Canada Flexible LED Display

Product: Flexible LED Display
Location: Canada

Canada Flexible LED Display

LED cylindrical screens are widely used in various science halls, exhibition rooms, hotels, and other places. It can play video, graphic, and image programs at will. It also broadcasts various information in a real-time, synchronized way.

NSELED cylindrical screens are creative display products, with thin, lightweight design, high pixel density, low installation cost, which can display curved surfaces, 360-degree multi-screen viewing.

The size, diameter, and height can be customized according to the customer’s needs, and specific videos can be played according to the installation site. It can be used to enhance the atmosphere of the site and also to broadcast advertising content. It is the new favorite for many media display places such as exhibition halls, indoor and outdoor advertising screens, airports, stations, and other public places.

With high resolution and high pixel density, LED cylindrical screens present high-definition images with high color uniformity and high contrast. Super wide viewing angle and better surface flatness. Unique design ensures quick installation and easy transportation. High efficiency and stability, high reliability, and long service life. Compatible with a wide range of signal inputs.

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