With the continuous advancement of international urbanization and the growing demand, there are more and more shopping malls. The shopping mall is a densely populated place and is no longer a traditional shopping place.

Now many shopping malls have functions such as entertainment, consumption, and food. , so the advertising space in shopping malls is very valuable, especially some novel LED display screens, which can display advertisements very realistically.

The advertising space in shopping malls is generally priced according to the time period and location. In Different locations and different time periods, The cost of LED creative displays is also different, and the demand for LED creative displays in shopping malls is also becoming larger and larger.

In order to promote the great development of LED creative display in shopping malls, engineers have continuously improved the production process of LED creative display, whether it is The use stability of the product or the protection of the product are both very well guaranteed for the shooting of the product and the real video showing the LED creative display.

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What needs to be considered for creative displays
  • First, the pixel pitch of the screen
  1. We all know that shopping malls are different from other scenarios.
  2. The advertising space in shopping malls is generally closer to the audience, and designers will also design LED displays in densely crowded places, and can even directly touch the LED display, such as shopping malls.
  3. The LED cylindrical screen was used. For this reason, the LED creative display used in shopping malls generally has a relatively small pixel pitch.
  4. The more conventional ones are P2 and P2.5. Some budgets are more adequate and even choose small-pitch products, such as relatively high-cost performance. The P1.53 and P1.86 series are also often used in shopping malls.
  5. Of course, there are also some advertising spaces with relatively far display distances, such as large advertising screens used on the outer walls of shopping malls, led sky screens used in the ceiling of shopping malls, etc.
  6. Generally, products with large pixel pitches, such as P3, P4, P5, and other series, are used. On the whole, LED creative display products with smaller pitch are used more;
  • Secondly, the type of display screen used in shopping malls
  1. There are many types of led displays used in shopping malls, the conventional ones are flat and curved displays, which are generally installed on the inner and outer walls of shopping malls, but there are also some special creative displays, such as those on the hall columns.
  2. The LED cylindrical screen used, the unique LED transparent screen, the very dynamic rotating Rubik’s cube LED display, etc., the LED column screen is also a common LED display in the shopping mall.
  3. Flexible LED displays are often used to make LED columnar displays.
  4. The flexible LED display has the characteristics of good flexibility, arbitrary bending, and various installation methods, which can meet the personalized design, low power consumption, and power saving.
  5. Many manufacturers of these unique LED creative displays use LED soft modules for production, and can also be assembled with conventional modules.
  6. Almost all LED creative displays support conventional module splicing so that they can obtain more stable operation and display effects. , and it is more guaranteed in terms of refresh rate, grayscale, and protection.
  • Then, it is the installation form
  1. The LED creative display used in shopping malls can choose different installation forms due to different installation positions, such as our common vertical installation, embedded installation, wall-mounted installation, hoisting, hanging installation, etc.
  2. You need to install the address to select the product type, and then install it in combination with the building structure of the shopping mall itself, because the shopping mall is a crowded place, it is necessary to ensure the safety of use after installation.


How to set up a shopping mall-led advertising screen to attract customers?


  • Install it at an angle that is easy for customers to see, such as the top of the supermarket door, the top of the elevator, and other eye-catching places.
  • The display content can be based on public service advertisements, supermarket brands, promotions, and other information.
  • Can pull suppliers to sponsor advertising.
What are the characteristics of LED creative display?


  •  Outdoors have high requirements on the brightness of the display;
  • The pure outdoor environment requires the display to have a high protection level, which can be waterproof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof;
  • The viewing distance is long, the screen area is large, and the application scene: shopping mall glass curtain wall, solid outer wall, roof, etc.
  • It has an IP65 high protection level, and can be customized with a 10,000-level highlight display, good heat dissipation performance, and can also achieve waterproof, dustproof, fireproof, low temperature, high temperature, lightning protection, anti-corrosion, and is the outer wall of outdoor buildings and buildings. Ideal for rooftop display buildings.

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What are the advantages of LED creative displays?


  • Nowadays, with the pursuit of various theatrical performances, wedding shows, opening ceremony performances, and leisure and entertainment, LED creative display has also become the mainstream in the field of indoor large-screen display.
  • First of all, for each creative display project, after in-depth interviews, careful listening, and careful sorting, LED creative display forms an exclusive customized plan, using gorgeous video effects, through new media technology to visually display and personalize cultural characteristics.
  • Secondly, the creative LED display achieves a city landmark and enhances the city’s image. On the basis of architecture or landscape, combined with the basic elements and symbols of architecture, seek the best visual language, from the perspective of art and aesthetics, make the LED display elements and architecture perfectly integrate and further beautify and upgrade, realize value sublimation, and achieve urban landmarks, to enhance the image of the city.
  • Once again, LED creative display has demonstrated commercial value and won unlimited business opportunities. Technically, a creative LED display must not only possess the core technology of LED display but also be rich in artistic modeling, structural mechanics technology, and experience.


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