the world to see China’s speed again but also reflected a breakthrough in LED technology. This technology relies on the Hangzhou Asian Games’ accurate, stable, and real-time event results release system. It adopts the fastest and most practical new technology in the results release process at global comprehensive sports events.
What is connected behind the scoreboard is a “brain on the cloud” – a system for releasing event results based on cloud computing. Based on this system, the timing and scoring equipment on the field will import the recorded results into the “Venue Score System”, and then push them to the “Central Score System” in the cloud for a unified summary, and the output will be provided to other various systems for calls. From the playing field to the scoreboard, the performance data of each game has to go through four technical hurdles such as acquisition, calculation, storage, and transmission. Finally, it is presented to everyone in real time and accurately, almost without feeling.

scoreboard (2)

What can the actual content of LED electronic displays be?

The LED display screen can not only be used to display the game score but also play promotional videos and introductions to the contestants during the warm-up of the game. Let the audience know more about the general content of the game, and who and which teams are the favorites to win the game.
And during the halftime break of the game, relaxing and enjoyable video content can be played. Let the contestants and the audience gradually relax from the tense competition atmosphere and prepare for the next competition.
At the same time, when the LED scoreboard display does not display game content, it is just an ordinary display screen that can be moved to different events and changed into various sizes as needed to meet needs.
Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to health and have a competitive spirit. There is no shortage of time for a friendly match anytime and anywhere. It can be seen that LED scoreboards will have a large market in the future, if you want to have such a scoreboard in your stadium. Once tell us the required dimensions and pixel requirements. We will provide you with customized and exclusive solutions based on your information. Please feel free to contact us, we are always here.

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