Custom LED Display Supplier in China

NSE is an experienced manufacturer of custom LED displays for different applications, markets, and industries. These LED displays are manufactured according to your specifications.

  • Innovative and aesthetic design
  • Available in rigid LED cabinets
  • Reliable and lightweight
  • Thin-design and carbon fiber frame

NSE Custom LED Display

NSE offers a reliable and efficient custom LED display solution. As a professional manufacturer, we can customize LED screens in any shape and size. You can purchase custom LED displays in slim and giant sizes. If you are looking for a custom-shaped LED screen for your architectural design, business promotion, advertising, and more applications, NSE can provide your needs. We offer custom LED displays that can adapt to unique structures, sharp curves, angled locations, and existing structures. NSE has full capabilities of providing customized LED display solutions according to your requirements.

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Custom LED Display

flexible led display

Our custom Flexible LED display is available in different shapes such as ribbon, wave, column, S shape, and more. It is widely used for airports, shopping malls, and more.

round led display

We offer customized round LED displays with full color. Our round LED display has different specifications and features such as displaying symbols and images.

led cube display

NSE manufactures customized Cube LED display screen with a non-reflective screen for displaying gorgeous pictures. These are also lightweight and elegant in appearance.

sphere led display

The customized transparent advertising LED display features lightweight, simple maintenance, strong heat dissipation, low energy consumption, fashionable, and beautiful.

transparent led display

NSE manufactures customized RGB full-color LED displays with different components such as top handle, top lock, power connector, indicator light, side lock, and spring lock.

pharmancy led display

We can supply a wide range of customized pharmancy led display that are simple and easy to install. It is widely used for ceiling video, logo hanging, and video hanging.

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NSE Custom LED Display Advantages

Any Shape
Any Shape

Most applications and architectural projects are designed with specific shapes. Thus, we can manufacture LED displays that are compatible with unique angles and curves.

Easy to Install
Easy to Install

Our customized LED displays can be installed in many ways such as straight or flexible, vertical hanging, horizontal hanging, or ground stack.

IP65 Rating
IP65 Rating

We assure you that all our custom-shaped LED screens are rated with IP65. Thus, assuring all-weather protection. It can be used for both outdoor and indoor installations.

Wide Application Range
Wide Application Range

NSE offers customized LED display solutions for applications including indoor commercial, stadiums, stagging, creative designs, outdoor media, rental, outdoor front access, and more.

NSE Custom LED Display Process

LED display projects to have different requirements. Therefore, NSE, as a leading manufacturer, provides custom solutions for your specific LED display applications. Below are the steps and processes of customizing your LED screens.

  • Consulting
  • Technical and Conceptual Designing
  • Shop drawing
  • Fabrication and Integration
  • Installation support
Custom LED Display Process
custom led factory

Custom LED Display Production

NSE has a fully integrated product development for LED display fabrication and production. We are also equipped with more than ten fully-automated SMT production lines. NSE also has imported printing machines and drying lines.

Our factory is also integrated with advanced CNC machining and die-casting equipment for production. Rest assured that all our LED screens are certified by  RoHS, IAF, CE, FCC, CCC, and more international quality and safety standard qualifications.

Rest assured that our customized LED screen solution can fully meet your requirements.

Why Choose NSE to Customize Your LED Display

Here in NSE, we have a design team to help you find the right LED screens for your applications. We can customize different LED display specifications such as pixel pitch, shapes, sizes, and types. Thus, achieving your specific display effects. We also consider different factors including target audience, nature of event/application, and area of installation to give you a specific customized LED display solution.

NSE team will provide you with high-quality installation so we can help your business to skyrocket. Aside from that, we can customize each LED screen with your company logo to draw customers’ attention. Send us your inquiries today!

flexible led display

Customized Size LED Screen for Your Business

custom led screen1
wall mounted led display

NSE is a reliable manufacturer of custom LED display that focuses on research and development, fabrication, and sales. We offer installation support and convenient transportation access. Our team has expert designers to help you in customizing LED displays for your specific projects. All our customized LED displays are guaranteed with 2 years warranty. We also provide continuous after-sales services and a fast response time.

NSE has served thousands of clients from around the world. With our highly efficient, high-performance, energy-saving, and environmentally-friendly custom LED screens, NSE can fully satisfy your requirements.

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NSE Custom LED Display


NSE can offer custom LED displays with high-quality features including:

  • Low drive current
  • Short response time
  • Pulse driven
  • High consistency
  • Excellent reliability
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • High-intensity light emission
  • High brightness
  • Superior refresh rate
  • High definition, and more.
concert led display

NSE offers custom LED screens with different specifications such as:

  • High contrast
  • Colored segments
  • -40 ℃ ~85 ℃ temperature range
  • Readable display under sunlight
  • Customizable viewing angle
  • Can display HD pictures and videos
  • Can adjust to daylight
  • Variety of pixel pitches

Custom LED Display to Skyrocket Your Business

p5 outdoor led display

NSE produces customized size P5 LED displays using aluminum alloy die-casting and CNC machining. Its cabinet is made from iron and aluminum materials. These LED displays are widely used for advertising.

p10 dip led display

We manufacture LED displays with 10mm pixel pitch that is widely used for applications including advertising publish, shopping malls, retail stores, and more. These LED displays are certified by RoHS, FCC, CE, and more international quality standards.

Custom Football Stadium Perimeter LED Display

NSE offers custom football stadium perimeter LED displays with a control system such as DVI graphics display cards, synchronization control methods, and the windows operating system. It is also available in RGB, COMPOSITION, and other display signs.

custom led display

These LED displays are bendable. It features softcover design and flexible chassis. Thus, making it very flexible and easy to bend. Flexible LED displays are perfect for irregular and uneven location applications.

NSE Custom LED Display
One-Stop Custom LED Display Solution Provider

As a professional custom LED display manufacturer, we offer a 2-year warranty, OEM and ODM services, strict quality control management, installation support, and excellent services.

  • “I really liked the customization services of NSE for LED displays. The LED displays really match my specific sizes and shapes. It is also compatible with the installation area.”

  • “Thank you, NSE for the excellent customized LED displays. You helped me choose the right LED displays for my event.”

  • “NSE is always my top choice for my customized shaped LED screen requirements. They never failed to provide me with high-quality LED displays for my project.”

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