Creative LED display for creative applications

Product: LED special-shaped screen
Application: Top LED Screen

LED special-shaped screen, also known as creative screen, is a special-shaped LED display screen transformed on the basis of LED display screens. It is different from the rectangular and flat plate-shaped appearance of conventional LED display screens. Special-shaped splicing screens, spherical screens, curved screens, L-shaped screens, square hexahedrons, letters, and other irregular and strange-shaped special-shaped screens.

At present, LED creative display has become one of the important ways for future cities to demonstrate culture and personality. In addition, there will be more and better innovative LED display applications in urban light sculptures, environmental art, architectural appearance, interior decoration, and other places in the future. Therefore, LED display manufacturers need to continuously improve their creative LED display technology, not only need to have the core technology of LED display but also need rich artistic modeling, structural mechanics technology, and experience.

Creative LED display for creative applications

The LED special-shaped screen has the characteristics of light and thin, high pixel density, can display curved surfaces, and is easy installation. The diversified, all-round, and three-dimensional display makes the screen a stronger visual impact and greatly improves the function level and appearance decoration effect of the display screen. It is often used in exhibition halls, planning halls, digital exhibition halls, and other places. The emergence of LED special-shaped screens has broken the past inertia of splicing into regular shapes. Its size and size can be customized according to on-site requirements, and it is no longer subject to constraints. It can be spliced into the shapes customers require at will, allowing creativity to have More possibilities. It can not only attract the audience’s attention the first time, achieve better publicity effect, but also expand the scope of the application.

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