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DIP LED Display Manufacturer in China

NSE is manufacturing all types of DIP LED displays that are mainly used for outdoor applications. Our DIP LED displays have excellent resistance to natural elements such as rain, moisture, dust, water, and many more. We also offer custom DIP LED display to meet your specific project requirements.


NSE offers a wide range of DIP LED displays that are available in various pixel pitches such as P8, P10, P16, P20, and other pixel pitches. DIP refers to “Dual In-Line Package”. The DIP LED displays do not go below the pixel pitch P7. Therefore, they are primarily used for outdoor applications. Compared to SMD, the DIP LED displays are better when it comes to outdoor applications.

The DIP LED displays have excellent waterproof ability, super high brightness, high waterproof ability, long service life, and excellent resistance to various natural elements such as moisture, water, rain, dust, heat, and other outdoor elements. They also provide the same viewing experience as the SMD LED displays. The DIP LED displays can show vibrant and real-life-like videos, images, or text.

Another advantage of DIP technology is the virtual pitch. The virtual pitch allows the LED display to generate a new LED that is white. White renders the display and enhances the definition.

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Custom DIP LED Display to Skyrocket Your Business

p10 led display

P10 DIP Front Service LED Display has a front service solution, oxidation resistance, long life span, high definition, and color uniformity. It can be used for outdoor commercial advertising, sports stadium advertising, and many more.

p8 smd led display

The P8 DIP full color LED displays are designed with automatically adjustable brightness to save more energy. They are still bright under strong sunlight. Also, they have IP65 rating, and oxidation resistance.

p16 smd led display

The P16 DIP front maintenance LED display reduces the thickness of the LED display structure and blends in with the surrounding building environment, saving space while ensuring the display effect. It serves as a merchandising and customer attraction on various building facades.

P10 DIP Full Color LED Display

The P10 DIP LED Display have full color, energy efficiency, and front maintenance. They are idea for the outdoor environment since they are durable, waterproof, and have a nice cooling system.

P16 DIP Full Color LED Display

P16 LED displays to have excellent heat dispersing performance, low power consumption, high pixel density, wide viewing angle, and high brightness. They can display clear and high-quality content.

P13.33 led display

The P13.33 DIP LED Displays have wide viewing angle, fast installation, high-resolution display, and excellent heat dissipation. They also have IP65 rating and are dustproof and waterproof.

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NSE DIP LED Display Advantages

High Brightness
High Brightness

The DIP LED displays can display super high brightness that is greater than the common SMD LED displays for outdoor use. They have a brightness level that is greater than 10,000nits.

Low Power Consumption
Low Power Consumption

In comparison to the SMD LED displays that have the same specifications, the DIP LED displays consume less power. The DIP LED displays typically consume one-third less power than SMD LED displays.


The DIP LED displays have excellent resistance to a variety of weather conditions which makes them perfect for outdoor applications. They can withstand fog, rain, sunshine, wind, and so on.

High-Definition Display
High-Definition Display

NSE DIP LED displays have high refresh rate, smooth color transition, and super high brightness. As a result, they can show high-definition and high-quality pictures, videos, texts, etc.

Why Use DIP LED Display?

One of the useful characteristics of DIP LED displays is their color consistency. They can show high-quality and high-resolution images, videos, or text because they are waterproof. Also, their virtual pixel technology, also known as pixel sharing technology, ensures that the viewers can see high-quality content and have an amazing viewing experience.

And since the DIP LED displays are designed for outdoor use, they have excellent resistance to weather conditions that protects them from moisture, UV rays, and other weather elements. Moreover, the best feature of DIP LED displays is their energy efficiency. Their energy efficiency allows them to operate on low power while maintaining a brightness of 8000 nits or even higher.

Why Use DIP LED Display
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Advantages of DIP LED Display

  1. Each pixel in a DIP LED display is made up of 3 independent color of LED bulbs such as red, green, and blue. And each bulb has 2 long feet. Since the long feet will be inserted into the PCB pad, cold soldering is rarely an issue after through-hole soldering. Moreover, their long feet allow the led bulbs to perform better in terms of heat dissipation. For LED displays, better heat dissipation means that the LED displays will last longer. Because of that, the DIP LED displays will be more durable and last longer.
  2. Because the DIP LED size is large, the DIP LED displays can display higher brightness. The usual brightness of DIP LED displays can typically reach 7,500nits. And their high brightness can reach 10,000nits or even more. Therefore, they will be visible under the bright sunlight.
  3. The DIP LED displays to have low energy consumption. Typically, their energy consumption is one-third less than the SMD LED displays.

