Curved LED Screen Advantages: Why You Should Get These Screens Instead

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Whenever there’s a display innovation, everyone rushes to it. Back in the day, the biggest innovation we had was LCDs. Then, LEDs came and blew everyone away with their fresh take on display dynamics. 

Today, consumers are head over heels in love with curved screens and how sleek they look. But, are these screens really what they say they are? We’ll take a look at the curved screen benefits in this article.

What Is A Curved LED Screen & How Does It Work?

Now, before we look into the pros of curved TV options, let’s quickly examine what these things are and why they’ve become so prominent. 

So with curved TVs, the name pretty much says it all – you have a TV whose screen surface comes with a curve, instead of being flat. In most cases, the curvature that you get with these TVs tends to be applied to much larger screens – especially the ones that are being used in monitors, TV sets, what have you.  

In terms of how it works, there are several things that particularly make curved TVs unique: 

The Main Technology Behind Them: 

In most cases, curved screens make use of light emitting diodes (LEDs) as the major power behind their display. This is much better than LCD technology, which is much older.

The Curved Screen Design

Of course, the innovation in these screens is the curvature of their bodies. This curve is usually achieved through the shaping of the display panel itself. Some LED screens are curved inward, while others tend to bend towards the outside. 

What Angle Do You View From? 

One of the goals of curved TVs is to have the curvature match the usual curvature of the human eye and provide a much more attractive viewing scheme. This will help to cut down on distortions and offer more uniform viewing angles

Mimicking That Cinema Look

Developers of curved screens often claim that a curved LED display can generally offer a more cinematic experience – especially if the content being displayed has been built for wide screens. Basically, with the curvature, your audience gets better drawn to the thick of the content action itself. 

Curved LED Screens: What Are Their Advantages?

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So now that we have an idea of what curved television screens are, let’s take a look at why curved displays have become so popular. What are the advantages of curved screen options and why do people love them so much?

An Enhanced Immersive Experience

These days, there’s more of a focus on the type of viewing experience that you get from your display options. People want to get sucked into what they’re seeing, and this means that manufacturers need to find new ways to engage and immerse their audience. 

Well, one of the many benefits of a curved screen is that it allows you to do this. With a curved LED screen, immersion is improved thanks to the following: 

Access To Broader Views For Everyone

It doesn’t matter where you sit. Thanks to the curvature of these screens, you get something that matches the natural curve of your eye. As a result, you can soak up more of the screen without having to tilt your head so much. 

Cutting Down On Overall Distortion

Curved LED screens also ensure that every part is of an equal distance from your eyes. So, image distortion is significantly reduced, and your viewing experience becomes significantly more consistent. 

Seeing Objects Deeper

Another benefit of the curved LED screen is that it will improve the perception of depth, especially in things like games and movies. Objects appear more three-dimensional, and they generally become more immersive. 

The Content Surrounding Effect

A curved LED screen will make you feel like your content wraps around you. And, this essentially drops you into the content and creates something more immersive overall. If you’re watching something with panoramic views or playing your favorite video game, this effect makes things considerably more enjoyable. 

Not As Much Glare Anymore

That curvature effect helps you to reduce reflections and glare as much as possible – especially if there’s just so much ambient light. This way, you can cut down on distractions and focus on your content. 

There will be factors that can affect all of these curved video wall benefits, but they are worth considering.

The Innovative Wraparound Effect

It will be impossible to talk about the benefits of a curved LED display without highlighting the stunning wraparound effect it gives. 

Sure, we spoke about it earlier. But, considering that it is one of the major reasons why people buy a curved LED video wall in the first place, we must highlight it again. This is the visual sensation that these displays create that makes the content appear beyond the edges of your field of view. 

It might be mostly notable for widescreen or panoramic content, but the wraparound effect surely helps to provide that engaging and engrossing feeling that is perfect for every form of content. It contributes to a sense of depth within what you’re watching, and it also reduces peripheral distortion in flat screens, offering a more visually appealing and consistent experience regardless of where the user is watching from.

Group Viewing Benefits

Interestingly, the pros of curved TV options tend to expand beyond just what a single person can enjoy. You see, even if you’re watching content with your friends or a group, curved TVs and screens remain a great medium through which you can all take it in. 

For group viewing, here are a few advantages you generally want to focus on:

Off-Center Viewers Still Get Premium Looks 

For curved screens, even those watching at extreme angles will be able to see properly. Flat curved screens tend to have the risk of introducing distortion to the content, as well as color shifts that make what you’re viewing seem a bit unnatural. 

With a curved screen, these issues are significantly cut down, allowing you to get a more consistent and visually attractive image for everyone. 

Heightening Your Depth Perception: 

As we explained earlier, the fact that these screens are curved will contribute to a much better level of depth perception. In the long run, it means that you get a more three-dimensional viewing experience, and all of your participants feel much more engaged by what they’re watching. 

Bring The Cinema Feeling Into Your Watch

You know that feeling of being in a cinema with your closest friends and enjoying a movie together? Well, a broad curved screen absolutely mimics that – plus, it’s yours; no cinema can replicate that for sure. 

What Are The Major Applications Of Curved LEDs?

The benefits of curved LED screens have not gone unnoticed for sure. More people are just coming to see these screens for what they are, and it’s expected that these screens will only become more popular down the line. 

So, which industries are ready for the curved LED screen revolution? Well, already, these screens are being used in some of the following spaces. 

Entertainment Venues & Movie Screenings

Do you know the cinematic effect that curved LEDs provide? Well, cinema operators themselves have started to realize this, and they’re incorporating curved LED screens to provide that. Combine this with other entertainment venues, and it’s safe to say that these screens have a lot of use in this field. 

Gaming Houses & The Entire Industry

Today, we’re seeing curved monitors being built specifically for gaming. These monitors improve the gaming experience, offering optimal viewing angles and the wraparound effect to make games more engaging. 

Ads & Digital Signage

We see curved LED screens being used in retail environments where they provide popping ads and product displays. Want to improve your chances of making a sale? Then leaning on the curved screen benefits can help you out.

Business & Corporate Functions

If you’re looking for a better way to present in the boardroom, then you might want to consider a curved LED screen. They help with presentations, collaboration, and much more – another direct benefit of their curved nature.

Improving Work With Simulation

From driving simulators to flight simulators and more, curved LED screens help provide a more immersive, realistic view that helps improve the efficiency of training for professionals. 

Displaying Artwork At Museums

Interactive curved LED displays can be used in exhibitions, museums, and more to create more appealing exhibits. Visitors get drawn into the content thanks to the wraparound effect, and the entire presentation looks much better from there. 

Hotels & Event Centers

In the hospitality setting, curved LED displays help with everything from wayfinding to engagement and presentations. Whatever you need them to do, these screens are quite effective. 

Improving Medical Imaging

In the healthcare space, curved displays particularly improve healthcare imaging, where professionals get a better and more comprehensive view of situational diagnoses.

Applications In Educational Settings

Curved displays have also been used in schools and learning institutions to provide a more interactive and engaging form of education. 


Curved LED screens are all the rage at the moment. And considering all of the benefits we’ve shared, you can see why this is so. 

If you’d like to tap into this growing trend, then we at NSE LED Cloud are the perfect partners for you. Reach out to us today and let us know how we can be of help.

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