Crank Stand System

Crank Stand System

Crank Stand System from NSELED Cloud

    • Portable
    • Versatile
    • Safe and Efficient

What Is A Crank Stand System?

A crank stand system is a support structure commonly used in the entertainment industry for stage displays and lighting setups. It consists of two vertical telescopic poles with a truss attached at the top. The crank system allows for easy adjustment of the poles.

The crank stand system also features a locking mechanism to secure the poles in place and prevent them from falling off. Beyond trusses, the crank system can also hold up speakers, banners, backdrops, etc.


  • Even Load Distribution: These crank stand systems have tailor-made base types and other mechanisms to ensure even weight distribution across the structure. This even distribution will ensure there is no undue consecration of pressure and increase the crank’s lifespan.
  • Cable Management: The NSE LED crank stand system also features clips, knobs, and specific cable routes. This helps to tuck the cables away neatly and reduce the chances of tripping and other accidents. 
  • Weather Resistance: Our crank stands are manufactured with out-of-home advertising in mind. The poles and stands are given quality finishes that protect them from rusting, corrosion, UV rays, and wear from constant use.

Why Choose Us?

At NSE LED, we use only the best quality materials and techniques to ensure that our products meet global standards. Our crank stands are sturdy and can easily fit into any space. Movement is not an issue as they are portable and easy to transport.

For many years, we have consistently delivered the best crank system for lighting stands and other equipment to different nations across the globe. You can also use our customization option and create a crank stand system that fits your taste and budget. 

We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional customer service from our first interaction till the final purchase. Beyond making sales, we strive to build a community firmly rooted in trust, reliability, and exceptional service. Our products will certainly improve your advertising efforts and expand your brand’s visibility. 

NSE LED Crank Stand System by Intended Use

NSE LED manufactures crank stand systems for different reasons. In the end, the goal is to adequately provide a lasting solution to each client’s need. Below are some of the common uses of our crank stand systems:

    • Outdoor Events: The crank stand systems have sturdy poles that can hold outdoor LED screens and banners for a good display. Their weather resistance will ensure they stay up for long, no matter how harsh the weather conditions are.
    • Film and Movie Production: Many TV stations rely on these crankstand systems to hold their shooting equipment and make film production seamless. You don’t even have to worry about moving them around as they are portable.
    • Stage and Event Production: Concerts and other stage events would be incomplete without our crank stands. They securely hold stage lights, speakers, and other tools that will give the audience a thrilling concert experience.

Benefits of NSE LED Crank Stand System for Your Business

Using the NSE LED crank stand system demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail in your stage setup. They also help you minimize downtime and maintain a consistent display without interruptions.

As a bonus, they are versatile and can be used for different tools and equipment. Their locking mechanisms and cable routes make them safe for use without the fear of technical hazards and accidents.

Applications of NSE LED Crank Stand System

Although the application of the NSE LED crank stand system majorly borders around advertising and signage, there are other industries where it is useful. So long as there is a need for adjustable versatile structures, the crank stand can serve.

You will certainly find this crank stands on stages, at concerts, in churches, in cinemas, and at outdoor events and festivals. Many business owners now leverage this technology to increase their reach. Some other applications of the crank stand system include:

  • Educational Institutions: Colleges, universities, and even high schools now use these crank stand systems in their auditoriums. It helps facilitate audio-visual learning and increases the chances of assimilation among students.
  • Retail and Hospitality: You can easily spot a crank stand system in a hotel, retail store, or different hospitality centers. Brands use these stands to advertise their products and also create a welcome lighting arrangement.
  • Architectural Lighting and Institutions: Many architects use these crank stands to explore different lighting options and heights. Its adjustable height gives room for creativity and exploration with light setups.

What Are the Advantages of Crank Stand System for Advertising?

A simple tool can make all the difference and take your light setup to a whole new level. Many business owners and display enthusiasts use these crankstand systems to create a unique display for their audience.

Even if you have a small space for your setup, you can still create a dynamic display with the NSE LED crank stand system. In turn, you will enjoy increased visibility, wider reach, and an army of loyal customers. You will also enjoy:

  • Flexibility in advertising
  • Versatility in setup
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Cost-effective advertising

Tech Spec of NSE LED Crank Stand System

An NSELED crank stand system is sturdy and efficient for creative LED displays. The telescopic poles are made of metal or aluminum which makes them strong enough to bear the weight of different equipment.

Our crank stand system also features a mechanism that allows you to determine how high or low you want it to be. Whether you decide to use the setup indoors or outdoors, you can still enjoy an interesting view. This table highlights the technical specifications of the NSE LED crank stand system.

Parameters Value 
Height Adjustment Range 1.5 m to 3.6 m
Locking Mechanism Safety pin or locking knob
Maximum Load Capacity 1000 lbs (453.6 kg)
Material Steel or aluminum alloy
Portability Lightweight design, foldable legs
Crank Mechanism Type Hand crank or winch mechanism
Base Type Tripod base
Application Truss system, audio speakers, stage lighting, banners.
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