Why Choose NSE DIP LED Display

  1. Quality Standards – Our DIP LED displays are approved by the CE, ISO, FCC, RoHS, and other global quality standards.
  2. Warranty – All of the DIP LED displays we supply comes with a minimum of 2-year warranty. We will provide free maintenance if there are any problems with the quality of the DIP LED displays.
  3. Rich Experience – We have over 12 years of experience in the production of all types of LED displays.
  4. Excellent Services – Here at NSE, we have ODM & OEM services to support your business. We can manufacture DIP LED displays to your specifications. Also, we have a worry-free pre-sales, sales, and after-sales service.
  5. Strict Quality Control – We are implementing a strict quality control at each stage of the manufacturing process of the DIP LED displays.
Why Choose NSE DIP LED Display

Choose NSE as Your DIP LED Display Supplier

Choose NSE as Your DIP LED Display Supplier1
Choose NSE as Your DIP LED Display Supplier

Here at NSE, we have a wide selection of DIP LED displays to offer. Our DIP LED displays are available in a variety of brightness ratings, pixel pitches, refresh rates, weatherproofing ratings, maintenance methods, shapes, sizes, and other specifications.

We are manufacturing them using high-quality and strictly selected materials. Also, we are using advanced and fully-automatic production equipment to ensure the product’s reliability and stability. All of our DIP LED displays have passed the international quality standards such as ISO, FCC, RoHS, CE, and other global standard certifications. We also have the capability to serve global customers.

Moreover, to completely meet your exact requirements, we are providing custom DIP LED displays. We are offering ODM and OEM services to support your business.

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The DIP LED displays have a lot of features such as:

  • high waterproof ability
  • super high brightness
  • low power consumption
  • full color
  • amazing color consistency
  • good heat dissipation
  • excellent weather resistance
  • dust-proof
  • high refresh rate
  • outstanding durability
  • several installation methods
  • wide viewing angle
  • excellent resistance to impacts & blows

Due to the great features of DIP LED displays such as weather resistance, high brightness, and durability, they are ideal to use for outdoor applications such as:

Custom DIP LED Display to Improve Your Business

Single Blue Color DIP LED Display

The single blue color DIP LED display is ideal to use for advertising in front of buildings such as hotels, shops, supermarkets, and many more. It has high refresh rate, super high brightness, and low power consumption.

Single Red Color DIP LED Display

The single red color DIP LED Display has lower energy consumption than the usually led display. They have high brightness, long service life, and single red color, and are commonly used for digital signage.NSE offers custom brightness RED DIP modules that enable to reach the brightness of 12000 mcd/m2, with a 70/35 degree viewing angle.

Single Green Color DIP LED Display

The single green color DIP LED display can be used for various advertising applications. It is featuring low power consumption, long life span, high brightness, and excellent durability.

Bicolor LED Display

Bicolor DIP LED Display is ideal to used for traffic applications such as Variable traffic sign, Signal and Passenger ways displays. It has high brightness, a long viewing distance, and low power consumption. NSE offers the different pitches of RG Color DIP LED modules including P10 1R1G, P12.5 1R1G, P25 2R1G, and P31.25 4R2G. They are widely used on different Traffic projects.

DIP full-color LED display

The DIP full-color LED display has super high brightness, energy efficiency, waterproof ability, and RGB LED Lamp beads that can achieve any color you want and display high-quality images and videos.

NSE – Professional DIP LED Display Supplier
NSE – Professional DIP LED Display Supplier

If you are searching for DIP LED displays that have high brightness, IP65 rating, water resistance, and dust resistance, you can surely find them at NSE! NSE is a global supplier with more than 2000 customers. We are also supplying LED displays to more than 100 countries.

  • “Thank you so much NSE for the very good after-sales service! You are really an amazing manufacturer to work with! Also, our transaction went well. Most of all, your DIP LED displays have excellent quality and durability!”

  • “NSE is a great company to work with! They are producing DIP LED displays with great features. Aside from that, the LED displays are also customized based on my requirements. NSE has impressed me!”

  • “I highly recommend NSE as your supplier of custom DIP LED displays! They are very professional and skillful in custom manufacturing the LED displays. All the specifications that I need are all followed. Thank you, NSE!”

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