Commerical LED Display from Italy

Country: Italy
Usage: A store in a shopping mall

The LED commercial display screen has the characteristics of seamless splicing and adjustable brightness. The overall screen is spliced by pieces of cabinets. Common sizes are 640*480mm, 480*480mm, etc. Because its lamp beads are packaged on the module board, they can be seamlessly spliced, also, the flatness is good, and there is no frame like LCD. Because its brightness is very high, it supports adjustment. In a well-lit environment, we can increase the brightness of the LED display to avoid reflections. In some indoor lighting situations, we can lower its brightness to reduce eye irritation. Let its application be more flexible, this is a unique advantage of LED displays.

Commerical LED Display from Ukraine (1)

Commerical LED Display from Italy

Commerical LED Display from Ukraine (2)

The clarity of the LED commercial display is also optional. Generally, the pixels used for indoor LED commercial displays are P3, P2, P2.5, and P1.875, which can be determined according to the viewing distance. For example, the display of P3 that the best viewing distance is 3M. If customers need a higher definition, they can choose LED display products with smaller pitches.
The application of LED display screens in shopping malls is becoming more and more extensive. LED displays are also limited to rectangles. For example, this shopping mall in Italy uses some special-shaped LED displays. There are also shopping malls that use LED interactive displays, LED Cube displays, etc. These unique and creative LED displays can not only achieve the effect of making customers’ eyes shine but also beautify the mall.

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