Custom LED Display Screen of any Size and Shape

A custom LED display refers to LED display customized to achieve the needs of various shapes and applications. A large LED display is composed of many individual LED displays. The single LED display is composed of a cabinet and a plurality of display modules, and the shell can be customized according to requirements, and the module specifications are diverse. In this way, it is easier to customize the LED display according to different picture rules.
With the fierce competition in the market, there are more and more marketers seeking for different ways to attract people with their ads, which makes custom LED display screen of any size and shape a better choice.

what are the factors to consider when buying a custom LED display?

Digital displays can play a variety of roles in our daily lives. From being a great source of entertainment to keeping us informed to providing a unique marketing platform for businesses of all sizes, the possibilities are almost endless. Custom LED display screen of any size and shape is preferred by marketers to better perform what they want. However, there are many important factors to consider when choosing the customized LED display for business needs.

  • Installation location

The installation location is the most important factor when choosing a customized LED display. The brightness is different between indoor and outdoor. For indoor, the comfortable brightness is around 5000nits, while for outdoor, 5500nits will be better to show contents as there is more daylight outdoor,which may interfere the performance of your display. On the other hand, determining the installation location in advance not only helps to choose the right LED display, for example whether choosing round display, round display or flexible display, etc., but also allows us to design the right plan.

  • Display content

Is the content played with this LED display text display, picture display or video display? Because of the different display content, the requirements for LED display are different and the effect of the display is also different based on the shapes and size you choose. For example, sphere displays with 360° wide viewing angle, are perfect for exhibition halls, museums or night club etc. So it’s all depends what kind of effect you prefer to capture the attention of your target audience.

  • Size and resolution

After determining the installation location and display content, it’s helpful for you to choose the suitable size and resolution based on your budget. The size and resolution of digital displays depend greatly on whether they are indoor or outdoor displays and the type of environment in which they will be placed. Larger screens with crisp HD resolution are better suited for outdoor locations, while smaller screens with lower levels of resolution are ideal for indoor retail locations.

  • Maintenance and repair

While deciding the size and resolution is important, the maintenance of the LED is also vital to consider because some shapes of the LED display can be difficult to be managed or repaired. So choosing a qualified company can be worry-free. Although there are generally no problems with LED displays, if something goes wrong, it will be very troublesome to repair. Most manufacturers of LED display screens provide warranty services ranging from 1 to 3 years, and some manufacturers even provide free on-site service and reduction of maintenance costs during the warranty period. It is best to ask about these small details before purchasing.

Why custom LED displays are becoming increasingly popular?

Nowadays, innovation is sweeping the world, and the LED industry is no exception. A variety of stage performances, opening shows, and cultural tourism for the ultimate pursuit of dynamic and personalized visual effects, creative display has increasingly become a hot spot in the field of display and the focus of competition for related enterprises. Therefore, the design of a custom LED display screen of any size and shape is particularly important.

custom LED displays

Different sizes and types of LED screens have vivid, rich and intelligent display effects, as well as a very eye-catching appearance. And for each creative display project, after in-depth interviews and careful sorting, the formation of an exclusive custom program, with metaphorical exaggerated techniques, beautiful video effects, the abstract ideas and culture visualization, through the way of new media technology for visual display, can fully reveal individual cultures. So the customized products and services can indeed win the favor of the market faster.

In conclusion

Nowadays, with the increasing development of science and technology, people’s requirements for display screens are getting higher and higher. Different from ordinary electronic displays, custom LED display screen of any size and shape is possible. It can be spherical, cylindrical, or conical, or it can be other shapes, such as magic cube and turntables. In addition to the option of making an appearance, its size have its own strict regulations, and must have no deviations. Therefore a custom LED display is demanding on suppliers, not only the researching and designing, but also the ability to combine all factors together to meet specific requirements.

With more than ten years experience in LED display, NSE is not only continuously innovating our products but also ourselves from research and development to production and services. After have served thousands of customers and accumulated rich experience in a variety of markets and applications, we’re confident to provide the most suitable solution for you. Custom LED display screen of any size and shape can be made. Contact us for more information or place an order.

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