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How to Choose a suitable DJ LED screen?

With the continuous improvement of people’s consumption level, people’s entertainment and pursuit of spiritual aspects are becoming more and more strict. With the continuous increase of bars, nightclubs, and other entertainment venues, how to stand out from the crowd of other venues in the same industry has become one of the primary issues considered by the owners of these entertainment venues. In fact, these entertainment venues mainly pursue an atmosphere that relaxes and makes people happy. At this time, the importance of the DJ LED screen is highlighted, because the quality of the program director determines the quality of the venue atmosphere. So how to choose the right DJ LED wall?

What are the basic requirements of DJ LED Screen?
  • High brightness: Because the lights of entertainment places such as nightclubs and bars are brighter and more complex in color. At this time, the brightness of the DJ LED Screen is particularly important. It not only needs to be clearly visible to customers in the distance but also needs to be clearly visible in the constant light changes.
  • Color rendition: The richness and reducibility of colors will directly affect the effectiveness of the program, thereby affecting the visual experience of the audience. Usually, DJ LED wall needs to choose LED displays with high refresh rates and high restoration degrees, so as to ensure the quality of broadcast programs.
  • Size: Generally speaking, the size of the DJ LED wall is determined by the size of the installation site. Too big or too small will not get the best effect, so when you need a DJ LED wall, you can tell us the size of your installation site first, and we will make a suitable DJ LED screen solution for you.
What are the usages for the DJ LED wall?
  1. Show programs: One of the most important uses of a DJ LED wall is of course to show programs. The use of a DJ LED screen can make the program clearly seen by all customers despite the changing lights, bringing a good consumption experience.
  2. Render the atmosphere: a high-quality DJ LED Wall plays a very high-quality screen color and audio output. In this case, it is easier to make the scene atmosphere reach its peak, making consumers happier and relaxing physically and mentally.
  3. Decoration: The led screens on the market are pursuing higher definition and easier operation at the same time. The beauty of the appearance has also become a point of constant improvement for LED Screen suppliers. So now most of the DJ LED wall is very simple and atmospheric, to a certain extent, they can decorate bars, nightclubs, and other places, making them look more high-end, and consumers are more willing to pay for them.
  4. Earn advertising fees: Most of the time, DJ LED wall will be used to display some programs, but these entertainment venues are also a place with relatively large traffic and high-quality consumer groups, so sometimes these entertainment venues will also It is used to insert some advertisements to earn part of the advertising interest.

DJ LED wall (1)

DJ LED wall

DJ LED wall (2)

What are the best solutions for the DJ LED Screen?

The size and decoration style of each venue is different, as well as the effect that the owner wants to achieve. Therefore, the DJ LED wall solutions suitable for each venue will be different. So generally speaking, NSE will customize different DJ LED Screen solutions for customers according to the needs of different customers.

Fixed installation solution: If what you need is a fixed installation, then we will recommend a simple and convenient front maintenance fixed installation screen. Then customize your DJ LED Screen solution for you according to the clarity and size you need.
Mobile solution: If you need a mobile solution, then a led poster and rental screen will be your better choices. These two products are easy to install and easy to operate.

In addition, some outdoor live music activities will also need some DJ LED screens. At this time, we need to choose an outdoor solution. Whether it is for fixed installation or mobile design, we have outdoor solutions to choose from. If you have any questions about the DJ LED screen, please feel free to contact us for answers.”

In conclusion:

Now all walks of life have higher and higher demands on LED displays. The market demand for DJ-led walls is also expanding, and NSE has been committed to providing various DJ led wall solutions to meet the needs of various customers. No matter in terms of appearance, function, operation, or software, we try our best to do our best, and we are constantly improving the quality of our products. In addition, all our products provide a 2-year warranty to give customers who believe in us a good DJ LED wall experience.

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