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With the rapid development of the economy and urban planning and construction, LED display has become a big hit and can be said to be hot. But nowadays the construction planning for the LED display screen has tended to be perfect, people have begun to think about how to space an LED display screen better use and combination.

Thus, the LED column display came into people’s vision, through the use of column LED display can be a very good use of column space, and for the usual monotonous environment to add color.

What is a LED column display?

As the name suggests is installed on the column LED display, which generally has a circle column display and square column display of two kinds, in which the square column is four sides of the LED display. There is also a kind of upright, through one or two columns to support the LED display billboard, this display is now applied less, so we are still mainly involved in the above two kinds of column display today.

What are the characteristics of the cylinder column display?
  • Round arc shape
    Because the column has a circular arc, so when making a cylindrical column display you need to consider whether you can make the shape of the fit. Then NSELED will consider our flexible LED screen in the project about circle column display. And our flexible display module can be bent, the softness is very good, no matter how big the bending degree can be done.
  • Easy installation and maintenance
    Because it is a column screen, it can only be installed and repaired through the front of the screen. NSELED’s flexible screen also features magnetic front maintenance. It is very convenient and fast to dismantle the module.
    Even one person can quickly fix the screen by using tools. Greatly reduce the labor and material resources and time. In addition the column LED display is a piece of module installation, when a lamp bead is damaged, we only need to replace the module where the lamp beads can be, without spending more energy.
  • Long service life
    The material of flexible screen is made of soft gel material, which is dustproof waterproof, and even anti-static. So whether it is indoors or outdoors, there is no need to worry about its failure due to the environment.
  • Excellent 3D effect
    Because of its circular shape, the cylindrical LED column comes with a 3D display effect, with the screen’s high-definition display effect, the column LED display will make the video content more fascinating and immersive.

cylinder column display

What are the features of a square-column LED display?
  • Wide viewing range
    A four-sided column display, with a wide viewing angle, can attract more attention, no matter which direction, or how far away you can see the content of the four-sided column display.
  • Space saving
    The column display and the perfect combination of four-sided columns, coupled with the LED module have an ultra-light and ultra-thin design, very beautiful after the installation is complete.
  • Support customization
    NSELED four-sided column display screen point spacing is acceptable, whether it is the small pitch or outdoor screen spacing supported, the size also accepts customization, our modules have a variety of sizes to choose from, and can be perfectly adapted to any size.
    Our modules are available in a wide range of sizes and can be perfectly adapted to many size. Even if the square LED column has a different design, as long as the customer provides drawings, we can try to produce it.
  • Wireless transmission, can be played asynchronously
    The four-sided column display can be controlled by WIFI for wireless transmission of video or pictures, which is very convenient and quick to operate. And because the column is four-sided, the column display can be set to play the same images on all four sides through the software. It can also be set to play four different images, with excellent publicity effect.

square-column LED display

What are the application scenarios of LED column display?
  • Cylindrical column display
    Cylindrical displays are generally found in indoor and semi-outdoor environments, with applications in shopping malls, underground stations, railway stations, car parks, etc. These types of scenarios use cylindrical column displays. These types of scenes have a higher chance of using cylindrical, first, there are requirements for load-bearing capacity. The second is that these scenes have enough space to accept the design of the arc.
  • Four-sided column display
    Four-sided columnar displays both indoor and outdoor environments, application scenarios: airports, museums, shopping malls, gymnasiums, and a variety of retail shops, etc., due to the four-sided, the scope of the display and the screen are more, and more flexible, do not necessarily need to be square. And more flexible, and does not necessarily need a square column, creativity is also higher.
What are the preparations when there are projects of column LED displays? How to install it?

As a customer when there is a desire to have a column display, there are not many clues, because the general display only needs to be wall-mounted, then the next we will provide you with some ideas to make you more aware of what information you should be concerned about when there is a specific project.

  • Cylindrical LED column display
    First of all, the size of the load-bearing column (radius or perimeter) and height measurements, after obtaining this information, our designers will begin to draw the design of the cylindrical screen, the general cylindrical screen will be divided into several small semi-circular or arc box, but for the splicing do not have to worry about.
    However, there is no need to worry about the splicing, as the modules are magnetically attached. After that, we will make these several arc displays one by one, assemble them once for aging, and then disassemble them one by one and put them into the packing box after the aging test.
  • Four-sided column display
    First of all, to determine the installation of the display scene, size, point spacing, and whether it needs to be suspended like the above YouTube video, or a special design, so our designers to confirm the feasibility of the program will begin to design and arrange for the production, but also for the production of the mounting bracket. After the aging is completed the mounting bracket will be packed together with the display and accessories.

Four-sided column display

The above is all about the introduction of the column screen, if you have the desire for the column display, no matter whether the circle LED column display or four-sided square column display, you can get in touch with us, and our team will provide you with a perfect and most applicable solutions, looking forward to communicating with you!

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